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The Launch of the Sailboat

January 18, 2012

We decided to move to a lake house,(I knew it was crazy for a pair of graduate students, especially when I mentioned to my adviser, his reaction was that, “Is that your summer resort house?”) because I cant resist a lake view outside the window,  on the condition that we had to get a sailboat for my husband’s enthusiasm about a boat.

So we got a twenty two footer and a lot of stories followed. And this is what happened on its launching day.

By then we only signed the contract, but would not move until several months later, (if you have ever lived in a small town, you would know that a decent house for August would be leased the October before…), so we cant park our boat outside our house yet. So this is our situation

a boat store


A lake’s channel that is only 100 meters wide but two miles long        end of lake


our house                                                                                                launching point

When my husband talked about launching the boat, from my experience of a crew class in college, where 8 people rolling a long and thin boat, when the boys lifted the boat up and tossed into the lake. I looked at my husband and looked at myself, not sure we could throw a twenty-two footer into the lake… but of course I was being silly, we were making use of the float force of the water to help us, which proved again a theoretical physicist did not even know how to tie the laces of the shoes.

That was the easy part, and then drove it across the lake and stored it at the boat store across. We were just high-fiving for mission accomplished and then we realized one thing, our car was on the other side. We had hoped there would be a bridge somewhere along the lake, but it was not there.. so we walked four miles, sweating all over in the hot summer…. I knew we made the wrong decision, we should have just jumped into the lake and swam over.

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