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Chapter One : The Land of Warlock, Tang San in the New World(3)

January 5, 2012

Tang San nodded, blacksmith is no doubt the most suitable career for him to make assasin weapons, “Father, you are getting old, in another few years, wait until I am bigger, you can teach me to make kitchen tools, and I can continue your work. ” Before he used to make the most complicated and delicate assasin weapons, but had no clue how to do the simpliest forging is.

Tang Hao lost his mind for a few seconds, and murmured, “Blacksmith, that seems to be alright”, he pulled a broken chair, he sat in front of that piece of iron mine, said lazily, “Xiao San, you tell me, what kind of blacksmith ,is the best blacksmith”

Tang San thought and thought, said,”The one that can make God weapon, is probably the best blacksmith”, he used to hear from the villiagers, in this world, the God weapons exist, although he does not know what is god weapon, but with a word god, should be great.

Tang Hao’s eyes blinked with a sight of laughing at, “God weapon? Xiao San knows about god weapon. So tell me, what is god weapon made of?”

Without thinking, Tang San directly said, “Of course with the best material”

Tang Hao shaked his index finger in front of Tang San, “If you want to be a qualified blacksmith, remember my words, using best material to make god weapon, that is not the best blacksmith, at most it is synthesizer, using the mundane iron to make god weapon, that is the god smith”.

“Using mundane iron to make god weapon?” Tang San looked at Tang Hao with surprise, usually, Tang Hao seldomly talked with him, today, is the most.

Standing up, Tang Hao pointed out a fifty centermeters cubic big piece of iron on the other side of the room, “If you want to be a blacksmith, and learn forging from me, then you should use your hammer to hammer this ten thousand times, then you are qualified”

It is a piece of mundane iron, including a lot of impurities, a lot worse comparing with the one with mother of iron.

“Now, you can still change your mind”, Tang Hao said lightly, and then went to back to his bedroom to HooHoo again.

“Father, I want to try.” Tang San’s voice sounds calm and crispy, but is determined.

Tang Hao seemed to be surprised and looked at him, “Good”, and walked over to put that big piece of iron and put on the fireplace next to the windbox, as soon as the fire is staring, it can be forged.

After this, Tang Hao went back to HooHoo.

Tang San has a tough mind, or else, he could not make the Tang Lotus that enraged the budha by a blue print in pieces, the best pit typed assasin weapon in Tang Clan. That costs him ten years.

Turn on the fire, and pull the windbox, he started his own work.

HuHuHUHU, the sound of the windbox starts to roar, fire comes out of the fireplace and burned that big piece of iron, although Tang San does not how to forge, but he watches Tang Hao make kitchen weapon a lot, he knows the process.

After the iron becomes red after being burned, he dragged the hammer Tang Hao normally use, and put on the ground, this type of hammer with long stem is even a few centermeters taller than him, normal five, six year old child can not carry it even, not to mention to forge with it.

But Tang San still manages to pick it up, with the Qi of sky all around his body, although has not passed the first level, he has the strenth of an adult.

Dang…., the hammer hits the pile of iron, and make a clear noise, this is the first hammering of Tang San. Forging starts.

Inside, Tang Hao lying in bed turne over, although he closed his eyes, but he looked surprised, and murmured, he could pick up that hammer, born with god’s strength?

Dangdangdangdang.. the sound of hammering fills up the blacksmith’s place, Tang Hao and Tang San father and son goes back to their normal and flat life, the only thing that is different is that, from this day on, Tang Hao made a furnace in Tang San’s own room, and let him hammer that piece of iron. He never guided Tang San anything, but from that day on, Tang Hao drank less, and there is more food in the house.

Hammering is a really boring and tiring process, but Tang San use it as an exercise, after eleven days, he always counted the number he hammered, in order to wave the hammer, it is impossible using his own strength, he has to use the Qi of sky.

His full Qi, can wave the hammer about a hundred times, after the Qi is used up, he will meditate on the ground, after the Qi comes back he will start waving the hammer again.

This is not only the exercise of the body, the Qi goes out and comes back all the time, it is a good exercise for his Qi of sky as well. It is a pity that he still faces the bottleneck of first level of sky of Qi, Tang San is working hard, and he is talented, but he just cant break it and level up.

But his exercise is not wasted, although the Qi of sky is not leveled up, but this Qi becomes stronger as he practices hammering, and replenishes faster than before as well.

After eleven days, Tang San already hammered eight thousand times, the iron becomes much smaller, and only a third of its origin size. Exercise and more food makes his body stronger, it seems that when he hammers now, he use less Qi, and if he uses his Qi, the strength would be bigger as well.

After he hammered a thousand times, the iron already changes, a full circle smaller, although burnt fully red in the fire, but it is seen that the impurities seem to be much less.

Hundreds of forging makes steel, as the old saying goes, He is determined to finish these ten thousand hammers, and he is very close to this goal.

Tang San’s persistence surpriese Tang Hao, he thought his son would not last more than three days. To avoid slippery, the hammer stem is made to be very rough, continue hammering, the friction between hands and hammer will harm the hands definitely. But he discovers no harm on Tang San’s hands, although hammering every day, his baby hands have no changes. not even a calluse.

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