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Chapter Three: Double Born Martial Soul(4)

January 16, 2012

The forging hammer in Tang Hao’s hand slightly pushed forward, and make Tang San go backward some steps, same time, the hammer turned around, he yelled once, turned his body half, but two feet still on the ground, two calves tightened up, the whole person is like the tiger ready to hunt, the legs start the force, turned back the waist, the hammer also taken back, dang, falling on that burn iron.

Tang San can fully feel that, this is only a person use his body force, He does not have Qi, or some soul force to release, it is just the force of his body, but the iron red before now was dented a third, change its shape noticably.

Using the calves to start the force and connect your body’s force together as a whole, that is called whole force. Tang Hao gives the hammer to Tang San, you try once.

Ok, Tang San never thought of, forging has this kind of trick, this trick is not as simple to use in forging, it should be also useful for the martial art in his Tang Clan’s.

He held the hammer stem with two hands, and followed Tang Hao’s gesture. Tang San stared the red iron, with the Qi flowing into the calves, feet holding the ground.

Tang San yelled, and the calves and Qi together start the force, the force exploded at the calves, and suddenly spread out, waste turning, with back, to shoulder, then the arm. He clearly felt his force seems to be stronger than ever, from exploding at claves to raising the hammer, his body seems to be taken away by this big force.

Dang, hammer correctly knocks onto the iron, making a big noise.

Tang San’s whole body shaked because he lifted his feet when he waved the hammer, the hammer was hit back, although he has the jade hands, the hands have no problem, but his arms are nummed by this force, with Qi flowing, the feeling graduately disappear.

The effect is visible, although Tang San is young, with Qi the effect of this hammer is not as obvious as Tang Hao. But comparing with his hammering before, this one is equal to tens of the previous.

Looking at Tang San, Tang Hao did not comment, but he looked surprised in the eyes, Tang San outdid himself, apparently. Tang Hao did not expect he master how to start the force this quickly.

He of course did not know, Tang San always practice his martial art a lot, with Qi, controlling the crane and catching the dragon, ghost way of walking and jade hand, make his balance way beyond same age people. His own learning is not bad, of course mastering this way of start force easily. Of course, this is the first time, he was not fluent.

“Father, am I right?”

Tang Hao slightly nodded, “You know the use of the heart? the most used muscles are at the calf, calf is all the force starts, well use it, will multiply your strength. ”

Saying, Tang Hao sat at the windbox, and pull a thing made of iron underneathe the windbox, it is two paddle looking things, Tang Hao connected to the windbox, and use his two hands to pull the windbox, “windbox is also very useful in forging, the iron burning enough, will be better for forging, since that will make it more flexible. any chunk of metal, even the one with a lot more impurity, himself has a soul, if the temperature is not enough, and the big force in forging breaks it, even if melt again and reforge, the metal is a waste. so when you are using your full force to hammer the iron, make sure to maintain its temperature, pulling windbox also uses calves to start the force, not only can it minimize the force you use, also maximize the effect of the windbox”

Feet on the paddles, suddenly started the force, using the legs to be the starting point, the whole body bounced up, two arms naturally was lead to open the windbox, the legs became bending from the straight, and sending the hand back, one forth one back, the windbox moves with full force, Tang Hao does not seem to be moving fast, but every time will use the windbox fully, at the leading of the calves, the body and the windbox follow a special pace, the fire comes up from the forge, the iron turned all red.

“You pull the windbox, following my movement just now”, Tang Hao gives his position to Tang San.

With the experience of waving the hammer and watching carefully, Tang San immediately learned how to pull the windbox, although still green, but with his careful noticing, each time start the force at the calves, indeed like Tang Hao has said, he saved a lot of force, and the effect is way better than before.

Tang Hao hold the forging hammer, said it lightly, “Using the whole force to wave the hammer to forge, will make his own force to use, but same time, the back reaction from the hammer is also a lot of burden fro the body, without suitable way to lead, it is easy to hurt yourself, and will lose some force, not act on the metal, you should watch me carefully next, and it is the key to make the iron to fist size in a short time”

Take a deep breath, Tang Hao’s eyes become focused, with the pulling on the windbox, the whole iron is red, hot fire arises, making the room specially hot.

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