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Chapter Two: Useless Martial Soul and Gifted with Full Soul Force(3)

January 9, 2012

  1. With unknown reasons, the child crying just now calmed down immediately after covered by the light golden light, and stood there frozen.

    One after one golden light point flew out of the black stones on the ground and entered the child’s body.

    The boy’s body becomes shaking a little bit, wanted to yell but cant make a sound.

    “Hold out your right hand, ” Su Yuntao stared the boy with the green eyes, and ordered.

    The boy sticked out his right hand unconciously, suddenly all the light points came out and formed a reaper in his hand.

    It looks as if that reaper is not a light shadow, but it is real.

    Su yuntao frowned, “it is a tool soul, can reaper be weapon.. should be ok”

    The gold light generally concentrate on the reaper, and the boy stared at the reaper in the hand, did not know what to do.

    Su Yuntao said, your martial soul is reaper, a kind of tool soul, let me test if you have soul force, If you have soul force, even if it is tool soul, you can practice as a fightly soul master, after all, reaper have attack stats.

    After a while, Su Yuntao is a bit disappointed, “no soul force, you cant become soul master, stand aside now.“

    The same thing happened again and again, another five chidren has their martial souls awakened, all of them has spades, reapers, other farmer’s tools as martial soul, not even one of them has monster soul, and all have no soul force either.

    Now it is the seventh child, the last one before Tang San.

    Continue using soul force, Su Yuntao seems to be tired, but he still decided to help all eight kids finish soul awakening.

    The Gold light points come together, this time, finally no farmer’s tools any more, there is a change, a light blue grass appeared in the girl’s palm, and shaking its leaves a bit.

    Tang San felt vaguely he had seen this blue grass before, then he remembered this grass is called blue silver grass, everywhere in the villiage, it is as common as the green grass in his prelife’s world, besides able to live for a long time, nothing useful. He was confused at first because the one in the girl’s hand had a gold light covered, he did not realize what it is at once.

    Although not farmer’s tool, Su Yuntao seems even more diappointed, “it is a wasted soul, no attack stats, no defense stats, no way to help others, blue silver grass is like the standard appearance of a waste soul”, with saying, he give the blue crystal ball to the girl following the steps, and as he predicted, no soul force appeared.

    Finally it is Tang San’s turn, without told, he stook in the middle of the six black stones.

    As six ray of soul force comes into his body, the light golden light shines again.

    Warmth, this is Tang San’s first feeling, it seems that his whole body is enclosed in a warm world, it is a kind of hard to tell comfort, no wonder all those chidren calm down after covered by this gold light.

    The warm feeling gets into the body, Tang San clearly feels, his Qi seems to be vibrating lightly, then, lead by the warm energy, soemthing in his body seems to be broken, and all the warmth flew into his palm.

    Su yuntao’s eyes suddently shine, since in the golden cover, the gold light points shown up is more than even the sum of all the rest of the kids. He has a feeling, it seems a very strong martial soul is about to appear, and he becomes excited.

    For people who has his job, if he can awake a child with potential and introduce him to martial soul church, can has a lot good comments on his work and he can be permoted faster.

    But then he was disappointed.

    Tang San raised his right hand, and saw blue, the same blue, is the second time to show up today.

    Blue silver grass, same as the girl before, the standard wasted martial soul.

    Su Yuntao said disppointedly, “Another wasted soul, it seems I wasted time again in this saint soul villiage, ok, kids, you can leave now”. The lots of gold light appearing at first gives him a lot of hope, but it is just blue silver grass at last, he feels unhappy about this sudden contrast.

    “Uncle, you have not test my soul force”, Tang San watched him putting the blue crystal ball away, and reminded him.

    Su yuntao said without even turning his head, “No need, The blue silver grass waste soul has never shown soul force as far as I have seen.”

    “Let me try, Uncle,” Tang San insisted, The warmth given by the gold light gives him strange feelings in his body. He feels his Qi has changed slight, and he also wants to know what’s the difference between his Qi and this world’s martial soul.

    Su Yuntao turned around, and looked into Tang San’s calm and persistent eyes, and felt, this kid seems to be different from the others.

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