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Zombie Me

January 12, 2012

There are many many stories after I learned how to ski with my husband. One of his favorite is that one time I almost turned into a zombie.

It was our second annual ski trip with our friends. We went to whiteface, one of the best drivable distance from our house. We were staying with a really cute cabin among the forest where the bear might be freely hunting and GPS missed a quarter mile.

It was all fun and the apprentice skier, me, with all enthusiastic, carrying all the ski stuff (my husband, who is peeking (like a Peking duck)at the post now, jumps in and say, hey, what all you carry are the boots), and I challenged, or more precisely, was tricked to challenged my first “proper”(there was a little hill where I learned the ski, where has some fake ones) blue trail. It was a really really wide trail, as I loved, since it took me a lot of courage, prays, curses, self-encouragement, and self esteem to take a turn (actually at first i just did not turn at all, transporting all the potential energy to kinetic energy( as I used to teach my students as an real life application of physics, and further prove that theoretical physicist does not know to tie the laces on the shoes, which explains why i always hang around with my slippers..), until I broke my knee, but then I learned to turn, just with a lot fear each time.

After I conquered that trail of several miles width and several hundred meters steep, it was already hours later and my legs were all shaking and of course I decided to enjoy some more skiing without so much effort just sliding around for another few hours.

While the sun is setting, we dragged ourselves back to the cabin and socialized before the dinner time came. I was gradually losing conscious and dozing off while talking with our friends, so I crawled to the bedroom and told them to wake me up before I totally passed out and lost myself.

The following part I had no idea and was a rephrase of what my husband told me later. So dinner time came, they decided to wake me up. Of course they knocked the door, no answer to that, then they began to yell, and made enough noise to have a bear party… and no answer to that either, it finally came to that my husband had to find a sharp stuff, like a hammer something, and climbed to reach the windows of my bedroom to break in, but apparently the way to break in was not valid, they had to come back at the door to make more noise… at some point, when the door pieces began to form angles, they heard me rolling in bed and just bang the door harder.

So eventually I got up and saw three terrified people look really relaxed seeing me stumble my way out of the bedroom.

“Are you OK?” My husband looked very concerned.

“Yeah, did I sleep a long time? What happened? ” I gestured at the concerning crowd.

“It is you.. we have tried to wake you up for almost an hour now.. we thought you were dead. and now you are a zombie”

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