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Chapter Three: Double Born Martial Soul(1)

January 11, 2012

“oh”, soul ring, soul monster, Tang San thought about this two new terminology again and again, although he is not sure if his guess would be right, but his Qi still could not level up, this Soul ring could be the breaking point.

At this time, Jack got his mind back, and said surprised, “Xiao San, you are not that martial soul blue silver grass with full born martial force guy, are you?”

Tang San nodded, “It is me. ”

Old Jack squatted so he can talk to Tang San face to face, “Xiao San, I dont know you are so gifted, it is a pity what your father has become, and did not give you a good martial soul to inherit, or else, maybe you will become the second soul saint in our village. You tell Granpa, do you want to go to a special school to go to learn how to become martial master, that is the only place that has the most precise knowlege about martial soul. ”

Tang San now has a lot of interest about martial soul, especially this martial soul has something to do with his own Qi, but he still did not give a positive answer:’Granpa Jack, I need to ask my father first. ”

Jack also realized, even this child understands a lot, he is still a child, he needs Tang Hao’s opinion.

His eyes showed some firm light, although he does not want to see that messy ghost, but in order for the village to have another soul master, he cant care for that much.

Let us go, Xiao San, Grandpa takes you home, Old Jack first took back other kids, and let their parents took them back and then took Tang San back to the blacksmith shop.

In the morning, it is Tang Hao’s tradition to sleep, it is very quiet in the blacksmith shop.

“Tang Hao, Tang Hao” Old Jack does not care if Tang Hao is sleep, for this messy blacksmith, he really dislikes, if he made really cheap farm tools, he really want to kick Tang Hao out of the village.

calling Tang Hao, Old Jack looked around, he was thinking about finding a chair to sleep, but looking at those things that was about to break about, he did not have the courage to grab one, he is not young, and did not want to break his bones here.

“Who is yelling?” Tang Hao said with some anger, the inside curtain was raised, and walked out slowly.

He first saw his son, and then moved his eyes onto Old Jac, “Old Jack, what do you want to.”

Jack was not in good mood, “Today is the day for your son to have his soul awaken, you dont know how important that is? other children all have parents to come with, you are still the same way”

Tang Hao did not hear Old Jack, he turned to his son: “Xiao San, your martial soul is awaken? what is it?”

Tang San said, “Father, it is blue silver grass.”

“Blue silver grass?”, not knowing why, does not have any interst in anything usually, when Tang Hao heard this three words, his body suddenly shakes, and his eyes showed a special light as well.

Tang Hao’s expression change only noticed by Tang San, Old Jack of course does not care the expression of the messy blacksmith, directly said, “although blue silver grass, but Xiao San is born with full soul force” Tang Hao I decided this year the village has a quota to have a person to study for free, it is given to Xiao San. We will let his to go to Notting City Beginner’s soul master’s school to learn, the village will pay for the travel as well.

“Blue silver grass, blue silver grass”,Tang Hao talked to himself, and suddenly raised his head, and said firmly as Tang San had never seen, “NO.”

“What did you say? I did not hear wrong.” Jack picked his ear, and looked at Tang Hao, “you should know how precious this chance is, our soul saint villiage, because it has generated a soul saint, one year only has one quota, other villages have to share a quota between two or three villiages, do you know, this is a good chance, maybe in the future, Xiao San would become man that aboves other man.”

Tang Hao stared at Jack coldly, “what is the use being man aboves other man, I only know, if he left, nobody is going to make food for me, blue silver grass, what do you think blue silver grass can be practised into, it is a wasted martial soul”

Jack said angrily, “but he is born with full soul force, just with one soul ring, even the worst soul ring, he can become a soul master, you know? our village has not generate one soul master for a long time.”

Tang Hao said, “this is your real intention, I said no, that is no, you can leave now”

“Tang– Hao–“, Old jack’s anger already reached a limit.

Tang Hao still look lazy, “dont have to be that loud, I am not deaf, and I said, you can leave”

“Grandpa Jack, please dont be angry, I should not go to learn to be soul master, Father is right, blue silver grass is wasted, thanks for your good will”

Jack although dislikes Tang Hao, but liked Tang san very much, he calmed down and sighed, “Good boy, Grandpa is not angry, ok, I am leaving”, and turned to go outside.

Tang San also stepped outside to see him off. Father does not have to do nothing, but Jack is head of villiage, and nice to him, he will be polite.

Jack stopped when he is at the door of the blacksmith shop, and turned to look at Tang Hao, said, “Tang Hao, your life is wasted, but Xiao San is still young, donot you think you should give him a way to live, dont waste him, become a soul master, at least he will not become as a loser as you. If you change your mind, come to find me. There is still three months from the day to sign up to go to the school”

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