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Chapter Two : Useless Martial Soul and Gifted with Full Soul Force(2)

January 8, 2012

Only then, Tang San left the blacksmith’s.

Following old Jack, Tang San arrived at the martial soul church in the middle of the village. Of course, this so-called martial soul church is just a bigger wooden house.

Since everybody has a martial soul, and every year there will be children needs soul awaken. so, in every place in the land of warlock, there is martial soul church, of course these are just branches.

This year there are eight children awaken in saint soul villiage, Tang San is the last lead by Old Jack.

The children in the village looked down upon Tang San, dislike the poor and like the rich is not only among the noble, with mundane people, this situation is more severe. Tang San is already his second life, and the real age is beyond thirty, and he does not want to play with the kids either. For him, if he has any extra time, he should practice, so he does not have playmates of childhood.

Besides head of villiage, Jack and the eight kids, there is a youth in the martial soul church, he looks in his twenties, and has swordlike eyebrows and starlike eyes, pretty handsome. He wears white tights, and black rope, in the middle of his chest, there is a fist size character Soul, that is the outfit for people who works for martial soul church.

On his left chest, there is a sigil with longswords, together three crossing, people like Old Jack who are familar with soul master knows, three means he has the third title da soul master, and sword means he is a fighting soul master.

Greetings, revered fighting da soul master, we need to trouble you to do this again. Old Jack greets the youth politely.

The youth, with pride in between his eyes, bowed a little bit, return the greeting, and said “I dont have much time, let us start”

Old Jack says, ok, children, this is da soul master from Notting City, next, he will help you to awake your own martial soul, You should do you best to help master to awake your own soul, grandpa expects some of you can become soul master.

The youth is out of patience, “Ok, this is what you said last year as well, is it so easy to become soul master? I have travelled six villiages, not one of them has soul force, no suitable martial souls either”

Old Jack is disappointed, and sighed, yeah, only the decedents of big clans are easiest to become soul master, us common people, that is too hard, he shaked his head and left the martial soul church.

The youth laid his eyes on the eight kids. As working people in the martial soul church, help normal people to awake their martial souls is part of his job, he is used to it. “kids, stand in a line”, to these kids, he is milded in attitude.

Eight kids stood in front of the youth, Tang San stands on the left, he looks slimmer and smaller compare to the other kids.

Youth smiled and said, My name is Su Yuntao, level twentysix da soul master, will lead you now, from now on, I will awake your martial soul one by one, dont be afraid if anything happens.

He opend his pouch on the side table, and takes two things out, six black round stones and a shiny blue crystal ball.

He draws a hexgon with the six black stones, and gestured the child on the right to stand in the middle of it.

Dont be afraid, and close your eyes to feel. Then his eyes suddenly shine, in the kids’ eyes, he yelled with a low voice, “darewolf, comes to my body”

A line of cyron light comes out of the center of the eyebrows, and comes up all the way to the hair, his hair used to be black, but after the input of that cyron light, his hair turn gray suddenly and grows with a high speed, same colored hair grows on his hands also his body seems to be bigger, looks musclous.

The clothes from the church is very elastic, did not break because change on his body, his eyes turn green, and claws on his fingers shines cold light. Two light circles come from underneath his feet, circling from his head to toe non stoppingly, one of them is white, and the other is yellow, looks mysterous.

the boy in the middle of black stones saw the change of his body, and yelled AHHH and wanted to run away already.

His green eyes are scary, he caught that child, dont move, tell you not to move, this is my martial soul, darewolf, if any of you can become a soul master, will have the same ability.

The only one who is not afraid would be Tang San, but immediately he use his Qi all over his body when Su Yuntao’s body begins to change.

instead of surprised, Tang San is very curious, gray hair and green eyes, that is the characteristics of wolves, so if the matrial soul comes to the body, person becomes a wolf? no, no, it should be have wolves’ abilities. then, the career of sould master, should be able to use these abilities better for the career of soul masters.

First time, Tang San found he becomes interested in the career of soul master, now he wants to know at ones what his martial soul is.

Su Yuntao claps his hands, six light green light rays go into the black stones on the ground, suddenly,  golden lights come out of the six stones, and becomes a lid, covering the kid in it.

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