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Face Octopus

December 29, 2011

This was another day of teaching little ones about electricity and magnetism.  I was drawing lines and bulbs on the blackboard and explaining the problem. They were laughing all the time, pretty unusual for a class in the early morning. It became embarrassing for me at some point, and I touched my face to see if there was anything from breakfast attached to my face.

Then, somehow, I asked my students, “Is there an octopus on my face?”

That definitely stopped the random laughter that was going around. The class was quiet and nobody seemed to want to answer my question.

Well.. I continued with my circuit and bulbs stuff and the class ended fine.

In the afternoon, I got an email from one of the students, it was about something we discussed in the class and homework, except, at the end, she wrote,

“You dont have an octopus on your face?”

In my husband (by then boyfriend)’s explanation, my student did not want to tell  me in the class, she did not see one on my face, but she did not know if there were a small octopus, yet she felt she should let me know her opinion, with a question mark.

That year’s Halloween, my boyfriend drew an octopus on my face and I won the award for having the most creative costume: dressing up as a TA who asked the students if there were an octopus on her face or not.

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