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Chapter One :The World of Warlocks, Tang San in the Other World(1)

January 3, 2012

The World of warlocks, Southwest of Sky Fight Empire, Province Fasinor.

Village of Saint Soul, if only heard by name, then it is really a impressive name, but actually, this is only a small villiage with three hundred families south of the Notting City in Province Fasinor. It gets its name of Saint Soul, is because in local legends, a hundred years ago, a Master of Soul that is at the level of Saint Soul had walked out of this village. And it is the forever pride of village of saint soul.

Outside the villiage, it is big patches of farmer’s land, it produce grains and vegetables, and support to City Notting. Although City Notting is not a big city by the standard of Province Fasinor, but this is close to the border to another Empire, and of course the start point of the trade of the two empires’ merchants. Notting City prospers with the trading, even, the farmers in the villiages around the city live a better life than the other places.

It is only just dawn, and in the far east there is only a hint of fish-belly white, there was a tiny little boy appearing on the top of a tiny hill of a hundred meters next to the villiage.

It is only a five, or six year old boy, apparently, he always receive the warmth from the sun, and his skin has the healthy wheat color. The black hair makes him look tidy, the clothes is not at all luxious, but can be called clean.

For a boy of his age, climbing a hill of a hundred meters should not be easy, but it is strange that when he reaches the top, he does not have a redden face, or appears to be lost of breath, it even seems that he is enjoying himself.

The boy sits on the top of the mountain. His eyes gazed at the fish-belly white sky in the east right before the sunrise, without blinking, breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through the mouth, the air goes smoothly into his body and come out lightly, and form a beautiful cycle.

Suddenly, his eyes become wide open, with a very slight sign of a thread of purple light might shows up in the white sky afar that is gradually brightening up. Either without perfect eyesight or not focusing enough, no one will ever see this purple light.

The appearance of the purple light, makes the boy become even more focus, he even stops breathing out, just takes in air very slowly, in the mean time, staring at the purple light that seems to be disappearing and reappearing all the time.

The purple light is not there long at all, when the white sky is covered by the morning sunshine, it already disappeared.

Only then the boy closed his eyes, and breathe out the air that has been in his body for a long time. A line of white air just like a piece of silk comes out of his body and diffuse gradually.

Sitting for a long time, the boy opened his eyes, maybe it is because of the purple light at the edge of the sky, there is a slight purple hint in his eyes, although it disappears very quickly before it lasts a long time, but when it was there, it is so clear.

With a heavy sigh, an expression that is so not matching up the boy’s age showed on his face, he shaked his eyes, and mubbling to himself, “it still does not work, my Qi of sky still could not break the first bottle neck. It has been three months already, why is this?even the purple monster eye that depends on the purple light in the dawn is improving. If the Qi of sky cant advance, neither will my jade hands, it did not happened before when I practiced, between level one and level two, the situation is unfamiliar to me, there are nine levels in Qi of sky, why the first one is so troublesome already. Is it because, this world, is very different from the world I was before?”

He has been this world for more than five years, the boy now is of course Tang San who jumped of the cliff in Clan Tang. When he was awake again, except warmth, he has no other feeling, and he cant do anything, very quickly, with a feeling of squeezed, he came to this world.

After a long time, Tang San finally realized what happened, he did not die, but he was not himself either any more.

Tang San used a year to learn the language of this world after he was born. Although cant open his eyes and see, he remembered when he was born, a middle-aged man cried his lungs out. After he learned the language, even with superior memory, he can only remember the man yelled, “San Mei, dont leave me alone”, that guy is of course his father Tang Hao, and his mom, died in giving birth.

Maybe it is what gods meant, or his father uses to remember his mom, his name, in this world is still Tang San.

The children in the villiage always laughed at him with a name merely a number, but he himself is very satisfied, it is after all, the name he has used in the other world for almost thirty years. and he could love it just because familiarity.

Coming to this world, from surprised, fear, excited to now calm. Tang San completely accept the reality. In his eyes, it is another chance the gods give him. The largest wish in his pre life, maybe he can realize it in this life.

Born gnaked, Tang San comes with the biggest wealth, the memory from last life. Being the most talented in Tang Clan, he has the construction method of all the machine typed assasin weapon in his head. And when he sneakily learning the Qi of sky, the medication method of that is also remembered by his heart. He wants to make Tang Clan prosper here in this new world as well.

“Time to go back,” Tang San said to himself, the skinny body sprang up and he rushed down like flying. If anybody would be watching, they would be so surprised to see each step of his measured as far as ten feet, and the muddy inhomogeneous surface of the mountain is no obstacle to him at all. He hopped and avoided the dents in the ground, faster than most of the adults.

What is the essence of Clan Tang, it is assasin weapon, poison and method of lightness that defys the gravity. The outsiders’ assasin weapon is dominated by machine typed, while most of the insiders’ depend on only the sleigh of hands. Poison is used commonly on outsiders’, but not so by the insiders, because they dont need it.

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