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Why parents are willing to pay me 100 dollars per hour to learn high school math?

After my success in tutoring business, by success I meant I am without doubt the best tutor in the surrounding region, and i charge twice as much as the second best tutor, and I have to spend lots time to write rejection emails. And each time I wrote one rejection email I increase the price and there are sometimes people who are willing to pay be 100 dollars for an hour to learn high school math or calculus one.

Why do the parents think I worth that much money? Do I? Personally speaking, if only counting on the knowledge and ability to teach, probably not, I also feel sometimes I am really overpaid, but hey, I will take the cash if I spend absolutely zero time to prepare even if my schedule is way too full.

Before I actually say that why I feel I worth more than what I am paid. I should give some general advice on how to become an adequate tutor.

1)Be patient, always praise your student, if you want to make any negative comment on your student, think three times more, and do not make it

2)Demand might increase with price if you can back it up.

3) Treat your first few students as if they are your god. Because they are going to write the first few reviews.

4) I in general do not ask people to write reviews. No news is good news.

5)Be brave, you will be surprised what a physicist can teach.

6) Have fun. (but this is the most important)

but the truth is you need motherly love…. so I am sure even if someone learns all the above, if they are in the same city with me….good luck.

because I think I am truly talented to provide motherly love to my students.

suppose a zombie is brought in front me, and said this was my student, I will be able to put a helmet up and protect myself from being D-braned, and said, oh, you are the cutest zombie I have ever seen, what you would like me to teach you.

And this is something I, and only I can do,  so I dont think they are paying too much. They are paying way too little, they are not just paying for the best tutor, they are paying for the best tutor who is able to treat their child as her own the instant they met.

Should I be Proud or should I be Shamed?

It was another day in North America. I was going to pick up some real edible things (like whole fish, piggy feet, not artificial protein seen in the other supermarkets) from the Chinese store. I went with two friends, one Chinese and a curious non-Chinese. Although my English was improving a lot after years of staying in the foreign country (and marrying a little western one, –my hubby referred by my parents), the things in Chinese stores have no English equivalent of my knowledge, so i was talking excitedly with my Chinese friend and pointing out all the things i want to buy.


All of a sudden, a staff working there felt it was necessary to jump over to me and interrupt us (in Chinese),’Miss, your Chinese has a strong American/Canadian accent. ‘

Team Sanwu (4)

At this time, all the audience can see it clearly when Zhu Zhuqing ran into the range of the blue silver grass, the blue silver grass from all directions stood up and covered Tang San and Zhu Zhuqing like a big cage.

Zhu Zhuqing’s first soul ring and Tang San’ first soul ring lit up together.

Pluto’s pricks was activated, in the middle of the air, Zhu Zhuqing’s sharp claw stretched, her body became thick, and her speed doubled and she rushed towards Tang San.

Seeing her coming, Tang San did something simple, move sideways.

At this point, his eyes were covered by purple. Maybe in other people’s eyes it was hard to detect Zhu Zhuqing’s body, but he who practiced dark weapon for long with purple monster’s eyes, could not miss it.

The ghosty steps took Tang San’s body away from Zhu Zhuqing’s attack region. Sharp claws almost scribed Tang San’s body, next moment, Zhu Zhuqing lost his chance to use her second soul ring skill. The blue silver grass suddenly surrounded her and entangled, just the first soul ring skill: entanglement.

Lots of blue silver grass wrapped Zhu Zhuqing’s body up. It was after all his teammate, he did not apply the poison and only wrapped her up. But the numbness still reduced the soul force on Zhu Zhuqing, the short fight was over.

‘control type was good against agile attack type, your attack was not good enough to break my martial soul’s control.’ Tang San loosened the blue silver grass.

Zhu Zhuqing was still that cold. Tang San knew, she also knew, but she did not know Tang San won with that much of ease. Now she realized Tang San could fight Zhao Wuji that long not only because his dark weapons are delicate, but also he could control the timing well. She did not have any chance in front of him.

‘I am lost,’ with these words she turned and ran down the stage, as fast as she showed up on the stage.

Of course, it was not that Tang San was stronger than Zhu Zhuqing, agile attack type soul master should hide instead the dark, assassin and investigate is what they are for. The fight on the stage was not fair for them to start with. If it was in a more complicated landscape, it would not be that easy for Tang San to win Zhu Zhuqing.

When Tang San walked out of the tunnel, Xiao Wu was waiting for her, after reporting the result, they did not go back to the one to one stage, because they still had two on two to fight.

The balloting was over, Tang San learned that he still had two rounds to rest. They did not go to watch other people but rested and recovered their soul force in the waiting area.

It seemed to take longer for two on two. When it was their turn, all their soul force was recovered to the peak.

Tang San looked at the surrounding as he walked along the tunnel.

The audience area was half full and their opponents were waiting for them on the stage.

The stage was at least twice as large, after all, there were twice as many soul masters.

At this point, the host was announcing the teams, ‘ the fifth one, team iron blood against team sanwu.’

Xiao Wu could not help but murmuring, ‘force type fight soul master again? anything more interesting?’

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s opponents were two teenagers, looked alike, big muscles, they wore clothes, but the arms outside showed their force.

Team iron blood saw two kids walking onto the stage, and rubbing their eyes  because they could not believe it. The host was also taken aback, but the fight needed to continue, standing here, means they had the required soul force. ‘it seemed that our team Sanwu had its skills at youth. Start.’

Team iron blood only showed an instant of surprise, they turned normal very quickly, instead of moving forward, they backed up and roared, they seemed to be one person.

Grey light came out of their right hands, the same weapon appeared in their hands.

Tang San was shocked upon seeing the weapon, because it was too familiar, it was nothing but the forging hammer he used in the smith shop all the time.

Of course, the hammer in iron blood brother was different from his everyday hammer, not only larger, but it had marks on it, also with two yellow hundred year soul rings.

Tool martial soul fight soul master, although both fore type, Tang San and Xiao Wu immediately realized these opponents were different from Xiao Wu’s one on one opponent. They seemed have experience fighting, did not lose alarm because of their young age.

the guy on the left said, ‘ I am Iron Dragon.’ the guy on the right said, ‘I am iron tiger.’

‘be careful.’ They roared together.



Thanks to some more organizing people, I finally get to celebrate Chinese New Year in North America, first time in eight years So I am really excited. Just thinking about all the dumplings you can eat and all that.

My husband did not understand, he was like, ‘so what, you ate dumplings every couple of months anyway, i could not see anything special about eating them on this specific day thing.’

I was like, ‘well, whenever you go to Subway, you get a turkey sandwich, so that must feel like a Thanksgiving celebration every time.’

Princesses’ Tears

There once was a king who had three princesses. When they cried, their tears turned diamonds, and thus the king was really rich.


The princesses soon grew up and they were at the age to be married.


The eldest princess married a prince from the neighbouring country. She lived in the most grand palace and wore new jewelry every day. She became the queen and said to her cititzens that she was really happy.


The middle princess married an adventurer. She went to every single place she wanted to go in the world and took very happy pictures.


The youngest princess married a shepard.


After 10 years. The youngest princess started to get old, and had wrinkles on her forehead, her hands started to develop cocoons because of milking and shearing the wool every day.


The king asked her, ‘why dont you make your life better? one of your tears could hire some workers to do all this work for you and you can just enjoy life.’


Her shepard husband, while dumping the mash to the sheep, raised his eyes and looked at the king unbelievably, ‘but I will not want her to cry.’

Team Sanwu (3)

However, Qing Bao barely had this thought before the fight was over.

Xiao Wu kicked the thick neck of Qing Bao, softer than what he expected. After her kick, her toe tip did not bounce and leave, instead, it hooked up Qing Bao’s neck and she raised the other foot and kicked on his chest.

Pink light came out and two yellow soul rings appeared on her, she used soul rings to prove she was a da soul master.

On the audience stage, when Tang San saw Xiao Wu’s right foot hooked Qing Bao’s neck, he smiled and said,’ byebye’

Xiao Wu first soul ring skill, waist bow, started.

Qing Bao felt big force came from his chest and neck, and the whole person flipped towards the sky with Xiao Wu’s movement.

next, Xiao Wu stepped back a step to run back and jumped towards Qing Bao’s body falling down, her feet pinched around his waist, and she twisted her little waist for 360 degrees in the air, and threw Qing Bao out. He was bounced at the rope around the stage and fell off made a “peng” noise

The whole stage and the surroundings seemed to be silenced. not only the audience, even the host opened his mouth wide.

Nobody thought the first fight ended so quickly, and the winner was the little girl. not only the whole process fast, but also she looked graceful with her soul skill on a huge guy. the fight was over before qing Bao even used his martial soul.

Since Qing Bao was polite, Xiao Wu did not use much soul force, since he had good defense, he stood up from the ground. ‘

‘Meizi, you are awesome, I lost’ Qing Bao was dull, but not stupid. When Xiao Wu started, he felt Xiao Wu had more soul force than him, who was lvl 25. With the difference in soul force and the weird technique, he knew he would not win even he used everything.

Xiao Wu yelled with anger,’ Meizi, Meizi, you have call me Xiao Wu Jie (means elder sister), dont you know the able person is big?’

‘oh, Xiao Wu jie’ Qing Bao called honestly and walked away with a red face.

Tang San smiled on the audience stage, it was just like when they were in the beginner’s school.

The clapping just started then, a cute girl, and also powerful, attracted everybody’s eyes. Xiao Wu waved to the stage with smile.

The host finally reacted and came to the stage and announced, ‘da soul master Xiao Wu won, record, one win zero loss, Qing Bao record, twenty-one win fourteen loss, Xiao Wu, please report for your points after you get down.

It was fast, maybe because Xiao Wu and Qing Bao’s fight looked brilliant, the audience began to show interest.

But they could not guess, the second soul fight was within Shrek School. Tang San and Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing glanced at Tang San and walked to the tunnel, as Tang San walked up, he was grabbed by Dai Mubai.

Dai looked a bit embarrassed, ‘bro, be nice.’

Tang San smiled and nodded to him and walked to the tunnel.

Another two new faces, and another cute girl, even before the fight, the audience became excited. The host introduced two of them and indicated they could start.

‘please’ Tang San said politely

Zhu Zhuqing said coldly, ‘please use all your force, so i could see the difference between us. ‘

She was there when Tang San and Zhao Wuji fought and she knew she was not good enough, but she wanted to know how far behind she was.

Different from the last one, at the beginning, both released their martial souls, Zhu Zhuqing’s two eyes changed color, left eye green, right eye blue, a pair of cute cat ears pricked up, she flicked her ten fingers, and sharp claws came out from the palm. she lowered her body and stared at Tang San as if it was her prey. two yellow soul rings appeared, the cold air stopped people from breathing.

same colored soul ring appeared on tang San. navy blue vines creeped along the floor, like snakes, covering a circle around Tang San with radius 10 meters, almost half the stage.

Tang San looked calmly at Zhu Zhuqing, he was not in a hurry, although the fight did not start, Tang San knew he already  won.

As control-type fight soul master, he was good against Zhu Zhuqing’s agile attacks. Especially it was on the stage, Zhuqing could not use her speed. The fight did not have unexpected results.

As the blue silver grass creeping towards her, Zhu Zhuqing knew, she could not wait more. She jumped up, with several phantoms and rushed towards Tang San.


Team Sanwu (2)

‘Ten gold for registration, you can get 10 gold for a win’ The staff collected money from  Tang San and Xiao Wu. Because they already got their iron badge, they did not need to fill form again.

‘Please name your team.’

Name? Tang San and Xiao Wu looked at each other and just realized two on two need a name, so that the host can use to introduce them.

Tang San thought and said, ‘SanWu’ he used their name, since he did not see the point of thinking about it too much.

‘Ok Team Sanwu is registered’ the character was put on the iron badge, but the Wu is the one for the number five not for the dancer.

‘uh, it should be the dancer, not five,’ Xiao Wu was unhappy.

The staff said coldly,’your problem not to say it clearly, you need to register again your badge to change name, all the points will be lost ‘

While Xiao Wu was about to explode, Dai came, ‘Xiao Wu, your one on one fight was about to start, come over quickly.’

Tang San patted on Xiao Wu, ‘let it be, SanWu is fine, it is just a name ‘

Xiao Wu made a face at the staff and ran towards the other arena.

The fights were determined by ballots. When other soul masters are in fight, the others can watch or can rest. There was place for watching everywhere close to the stage for the waiting soul masters.

Xiao Wu was the first, so of course the other four chose to watch. After led by the staff, they came to the audience chamber. It was on the side of the arena, able to see the whole arena.

Although it was just a branch, it was still big with radius of 20 meters. enough space for soul masters to unleash their skills. There were not many people, only one fifth of the chamber was filled

On the badge, a middle aged guy with tuxedo was standing in the middle, he said, ‘next, is the first round of our no 14. arena one on one, there will be two da soul masters fighting, they are ,Xiao Wu with monster martial soul jade bunny and Qing Bao with monster martial soul iron horned bull. we will have to wait and see if Qi Bao could continue his brilliance and get his third win in a streak or the new comer Xiao Wu would take the win from him. Now, please come onto the stage ‘

Not many audience cheered. A few people yelled Qing Bao, but most lost interest.

A big and strong guy came onto the stage. He was horrifyingly tall of two meter with broad shoulders and covered in marble like muscles. He looked enraged in his eyes as big as bells. As he walked up, he roared and released strong imposing matter.

No need to ask, this is a force-type fight soul master, same type like immovable king.

Ma Hongjun sat next to Tang San and said, ‘this big guy seemed strong, can your Xiao Wu do it?’

Tang San smiled,’ wait and see, Xiao Wu’s soul skill was afraid of force type soul master, but that is when the force was way more than her, same lvl, force-type soul master in front her would only be.’

He did not finish, Xiao Wu with innocence and excitement jumped onto the stage. white tank, pink trousers, seemed not developed yet. The cute childish face immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

‘how old is this girl? what did the host say? da soul master? is it possible?’

this type of doubts sounded in the audience chamber relentlessly. The audience were always on the side of the weak. Xiao Wu’s face was much better to sell than the iron horn bull soul master. she immediately got the support from the watching people.

Qing bao was also taken aback when he saw Xiao Wu and said, ‘little girl, were you in the wrong place? it was not where you belonged, go home quick’

Xiao Wu smiled, she was only twelve, but when she smiled in the way that was not dangerous for either human or cattle, it was still fatal especially to people like Qing Bao who had a simple mind. He just wanted to protect her now.

‘Meizi, get off, if i hurt you that would be too bad, look, you are so soft ‘Qing Bao was in trouble and tried to persuade Xiao Wu to admit she was lost.

Xiao Wu frowned and twisted her little waist,’ How come you have so much trash talk? release your martial soul. no blaming me that i did not remind you. ‘

It seemed Qing Bao was going to say something more, Xiao Wu could not hold herself any more as she was not a gentle and soft person usually. She rushed towards Qing Bao like an arrow.

Xiao Wu was fast, covered a dozen meters in a instant, her legs kicked and sent her body off ground, and she kicked Qing Bao’s neck.

Defense was one of the stronger skill of force-type soul master, as the soft and light foot kicking towards him, Qing Bao did not dodge, he was not fast to do it anyway, he thought,’ this girl was immature, come to fight this little i should let her hit a bit, after she was tired, she would get down.’



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