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Chapter Three: Double Born Martial Soul(3)

January 14, 2012

Tang San never saw Father’s face like a comedy stand up show, all kinds of complicated expression are on his face, for a long time, he slowly said one thing, remember, in your future, always use your left hand’s hammer to protect your right hand’s grass, for ever.

Tang San did not know why but nodded, Tang Hao stood up, and walked back to the inside room.

Preparing lunch, Tang San thought about the world of martial soul today, double borned martial soul, seems to be uber rare in this world, or else, father would not be so surprised. it seems that his other hammer martial soul really touches him.

For him, the more important is the link between martial soul and his Qi method, if that soul ring is the reason why he cant level up, then, whatever it takes, he wants to find a soul ring to test it.

At lunch, Tang Hao seems very quite, and seemed to eat less as well, his eyes lay on Tang San’s body, seemed to be hesitate about something.

After lunch, Tang San started to take away the bowls but Tang Hao stopped him.

“Do that later, xiao san, let me ask you, do you want to become a soul master?”

Tang San looked at his father, whom he did not want to lie to, thinking for a while, nodded.

Tang Hao sighed, his face looks older, “You still decide to choose this way”, he only said that and then walked back to his room.

After taking away the bowls, Tang San walked back to his room to continue his work, hammer and iron clashing together with sound Dingdang. Although not knowing when it would be fist size as Tang Hao wanted, but this way of forging is good for him to raise his Qi and also good for practising his body. Tang San already tried to use the minimum Qi to wave the hammer, so he can waving it longer each time.

After three hundred more times, he felt a little bit more impurity is away from the iron, the curtain is raised up, Tang Hao walked in, he seemed not making farm tools this afternoon, at least Tang San did not hear any familiar clashing noise.

“Father”, Tang San looked to father, and his hammer stopped without himself noticing.

Tang Hao made a gesture to let him continue and walked aside to look at him, saying no words.

Tang San continued to wave his hammer, now his clothes are soaked with sweat. Based on his Qi now, it is not enough to adjust himself to be suitable for the temperature, in addition, this is a work needs a lot of strength.

Dang, dang, dang, dang, clashing noise sounded again and again, Tang San’s tiny body and the hammer in his hand does not match, but he waves the hammer each time with wind.

Tang Hao sighed in his heart, born with big strength with born with full soul force, of course he can wave that hammer at this age. maybe old jack is right, he should not prevent his development in the future because he himself lost interest in life, the road from now on, we should let him walk.

Looking at Tang San with sweat falling down, Tang Hao finally made his decision.

“Stop” Tang Hao said.

Tang San put down his hammer, a bit out of breath, and moved his Qi to recover.

Tang Hao walked in front of Tang San, took away his hammer, and look at the red iron on the stove, “Hammering like you, even a year would not make it fist size. ”

Tang San raised his head to look at his tall father, “then what i should do?”

Tang Hao said, “tell me, when you wave hammer to hammer it, which part starts the force?”

Tang San thought a while, “should be waist, waist takes the back, and then the arm to wave the hammer?”

Tang Hao did not agree or disagree Tang San’s answer, and asked “Human body, besided brain, what is the most important part?”

“Heart”, without hesitation this time, heart and brain are both instantly fatal. Brain has bones to protect, heart only has skin and muscle. In Tang clan, he understood a lot of body structure, using assaisin weapon to spear through enemy’s heart, is the most efficient and simple way to cause death.

Tang Hao waited and then asked again, “Tell me then, how many hearts do a guy have?”

“Ah” Tang San looked at him with surprise, did not what he is not talking about, is it a question about how many hearts human has?

“Answer me,” Tang Hao looked at him coldly, both pressure from the body and the smell makes it hard to breathe for Tang San.


Tang Hao shaked his head, “No, you are wrong, remember human has three hearts, not one”

“Three”, Tang San stared at his fater, not knowing what he meant.

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