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Chapter Three : Double Born Martial Soul(5)

January 17, 2012

Tang Hao moved. His movement did not seem to be different from before. Leg leading the waist, waist leading the back, back leading the arms. Dang, the hammer falls onto the iron.

When the hammer bounced back because of the back reaction. Tang Hao suddenly turned, again with calf starting the force, the hammer is waved again, and turned a cycle in the air, with strong wind sound. Another big noise, falling onto the iron again. Not only this hit is faster than the last, the strength also seems to be larger.

The hammer bounced back again, and his movement seems to be in harmony with the hammer, not too early nor too late, just exactly at the highest point where the hammer bounce to, the body lead the hammer to circle a cycle, and hit down again.

Tang San’s eyes began to light, this is apparently a method to borrow the force to use the force, making use of the bouncing force between the hammer and the metal and changing it to the force for the next strike. Movement is perfect. To the largest extent, it avoids the hurt to the body from the back reaction force, in the other hand, change this force into continuous hitting, from the second hit, every strike is larger than the whole force of himself, but still under his control.

Tang Hao moves faster and faster. The hammer hits on the iron like storms, the iron changes its shape again and again underneath the hammer. surprisingly, the location he hits is very precise, when the iron lost its thickness by half, and became to look flat, the hammer will fall on the edge and flip it. In this way, the iron is under the striking evenly, not formed an iron pie.

With a blink’s time, thirty-six hammers have been stricken. Tang Hao wave the hammer in the air for three turns, and the force disappeared on the hammer, he stood with hammer down, no red face, no deep breathing, it seems not to be him who stroke the iron like storm.

The iron looked smaller under that thirty-six times of hammering, it is hard to see the impurity with naked eye already.

This is real black smith’s technique and beautiful way to use a hammer.

“Understand?” Tang Hao looked at his son who is moving the wind box.

Tang San thought and thought, and said, borrow force to use, i understand the theory, but it does not seem to easy to use.

Tang Hao said, if you want to do it to my extent, there is only one way, practice makes perfect. at the same time, you should remember, if you are striking a piece of normal metal, then when it has the most impurity, it is easiest to be broken then you should use smaller force, when the impurity decreases, you can add the force to maintain the effect. control, is the key. you go to practice, do not add force and speed without wits. The accuracy is also important, at least you should know where you hit after this strike, or else, what is the meaning of bigger force?

The hammer goes back to Tang San’s hand, and his father turned and left.

Father did not eat his words, he did teach me how to forge and from what he taught, it seems that every career has its own secret, it is not that simple.

In the next half month, Tang San practice this borrow force to use way every day, although with help of his control the crane and catch a dragon way and the purple monster eye to control the force and assure where it hammers, but this method is still harder to master than he thought.

If it is a hit with all force, then the force would be indeed hard to control. Trying to use the bounce force and control the balance of the body to hit and still want the accuracy is even harder. Each strike requires more control, turning the body around dizzies the brain, and makes it harder to control the force.

It is good that that iron he already hammered a long time and is with little impurity so it is not use to break. Or else, under his hammer with not controlled force, it would already break.

During the time he practice, he is more familiar with his Qi, and practiced his way to control and his Jade hand and his purple monster eye and how to use them altogether. They are all improving.

From the first day, every other hammer will move the position, until in half a month, he is able to wave seven hammers, precisely hitting on the iron, the improvement is apparent. At the same time, the iron becomes smaller and smaller under his full force hitting, every day there is result.

Of course it is related with how he start the force. Using this way, it saves the Qi, and he can have more time for the wind box and forging.

His father waved thirty-six strikes and seemed to be able to do more, but himself only can do seven hammers, and does not know when he will ever match with his father, with this thought, he practiced even harder.

These days, he almost forgot about the martial soul and soul ring, even when he went to the hill in the morning to practice his purple monster eyes, he thought about how to wave the hammer.

Three months passed very quickly, when Tang San can wave thirteen hammers together, his father began to teach him how to make tools. Tang Hao’s teaching method is very straight forward: he will do it once and then asked Tang San to do it again, if he looked as if he knew anything, Tang Hao would not say anything and leave him to practice without no further guidance, only at the key point, he will say a few more words.

Also because of this, whenever Tang Hao said something, Tang San heard it very clearly.

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