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Chapter Four: The First Assassin Weapon For Tang San in the Other World(1)

January 20, 2012

Dawn. Tang San came back from the mountain to cook in the morning with vim and vigor. These days, since every day he has to use his purple monster eyes and he practice them in the morning, they are improving a lot. He can already saw mosquitoes clapping their wings from 10 meters afar. If his Qi improved again, he believes his other skills will improve even more.

Smelting a fifty center meter per dimension cubic iron to fist size, which sounds impossible initially, Tang San finished half a month ago. The way to borrow force to use taught by Tang Hao, he could wave twenty-four hammers as well, with every one of them accurately where they need to be, including control of the strength. Tang Hao has never praised for anything, however, from the way he looked at him. He knew that his hammer method has passed a milestone, if he wanted to improve more, he needs to practice more.

Soon to go back to home, he touched his wrists. Tang San smiled happily. On his wrists, is his first piece of work in this new world, for which he finished every single step.

It is a sleeve arrow. For the Tang Clan in his pre world, sleeve arrow is a very common pit typed assassin weapon. To make sleeve arrow, the key is the strength of the machine and how precise the thing is designed. The one Tang San made, included safety parts as well, which will hurt nobody by accident.

A set of sleeve arrows always include three arrows and a sleeve quiver. The one on Tang San’s hand is just like this. And the material for the sleeve arrows, is the iron he has hammered for hundreds of days.

When Tang San finished the assignment by his father, and made that piece of iron into fist size, he is surprised to realize the iron originally with lots of impurities become a mother of iron, real one.

Pre life, not only him, even the master forger in Tang Clan, did not know the way to change common iron into mother of iron. But in this world, it becomes real. This is very unthinkable, and the sleeve arrows Tang San wore now, is made this piece of mother of iron. Including the three four-inch arrows and the quiver, used up the whole piece mother of iron.

Speak of forging, Tang San is not good, far from his father, but talking about how to make clever assassin weapons, not only his father, probably on all this land of warlock, nobody can boast to be better than Tang San, the genius of the outsiders in Tang Clan.

Common sleeve arrows, can reach about fifteen meters, but the ones he made, can effective attack the enemies thirty meters away.

The effective attack distance, is the distance after the sleeve arrows are launched when they still travel in straight lines, the distance that can have the ability to kill

There are only three arrows in his quiver, but made cleverly, each of them have wings at the end so they can fly really flat, he thought about adding hook at the end, but he did not have enough material. The head is spiral shaped, after shot, it will have a stronger ability to pierce.

For making assassin weapon, Tang San always go for the perfect, even if it is a common quiver of sleeve arrows.

Tang San knows, now he is still young and did not improve his Qi yet, If for common people, he is not afraid, but if meeting with somebody like Su Yuntao, a sou master who can use his martial soul, then his strength is not enough, but with this quiver of sleeve arrows it will all be different. with them, he believes he can be a good match for soul master that does not  have too much strength.

Quoted from Tang Clan Treasure Book, second, what is assassin weapon, it is to be used in dark, win against enemy with special way, is assassin weapon, if the enemy knows that it is going to be used, then it is not called assassin weapon, it is the weapon in the light.

Of course, Tang San did not want his assassin weapon becomes the weapon in the light. His father never asked what happened to the piece of mother of iron. So, this quiver of sleeve arrows are his secret alone.

Walking into the door, the smell of porridge came to his nose, the same thing he did every day and got used to .

“Father, food time” Tang San called to the inside room.

Surprisingly, his father did not come out who would be every day whenever he called for meals.

Tang San felt his heart beating harder, is his father sick, he ran into his father’s room.

Tang Hao is not in the room, this is the first time in so many years that he did not sleep late.

As Tang San was thinking about what his father could be doing, his father came back.

“Xiao San, what did you do in the morning”, his father asked.

Tang San said, “I went to do some exercise, every morning I would go to run around a bit. ” It was not really a lie, he did go to “exercise”.

“En”, Tang Hao did not seem to care, and said, “You dont have to learn to forge any more today, tomorrow old Jack will take you to Notting City”

“Notting City, to do what?”Tang San was shocked, last time it was a year ago to go to the city. Old Jack went to buy stuff, and took him along to look around.

Tang Hao eyed him once, said, do not you want to learn to be a soul master? Old Jack will take you to the beginners class in Notting City to become a public student. There you will learn what you want to learn.

Heard what his father’s words. Tang San’s heart beats faster, an excitement that cant be said hit his heart. It always troubled him that his Qi can not be improved. The Soul ring of the soul master is definitely a chance.

“Father, how did you change your mind?”

Tang Hao asked back, “Are you going or not?”

Tang San said, “But, if I left, nobody is going to feed you” now he knew his father woke up this early to talk to the head of the village, Jack.

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