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Chapter One: The Land of Warlock, Tang San in the New World(4)

January 6, 2012

Tang San does not want to lose this father, and does not want his past life known by other people, so he does not tell Tang Hao, it is because he practice the jade hand in Tang Clan.

To use assasin weapen better, the basic need is the eyesight, the hand, and the heart, the eyes reach where the heart is, and the hands reach where the eyes are. So, the training in Tang Clan has a high requirement to eyes and hands.

Purple monster eyes, with the help of the purple light right around the sunrise, improves eyesight a lot.

Jade hand, makes the hand very strong, and prevents any poision enter the body.

These two, are the required courses in Tang Clan’s insiders, although Tang San’s jade hand is not at all great, but enough to avoid a couple calluses.

Add oil, I will be done today. Tang San swings his hammer with all his strengh, during this boring process, he cant keep calm. For this world, he only understands a little, after all, this is just a small village.

This world is the land of warlocks, there are two empires on the land, or two united kindoms, as in the two empires, lots of noble  people have lands and their own army.

These two empire is Tang San’s sky fight empire and the star empire in the south.

Farsnor Province is the meeting point of the two empires, and the village Notting next to Saint soul villiage is only one hundred kilometers away from the star empire.

Tang San learns from talking to the villiagers, in this land of warlocks, there is no martial arts as in the other world, but there is something called martial Soul. It is said everybody has his own martial soul, with very small fraction of the people can practise their martial soul, and that forms a career, known as soul masters. And the most noble career on this land is soul masters. Like the Soul Saint from Saint Soul villiage is a soul master, and Soul Saint is the name for the level of Soul masters.

Martial souls are in two types, one type is tool martial soul, one type is animal martial soul. tool martial soul has a larger range of things, most people have tool martial soul, and a larger fraction of the tool martial soul than animal ones are inpractisable.

Tang San once asw a person’s martial soul in the villiage is spade, it cant be practised, but when he works in the farm, he is a bit faster than the other farmers.

This is all Tang San knows, since everybody will have their own martial soul. Tang San also wants to know, what is his martial soul, is it a tool or an animal, can it be practised?

The people on the land of warlocks, the martial soul awakens at six year old, in another few days, Tang San is going to be six, somehow, he feels that his Qi of sky cant level up is related to this martial soul thing.

For becoming soul master, Tang San is not interested now, but in order to become a master of the assasin weapons, he needs to level up his Qi.

“Tang Hao, busy?”, while Tang San is still working towards his ten thousand hammering, he hears an old voice from outside.

It is in the afternoon, Tang Hao is working, and forging the farm tools, he just en when he heard the voice.

Tang San walked out his room with curiosity, and found the visitor is an old person, in his sixties, skim, looks in good shape, clean clothes, nice hair style, look in the contrast to Tang Hao.

It’s somebody Tang San knows, it is the head of the villiage, Old Jack.

Xiao San, come, let Grandpa takes a look, Old Jack waved to Tang San.

The villiager is a nice guy, everybody in the villiage revered him, and in the early days, when Tang San’s family is poor, he takes food over.

“Grandpa Jack, Hello” Tang San walked to Old Jack, and says greeting, he keeps in his heart the people who are nice to him.

Tang Hao says without passion, “anything? head of village”? Old Jack is merely ten years older than him, but is a generation higher than him, he is not happy with that.

Old Jack seems used to Tang Hao’s attitude, “Tang Hao, Xiaosan is almost six, he should attend this year’s the awakening ritual then”

Tang Hao takes a look at Tang San, say, “ok then, which day?”

Old Jack says, “just in three days, I will come to pick him up then” The way he looked at Tang Hao, apparently means, if i counted on you to take him there, then he is sure to miss.

Tang Hao nodded and ignored this head of village.

Tang San asked curiously: Grandpa Jack, what is awakening ritual?

Old Jack says seriously, we everybody has our own martial soul, and attends the awakening ritual around six. With martial soul, will help us in some way, even the most common one, will help. If with one in ten thousand chance you have a nice martial art and can be practised, then you even can become a soul master. Awakening ritual is only once a year. I would not let you miss that. It is the master from City Notting martial soul church comes to awaken our kids in the village, this master is Da soul master.

Jack showed envyness when he said Da soul master.

Tang San only have a very vague concept about soul master, so he asked, what is Da soul master.

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