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Game of Thrones

So I finally understand why my hubby says “Well, then they are watching the wrong show”. It is funny what it took for me to realize how adorable George R. R. Martin is. I complain about waiting for his sixth book forever. And it is the long time that I spent in waiting did it. He actually writes because he loves to write and he is not going to compensate the quality for anything. The show is almost as nice, but Arya is way too cute. She is supposed to be horse-faced, like in the book. But I guess the show made it more realistic.


Why parents are willing to pay me 100 dollars per hour to learn high school math?

After my success in tutoring business, by success I meant I am without doubt the best tutor in the surrounding region, and i charge twice as much as the second best tutor, and I have to spend lots time to write rejection emails. And each time I wrote one rejection email I increase the price and there are sometimes people who are willing to pay be 100 dollars for an hour to learn high school math or calculus one.

Why do the parents think I worth that much money? Do I? Personally speaking, if only counting on the knowledge and ability to teach, probably not, I also feel sometimes I am really overpaid, but hey, I will take the cash if I spend absolutely zero time to prepare even if my schedule is way too full.

Before I actually say that why I feel I worth more than what I am paid. I should give some general advice on how to become an adequate tutor.

1)Be patient, always praise your student, if you want to make any negative comment on your student, think three times more, and do not make it

2)Demand might increase with price if you can back it up.

2.1) Do not work for tutoring companies.

3) Treat your first few students as if they are your god. Because they are going to write the first few reviews.

4) I in general do not ask people to write reviews. No news is good news.

5)Be brave, you will be surprised what a physicist can teach.

5.1) Be careful, MBAs are much easier to teach than grade 9 kids.

6) Have fun. (but this is the most important)

but the truth is you need motherly love…. so I am sure even if someone learns all the above, if they are in the same city with me….good luck.

because I think I am truly talented to provide motherly love to my students.

suppose a zombie is brought in front me, and said this was my student, I will be able to put a helmet up and protect myself from being D-braned, and said, oh, you are the cutest zombie I have ever seen, what you would like me to teach you.

And this is something I, and only I can do,  so I dont think they are paying too much. They are paying way too little, they are not just paying for the best tutor, they are paying for the best tutor who is able to treat their child as her own the instant they met.

Left behind

We went back to the garden we got married. It was beautiful as ever. After a long walk, we decided to head back. Mom said, do you guys want to come with us to do some grocery shopping? My hubby shook his head vigorously. “Ok, you go with the other car then, the other guys just went into the restroom, wait here and make sure you watch carefully. There are a lot of people here.” We waited and waited. At some point it became awkward, so I went into the women’s bathroom and looked for the girl, there was nobody. Then my hubby went into the guys’ bathroom and found no one we knew either. “We had two options, we could run to the parking lot really fast and hope they hadn’t left yet, or..””It is not that far, we could just walk back.””sure, whatever my honey says””But I don’t know the direction.””There is no free wifi here.””Maybe the giftshop has a map.”But they don’t.The information desk might have one, but they are behind the ticket office, so we have to ask them to hold my hubby as a hostage and I can go in to get the map. But the map is not detailed enough at all. “Let us just go.” So we went out of the garden and we were on this long road and we picked a random direction. “That gas station might have a map.” We started walking, half-way before the gas station, my hubby murmured”I am 70% confident that we are in the wrong direction.” But I guess we still walked to the gas station, and found they did not have a map. We walked out and my hubby was a little anxious, “Are you sure you don’t want me to ask for directions?”, “no, they would not know.”. Let us just turn back, and we passed by a university. “Hey, there is free wifi here.” So we found the direction and were heading back on freeways. “Hubby, without me, what is your strategy this time?””Well, I knew the first turn was within three blocks, and then it was again within three blocks, so at most I would be three times off, on average, I would be only two times off…””Oh, hubby, you are the cutest”


So we are doing this “landing” thing. The bear (my husband) was a little freaking out as the process had been too long. We parked at the hotel and decided to cross the bridge on foot, why not, we have never done that. So we walked to the bridge and enter the room to leave Canada. Then an automatic “turn-style” stopped us. Because it needs 50 cents to operate and it only takes quarters. Luckily there is a change machine. Then we realized it only takes up to 10 dollar bills and we only have 20s on us. We are left in the despair that we might get stuck in this tiny room for ever until a young couple showed up. “Do you have changes for a 20?” They shook their head and turned their toonie into quarters. I must have looked so desperate, the kind couple just gave the dollar the have left for us. “Without me, we will never get out of this room.”I turned to the bear. “Well, every 10 minutes someone passes by, and 30% chance they can break a 20..”.

So we got on the bridge, what a view. “Find me a mailbox.””What?””If I mail this ballet in U.S. I save 1 dollar”. “Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to find a mailbox for you?””You have to, and I looked it up online, they are supposed to be everywhere” Then we walked and walked, and realized random walking until a mailbox suddenly turns up is not the best way to go. Then I see an arcade building, under despair, I walked in up to the owner, “Excuse me, this might sound a very bizarre question, but do you know where the nearest mailbox is?” He looked at  me as if I am crazy. I pointed to the bear, “He has a ballet to mail in to vote, then we can go back to Canada.” Apparently all Americans living in Canada drive up to the border to vote. he nodded and understood, “I can look it up for you”. “Getting out the building, turn right and then left on the third street, according to google, that is the nearest mailbox.” So we followed the direction and found the mailbox. And I could see the overjoy on the bear’s face when he dropped the envelop in. “Hubby, without me, you will never ask anybody for directions and never find the mailbox by just random walking”,”In 2d…”,”Oh my god, you are the cutest”

Why are women always right?

Q: Why are women always right?

A: From Darwin’s evolution point of view, this makes sense, as the men with genes that do not think women are always right will not find a woman willing to reproduce such genes and thus extinct.

Girl’s clothes shopping logic

Cute, buy it.

Limited, buy it.

Beloved is paying for it, buy it.

Don’t have that color yet, buy it.

The stripe is slightly thinner than the one at home, but it.

The flower is larger than the one at home, buy it.

It is not cute but it is distinctive, buy it.

There is always a deep voice in the head, buy, buy ,buy.

Don’t know what is the use of this, but having a gut feeling to buy it.

Positive temperature is for the weak and the remedies

It’s been four years since I moved to Canada, but the length and depth (and width) of winter still got me. As the old saying goes, for every other season, there is a winter.

Now it is the second winter, at the beginning of which, weaklings like me who are too ready for positive temperature caught bacteria and fell sick and such.

I finally recovered from the recent cold, attacking the salmon on my dinner plate eagerly (finally no more chicken noodle soup, yay), “I just realized that I have been lied to for all these years, I thought I was a northern girl born in the spring, but apparently I was from the south born in the middle winter of the three winters.”

“Well, depends how you define spring, by temperature or by the date.” My husband, nerdy as he is, suggested.

“Yeah, it also depends on how you define south and north, Hong Kong people think everybody from anywhere except Guang Dong province is from the north. And Beijing people think everybody from south of Beijing is from the south. But actually, that definition only works for people from Shanghai, where the government draws a line to determine if people can get heat or not in winter. So the southern Chinese survives cold better because although the temperature doesnot drop below 0 that much, the house is colder than the outside. ”

“I see, I should turn off the heat in the house to train you then..or you can join me on this jump into Lake Michigan on New Year’s day thing” My hubby happily suggested.

I shivered, “Ur, no, see, if I wanted to be trained, I would jump into Lake Michigan every day after August, it is like boil a frog with water, if you start with cold water, the frog will gradually get used to the temperature and get cooked, if you just throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out.”

“Not if you put the lid on quick enough. As you are from the frog university*, you must know that.”


*I am from a Chinese university that it is apparently so hard to pronounce that every foreigner that comes to give a talk will start the speech with “I am very honored to be invited to give a talk at the frog university.”

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