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Chapter Three: Double Born Martial Soul(2)

January 13, 2012

Tang San saw Old Jack off. He also felt disappointed, after all, the soul ring he just heard about might be related to how to level up his Qi, but he did not show. He believed there would be chance.

He walked back slowly to the blacksmith shop, Tang Hao, surprisingly, did not go back to the room to sleep more, and was sitting on the chair with eyes closed.

“Father, you can go back and sleep more, I will go to prepare lunch”

Tang Hao still closed his eyes, and said lightly, “you are also very disppointed and wanted to go to become a soul master, are you not?”

Tang San was caught by surprise, “It does not matter, father, it is good to become a blacksmith, I can still feed ourselves, did you not agree to teach me to forge the farm tools?”

Tang Hao opened his eyes slowly, in his eyes, Tang San saw excitement, his right fist was clutched, and there is a very cold feeling on his face, “Soul master, what is the use of soul master, not only a wasted soul, even with the best martial soul ever, and become the strongest soul master, what is the use, still a waste.”

Tang Hao is very excited, his whole body shaking, maybe or not, Tang San saw something shining in his eyes.

Running over, Tang San held his father’s fist, “Father, dont be angry, I dont go to become soul master, I just always be together with you, and cook for you.”

With a deep breath, Tang Hao’s excitement comes fast and goes fast, he said calmly, “Release your martial soul to me and let me see.”

“OK”, Tang San nodded, and held out his right hand, using his Qi, he felt the strange warmth went together with his Qi, and light blue appears in the middle of his palm, suddenly, a blue grass appears.

Staring at blue silver grass in Tang San’s hand, Tang Hao seems to lose his mind, and then he recovered, his eyes shining, murmuring to himself, “blue silver grass, it is blue silver grass, seems with her”

Suddenly Tang Hao stood up all of a sudden, and turned to go into his room, the sudden movement almost made Tang San fall over, the blue silver grass also disappeared in his hand.


“Do not bother me”, Tang Hao waved his hand without patience, and then go inside the room lifting the curtain.

“But, we have another martial sou.” Tang San still said the difference he is from other kids after the soul awaken. This is what he did not ask Su Yuntao or Jack, after all, those are outsiders.

Quoted in Tang Clan treasure book, First, never tell other people your true strength if they dont trust them completely.

Tang San recited the treasure book good and execute it firmly.

The curtain was lifted again, Tang Hao appeared in the out room, now his face is all of shock, and it can be seen his eyes are red, he seemed to be tearing just now.

Tang San did not open his mouth, and lifted his left hand just like his right hand, this time, it is not blue light, but black light comes out of his palm, and then condense into a strang thing.

It is a hammer all black, the stem is about half a feet, the head is a cylinder, it looks just like a smaller version of the forging hammer, but there is a very strange light on top of the black hammer, on the head, very light curves can be seen.

Does not know why, when this hammer appears in Tang San’s hand, the air seems to be more heavy in the house, and Tang San seems not to be able to bear the weight of this small hammer, can only hold it, his arm was dropping, his face turned pale.

The blue silver grass, almost did not use much Qi, but the black little hammer almost sucked all Tang San’s Qi, he could only barely control himself to hold the hammer stem. Although look ver small, but his weight exceeds the forging hammer.

“This, this is” Tang Hao almost flew to be in front of Tang San, holding his hand that held the hammer, and drag it to himself. Tang Hao is strong, and now Tang San did not feel such a burden from the hammer any more.

When Tang Hao’s hand held his hand, a warmth from the family makes Tang San really comforable, “Father, is there anything wrong?”

looking at that black little hammer, the excitement that disappeared in his eyes appear again in Tang Hao’s eyes, “Double martial soul, it is really double martial soul, son, my son”

Suddenly, Tang Hao opened his arms and held Tang San to himself.

Tang Hao has really broad chest, maybe is because of being a blacksmith for a long time, although he looks very lazy, but he did not lose his muscles. his arms feel nice, the safety comes from father’s love is nothing that can replace.

“Father”, Tang San is surprised, it seemed to be the first time his father held like this in his memory.

the little hammer in his hand becomes heavier and heavier although he like the warmth comes from his father, but he does not want to drop his hammer to hurt him.

“Father, I cant hold it any more” Tang San finally said.

Tang Hao opened his arms, “take it back.”

The black light disappeare, the weight disappeared, Tang San was very surprised, that is really a hammer formed of his Qi and that strange strength, but how come he cant hold it? He also found he used up his Qi more or less after getting the little hammer out.

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