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Chapter Two: Useless Martial Soul and Gifted with Full Soul Force(1)

January 7, 2012

Old Jack is apparently very patient with Tang San. In his eyes, the most obedient child in the villiage is definitely Tang San. It is hard to believe, a father like that would have a son so lovable.

“Da Soul Master is the title of the levels of Soul masters. Soul master is the most noble career on this land. They can be strong fighers or they can be outstanding priests. But regardless the type, the level order is the same. ”

“All soul masters have their own soul force, according to the strength of the soul force, there are together ten titles, each title has ten small levels, the one just awaken, is soul apprentice, everybody can be apprentice after the soul is awaken. if the martial soul is practisable, then when the soul force reach level eleven, he will be given a new title, that is soul master, and Da soul master, is the third title, being a Da soul master is a pretty strong soul master. The ten titles are the following, soul apprentice, soul master, da soul master, soul revered, soul supervise, soul king, soul emperor, soul saint, soul warlock, and titled warlock, the name of this land, the land of warlock, is coming from this. In legend, all the titled warlock that is above level ninty, can pick a title for themselves, they are unmatchable. ”

With pride in his eyes, our saint soul villiage a hundred years yields a soul saint! That is very rare in the whole City Notting, even the whole province Farsnor.

Tang Hao twisted his lips, Old Jack, that is only a legend.

Like somebody touched his reverse scale, Old Jack is enraged, what is legend, all legends have their roots in facts, Tang Hao, you have come to villiage for six years, you should know how we feel about that soul saint, next time you said something bad about Master soul saint, I will make you leave the villiage, If not for Xiao San, you think i want to come to this puppy house?”

Tang Hao is not angry at all, still hammering the kitchen tools in his hands, he seemed not to hear old Jack.

Old Jack stared at him again, and then turned to Tang San, “you should not be like your father after you grow up, ok, I am leaving, in three days,  i will pick you up.”, with that, old jack left the blacksmith’s house with anger.

“Father”, called Tang San.

“En?”Tang Hao looked at him with cold eyes. Seeing the frost in his father’s eyes, Tang San swallowed what he wanted to say, and went back to his own room to continue the ten thousand hammering.

The night comes, after dinner, Tang Hao cleaned his face with his hands, and walked out as he used to, for him, this is his to-do-list thing, go out to drink alcohol, the worst wheat alcohol.

“Father, wait a second,” Tang San stopped cleaning up the dishes, and stopped his father.

“What”, Tang Hao stared him with no patience, although he never beated him up, but for no reason, Tang San is very afraid of his father, even if this is his second life.

“That ten thousand times, I finished”Tang San said.

“Oh?” There seemed to be light shining in Tang Hao’s eyes. “bring it to me”.

“Ok” Tang San ran back to his room and brought a iron cube back.

The iron cube is pure black, although irregular, but each surface is shining, there is black shining inside the iron cube. The whole cube is about a quarter of its original size, only with his Qi, Tang San can carry it without exhausted.

Tang Hao hold th black iron cube in his hand, and looked at it carefully in front of his eyes, “So now you understand my words?”

Tang San nodded, “steel comes from hundred times of forging, even the metal of the least quality, with forging again and again, will become good, is this what you are teaching me, father”

Tang Hao discovered that his son gave him a lot of surprise, he gave it back to Tang San, and said, “Then you can continue, when you made it of the fist size, take it to me again. “, With those words, he turned and left the house.

According to what he said at the beginning, after hammering ten thousand times he will teach Tang San to forge, he seemed to eat his own words, but Tang San did not care for this, he just thought of Tang Hao’s words.

“Fist size?” This giant iron cube, really can be made into fist size? although only a quarter of the original size, but Tang San knows clearly, with all the hammering, the denstiy of the iron becomes bigger and bigger, and reducing the volume will become harder, to make it fist size, that will be more than another ten thousand hammering.

If hundred times forge steel, what would it yield after ten thousand times. Tang San’s eyes shined and went back to his own room. Soon, DingDing DangDang, the sound of hammering, starts again in the blacksmith’s house.

Three days passed very quickly, every morning, Tang San still go the top of mountain to do his own dilidus, after coming back home, besided cooking, he will hammer. He is in fight with that piece of iron, every day he hammers faster, the Qi method helps him to recover his strength, so it is sustainable for this constant hammering process.

Xiao San, grandpa comes to pick you up. Old Jack comes back to the blacksmith’s house on time, maybe because he dislike Tang Hao, he did not even walked in this time, just called Tang San outside the house.

Tang San took a look at his fater finishing up breakfast, Tang Hao said without passion, You can go, remember to come back to make lunch.

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