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Preface: Tang, the Third, Who Traveled Through Spacetime

January 2, 2012

Sichuan is always famously known as the Land of Abundance (a bun dancing..lalala). No clan of martial artists has fame that supasses Clan Tang.

Clan Tang is located at some mysterious place. Most people only know, it is half way on a hill. And the top of the mountain has a name that scares sh*t (poopoo boy) out of the kids, Sorrowful To a Ghost.

On the cliff of Sorrowful To a Ghost, after throwing a stone downward, it is not until nineteen is counted that the echo of the stone hitting the bottom can be heard. Because of this height, which takes nineteen seconds, even one more than the eighteen-layered hell. It gets its name.

A youth in Grey stands on the climax of Sorrowful to a Ghost, the bone chilling wind cant even move his body by millimeters, from the big word Tang in front of his chest, everybody knows he is from Clan Tang, and the Grey, tells he is mere an outside member.

He is twenty nine. Since he joins Clan Tang right after birth, and counts Number third in the outside numbers, everybody just call him Tang, the Third. The outside members calls him the Lordling the Third, but the inside member, just called him Tang, the third.

Clan Tang is divided into inside and ouside from the start, the outside members are with other last names or who are honored with the name Tang, while the insiders, are all Tang’s family numbers, inherited their status by blood.

Now, the facial expression on Tang, the third is very complicated, sometimes looks like a laugh, sometimes look like a cry, but whatever it is, it cant hide the excitement from his heart.

Twenty-nine years, since he was taken back to Clan Tang by No.1 of the outsiders, Ser Lan in the diapers, Clan Tang is his home, and the Weapons of Assasins of Clan Tang is all he is.

Suddently, his face is twisted, but then it goes back to normal, he murmured to himself bitterly,”whatever should be, should be”

Seventeen shadows, seventeen white shadows, shoots up to the top of the hill like jumping stars. The bodies of these shadows, the youngest is passing his fifties, everybody looks serious, the white cloak represents the insiders, and the gold Tang in front of their chests tells they are the Elders of Clan Tang.

Including Da Tang, the first of the elders, there are altogether seventeen elders in Clan Tang. And now, the ones that are rushing up the hill, are these seventeen. Even if the World Championship would not need all the elders to leave their place, especially, the eldest of them, is over twelve tens year old. (even older than the horbit)

The Qi of these elders, all close to be the top of what human can achieve, with a blink of eye, they are on the summit.

The outsiders should kneel down and welcome the elders by rules. But Tang, the third did not move, he is only quietly looking at these seriously looking elders, in front of himself, cutoff all the road he has to go back down, and what behind him, is Sorrowful to the Ghost.

Putting down three of the Tang’s Lotus that enrages the Buddha, Tang, the third finally moves his eyes away from the flowers, and a smile is seen at his corner of mouth. Anyhow, he succeeds, after twenty years of hard work, he finally finish this epic piece of Weapons of assasins in Tang Clan. The words become pale compare to his feeling of achievement.

At this moment, to Tang, the third, nothing is important anymore. Even if he breaks the rule of the Clan, or he dies the next day, all can be forgotten with these three blooming Tang lotus. Tang lotus that enrages the Buddha, the most Badao weapon of assasins comes to birth in his own hands, whatelse can make him, who spent all his life studying the weapon of assasins, more excited?

“I know, sneaking into the insiders, and learning the most important secrets of this Clan, the crime cant be forgiven. But I, Tang the third, can swear to the gods, I have never shared anything I sneakily learned from this Clan with the outside people. I say this, is not for your elders’ kindness , but only want to tell you, Tang, the third never forgets where he is from, never before, and will never after.”

Tang San(means the third, remember?), is very calm, probably the calmest ever in his whole life. Looking at the ancient yard at the half way the mountain, and smell the air that belongs to Clan Tang, his eyes are wet. Since the day he begins to understand things, he is born for the Clan, but today, now, it is time to pursue what he wants and leave Tang Clan.

The elders are all quite, and no one breaks the silence. They are still shocked by the appearance of Tang Lotus that enrages the Buhda, and the ability to think still does not come back to themselves. It has been two hundred years, two hundred years, Tang Lotus appears in the hand of a Tang outsider. What does this mean? This most budao of its kind, even people in Tang Clan cant hold up against, the weapon of assasin that should not exist represenst the absolute climax era of Tang Clan.

Looking at all the elders heads down and not saying, Tang San gives a huge grin, “everything of Tang San is given by Tang Clan, from the life to what power i have, is all gifted by Tang Clan, for any time, Tang san is the person for the Clan alive, and the ghost fro the Clan dead, I know the elders will not allow me, an outsider who breaks the rule to have my corpse remain in the Clan, so it be, I shall leave my body with the nature in Sichuan”

Tang San’s clam and even excited voice finally wakes the elders up, when the elders look at him, they only see a layer of milky white air current covering his body.

“The Qi that speaks to the sky, you even learned the deepest knowledge of Qi in the Clan?” Tang, the first of the elder cant believe his eyes.

With an exposion “Hong”, while all of the elders retreat because of the surprise, they saw a gnaked Tang San.

Tang San laughed, his laugh is shining like the sun, “i come gnaked, and i leave gnaked, the Tang Lotus is my last gift to our clan, now, except from this person, I did not take anything away from the clan, all the secrets are underneath the first brick in my room, Tang San shall return everything to Tang clan now.”

“HAHAHA”, Tang San laughs crazily, and retreats back all of a sudden, and all the elders suddenly realize nobody has time to stop him. his body in the milky cloud, fast like the lightning, rushes into the Sorrow to the Ghost, the huge body jumps into the sky and stride into the cloud in the mountain.

“Wait”, Tang Da finally begins to react, but nothing he says is in time.

The cloud is thick, with moisture, takes away the sunshine, and away with Tang San who contributes all his life to Tang Clan and the weapons of assasins.

The time seems to halt, Tang Da holds the three Tang Lotus with shaking hands, his eyes are wet, “Tang San ah Tang San, why do you do this? the surprise you bring us is so much, so much”

“Big brother”, the second elder steps forward, “why do you waste your tears on this traitor?”

Tang Da’s look suddently turns cold, the whole body seems to be letting out cold air, and gaze at the second, “who do you say is the traitor? Have you seen a traitor who takes the secrets of the Clan does not run away? Have you seen one traitor will die to show his heart? Have you seen anybody who has the best weapon that can destroy Clan Tang entirely but gives as the last gift? Tang San is not a traitor, he is the most excel genious in the Clan in this two hundred years”

Tang second did not comprehend, “but, he steals the Clan’s… ”

He cant finish his words, Tang Da interrupts him without patience, “If you can make Tang Lotus, whatever you steal is none of my business, you are wrong, and so am I, just one second ago, we let the second chance for Clan Tang to be Climax to slip through our fingers”

All the elders now move into a circle, their faces have complicate looks, some confusion, some sadness, some sigh, most, is the regret.

“You dont have to say anything, tell the whole clan, and asks every single person in this clan to get out to find Tang San underneath the sorrow to the ghost, person if he is alive, or body if he is dead. At this moment, Tang San becomes the insider of this Clan, and if he is alive, he will be the only one I will pass on my position to.”

“Yes, my lord” all elders bow and take orders.

If Tang San is still on top of this cliff, and can still hear Tang Da, then even dead, he will feel happy, his hard work is not wasted.. but this all same too late.

Sorrow to the Ghost, even a stone dropping would last for nineteen seconds, the horror that exceeds the eighteen story hell, how could that let a person release alive by the clouds. Tang San has left, he leaves this world forever, but his second life, has only just begun.



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