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Chapter One: The Land of Warlock, Tang San in the New World(2)

January 4, 2012

There are only six types of martial arts recorded in the sky treasure book, the sky method of Qi, the method of practicing jade hand, the method of practising eyes, purple monster eyes, the method of catching, control the crane and catch the dragon, the way to move light, ghost shadow, and the way to use the assasin weapons, hundred solutions to use assasin weapons.

The first five are bases, without firm bases, how could he master the quintensence of Tang Clan’s assaisin weapons?

He practiced the sky Qi since he was one year old and half, now Tang San is almost six year olds, he is still building the foundations.

Tang San lives on the west side of Villiage Saint Soul, at the beginning part of the villiage,in three rooms built of mud,
which is probably the simpliest in the whole village. There is a one meter wooden plate in the middle of the roof of the biggest room, with a simple hammer on it. Hammer represents blacksmiths in this world most times.

That’s right, Tang San’s father Tang Hao, is a blacksmith, the only one in the village.

In this world, blacksmith is probably among the lowest paid jobs, since for some special reason, the top qualitied weapon is not made by blacksmith.

But, as the only blacksmith in the villiage, Tang San’s family should not be this poor, but all the income somehow all…

Once entered the house, Tang San smells the aroma of rice, that is not what Tang Hao cooks for him, instead, it is what he cooks for his father.

From four years old, when Tang San could not even reach the stove, cooking is one of his daily work, even he has to stand on a stool to reach the stove.

It is not what his father asks, only because, if not, Tang San would never be full.

Walking directly to the stove, standing up on the stool as usual, lifting up the lid of the giant iron pot, the aroma of rice comes, the porridge in the pot is already waterily cooked.

Everyday before climbing the mountain, Tang San will put the rice in the pot, and deal with the cooking fire, and when he comes back, the porridge is already ready.

Grabbing the two bowls with more than ten missing parts next to the stove, he carefully filled up two bowls with porriage, and put on the table behind him. The number of rice in the porridge is easily countable, for Tang San who needs to grow up quickly, this nutrients are apparently not enough. That is also why his body is so slim.

Father, breakfast time, Tang San called.

After a while, the curtain from the inner room lifted, a big guy steps out fumbling.

That is a guy of middle age, looks almost fifty year old, his body is very huge and musclous, but his clothes cant get him any compliments.

A broken robe on the body, did not even get fixed, the bronze skin underneathes exposed. His face features are not bad, but covered in the candle yellow color, never seemed to be awake, hair mussed up like a bird nest, beard havent been shaved for ages, staring blankly, although a whole night has passed, the smell of alcohol still caused Tang San to frown.

This is Tang Hao, Tang San’s father in this world.

Growing up from a baby, Tang San never really knows the meaning of father’s love, Tang Hao to him, always careless, at the beginning, would cook something random for him, but as time passes by, since Tang San starts to cook himself, Tang Hao could not care even less. The house is so poor, without any displayable table and chairs, sometimes eating becomes a problem, the most important reason is that Tang Hao spends the thin pay from blacksmithing all on alcohol.

The children at the same age with Tang San, their fathers are just around thirties, sometimes not even thirties for the ones married early, but Tang Hao looks way older than them, look like Tang San’s grandfather.

For Tang Hao’s attitude, Tang San never shows any dissatifactory, pre-life, as an orphan, this life, even Tang Hao did not treat him well, but at lesat it is a family member, and he is already very happy with, at least, there is somebody he could call Father.

Tang Hao holds the bowl on the table, with that high temperature, pouring the porridge into his belly in a couple gulf, the dark yellow face looks finally with some shine.

Father, you can drink slower, we have more. Tang San takes his father’s bowl, and hand his another bowl of porridge, and he also begins to drink his porridge.

In Tang Clan, he never leaves there, and never know anything outside. His heart is like a piece of white paper, coming to this world, and restart as a child, not unacceptable.

Quickly, seventy or eighty percent of the porridge went into Tang Hao’s belly, with a big breath, he puts the bowl on the table, finally opened his eyes a bit, looking at Tang San.

If there is any job you should take it, I will do it in the afternoon, now I will go back to nap a bit.

Tang Hao lives a very regular life, always sleep in the morning, and made some farmer’s tools in the afternoon as income, and drink in the night.

“Ok, father”, Tang San nodded.

Tang Hao stands up, with a lot of porridge, he finally stabilized his body, walking back to the inner room.

“Father”, Tang San suddenly called.

Tang Hao stops, and turns to look at him, without much patience on his face.

Tang San points to a piece of iron in a corner and asked, “can I use that piece of iron?” In the pre-life, he is the best outsider in Tang Clan, very familiar with making all kinds of assasin weapons, of course, at that time, all the material is provided by Tang Clan, but after coming to this world, he also has already practiced several years, but he is very lack of strength. Meantime, he never wants to put down the assasin weapons down, he starts to make some of them, but the material becomes a big problem.

The metal Tang Hao used to make the farmer’s tools are all given by the people in the village, all mundain iron with a lot of other things, hard to make great weapons, the thing Tang San points out is taken in yesterday. Surprisingly, this piece of mine even contains some mother of iron, very suitable of making weapons.

Tang Hao’s eyes moved to the piece of iron, “Um, there is iron essence?”, he walked over and took a careful look and then turne to Tang San, “you want to be a blacksmith in the future?”.

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