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Chapter Two: Useless Martial Soul and Gifted with Full Soul Force(4)

January 10, 2012

“OK”, Trying out the soul force does not waste that much time, so he hands the blue crystal ball to Tang San.

According to what Su Yuntao taught before, Tang San controled his blue silver grass back to his body, he finds, this is not hard, it is like how he controls his Qi back to the body. Also, he finds when the blue silver grass appears, it seems also is when his Qi comes out the body, it is like his Qi concentrated and made the blue little grass.

As soon as his palm touches the blue crystal ball, Tang San’s body shaked violently, he is surprised to find, that very beautiful blue crystal ball has such a sucking force, and his Qi seems to find the leaking point and leaves his body ver quickly. He wants to break out, but he cant escape from the big sucking force.

Su Yuntao is equally surprised, when he thought this soul force test in saint soul villiage is just a matter of formality, suddenly, the blue crystal ball in his hand shines, the sparkling blue light begins to spread, with a time of a blink of eye, the crystal ball is like a gem sparkles and sparkle. It is so cute with light blue light showing out.

According to traditionally test, even if the crystal ball has any reaction, even a thread of light, which already proves the testee has soul force. The crystal ball shines with this strong light only has one explanation.

“OMG, it is born with full soul force”, cyran light comes out from Su Yuntao again, the crystal ball bounced Tang San’s palm away, now , he stares at the boy with a very different way, like looking at a monster.

Tang San also realize his situation is different from the other kids, and asked, “Uncle, what is born with full soul force?”

Su Yuntao still stares at him dully, explained without realizing it, “Everybody when his martial soul awakes, besides the shape of the martial soul and if he is strong, it is also very important how much soul force he has, most people does not have soul force when the martial soul awakes, like the kids before you. They are doomed and will never become soul master. but if there is soul force, even if a tiny thread, then you can menditate to practice, and when the soul awakes, it is very important how much the soul force, it decides the starting point of the soul master’s practice, the one born with more soul force also practises the fastest, same time, since he starts far ahead, he stays ahead as well. So called born with the full soul force, means when martial soul awakes, the highest soul force he can have.”

“The highest soul force?” Tang San looked like Su Yuntao, and thought a lot, he has no idea what is soul force but he knows that the crystal ball sucks his Qi, so that means his Qi becomes soul force?

Maybe because the born with full soul force impressed Su Yuntao a lot, he continued to explain, “Our level of martial soul is like this, every ten levels has a title. as soon as the martial soul awakes, you become a soul apprentice, and according to the strength of the soul force to distinguish the level. The so called born with full soul force, is when awaken, the soul force reaches the highest level ten when born, I have never see anybody born with full soul force, when I awakes, I only have level two soul force.”

Now Tang San becomes back himself, and since this is the first soul master, he continues asking his question. “So the highest level of martial soul can only be level ten, and not more than that?”

Su Yuntao puts back his soul in his body, “Of course not, leveling up a soul master is not that easy, every time reaching a new title, not only you have to reach the peak of the soul force of the previous title, also you need a soul circle, without soul circle, even if you spend more effort to practice, you cant get the next title, just like you, because you already reach the full soul force born with, so if you want to level up your soul force, not only meditation is needed, and you need to get a soul circle, reach the next title, then you can continute to practise.”

Tang San realized, “Soul circle, is that the circle around your body before? you are level twenty six, so you have two soul circles.”

Su Yuntao nodded, “yes, your situation is very special, born with full soul froce is genious only occurs once per hundred years, it is such a pity, you have a wasted soul, even if you have a farmer tool as your soul, is better than wasted soul blue silver grass, then I can also.”

He stops saying but Tang San understands him, but now a veil covering his heart seems to be lifted up.

Tang San is always a thoughful person, last life, this life, all the same, according to Su Yuntao, if soul force is also related to his Qi, then when he comes to this world, his Qi practised becomes soul force, and his Qi cant reach the second level, must be because the sould circle, which means if he wants to improve his Qi, he has to get a soul circle like a soul master, but what is soul circle?

Tang San wants to ask again, but Su Yuntao already picked up his things and walked out.

“Old Jack”

The door opend, old Jack faced Su Yuntao, “Da master, how is it? Is any of the kids in our villiage able to become soul master?”

Su Yuntao looked at him, and sighed, “there is one, but it is a pity”

Jack was surprised and asked, “Master, that means?”

Su Yuntao said, “The eight kids this year, only one has soul force, and is born with full soul force, it is a pity his martial soul is blue silver grass, you understand?”

“Blue silver grass? Full soul force? God”Jack looks even more disappointed than Su Yuntao, he has been the head of the villiage so many years, he knows what it means with full soul force, but this occcurs on blue silver grass martial soul…

“Master, blue silver grass really cant be practised?” Jack frowned and asked.

Su Yuntao can feel Old Jack’s feeling, and is not so proud of himself any more, he patted on old Jack’s shoulder, and said, “not completely useless, but what do you think blue silver grass will evolve into with the enhancement of the martial soul? wasted soul is still wasted soul, even if becomes soul master, it is still a wasted soul master, this full soul force is really a pity, ok, I need to leave, I need to go to the next villiage.”

Su Yuntao did not wait and left the villiage, without him, Tang San ran in front of old Jack, and asked the question he wanted to know the most, “Grandpa Jack, what is soul circle? how can I get soul circle?”

Old jack seems to be still thinking aobut what Su Yuntao has said, and answered absent-mindedly, “I dont know either what is soul circle, in order to get soul circle, it seems you have to kill soul monsters, that is very dangerous thing, and only soul master will do that.”

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