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Chapter Four: The First Assassin Weapon For Tang San in the Other World(2)

January 22, 2012

Tang Hao said coldly,”Do I really need you to take care of? You go as you will, it is your choice. Every year saint soul village has one quota, it is a waste not to use it. The way I taught you to forge should make it easy for you to become a apprentice in a blacksmith’s shop in the city, should pay for your tuition and you food.”

Although his father’s voice is cold, Tang San still felt his eyes feel hot. These few months, although his father’s attitude did not change, but as he taught him to forge, this tall and old man, gradually gave him the feeling of father, he of course wanted to learn the knowledge of the soul master, but he kind of did not want to leave his father.

Tang Hao said,”There are conditions I allow you to go to Notting, you can only go if you agree with my conditions.”

“I agree”, without hesitance, Tang San said immediately.

Tang Hao frown his eyebrows, “You agree easily without asking what are the conditions? As a man, you should do whatever you agree to. Do not become a person that gives promise too easily.”

Tang San said naturally. “No matter what father asks me to do, I will agree. What father said if of course good for me”

Tang Hao was a little moved, Tang San said it very casually, but it is the natural trust changed his mood.

“No matter how you improve your soul force, I want you to agree with me that you will not add any soul ring to your hammer soul, even not let anybody to see it, even more, do not let others know that you are born with two souls, can you do it?”

Tang San, shocked for a bit, “What about the soul with the blue silver grass?”

Tang Hao said,  “the blue silver grass martial soul you can use as you wish, practice, and add any soul ring to it is no problem. born with two martial souls is not that you cant improve until you add soul rings to both, as long as one has soul ring, the bottleneck to improve the soul force more will disappear”

Tang San said, “That is to say, from today on, I can only use my blue silver grass soul, right?”

“Unless your life is threatened, do not use that hammer.”

“Ok, I promise”, Tang San nodded carefully, for him, practice martial soul or not, or use whatever soul ring, it is not a problem, as long as he can break the bottleneck to improve his Qi, that would be ok, his assassin weapons do not need help from the martial soul.

For other people, maybe blue silver grass is wasted martial soul, but Tang San was never disappointed by it. After enough improvement, Tang Clan can use flower and leafs to kill people. It is not empty words but truly exist.  The blue silver grass is formed with soul force, i.e., the Qi to form, as long as he has enough Qi, that is unlimited assassin weapon.

“OK, eat.” Tang Hao said.

His family is close to be poverty, Tang San has no much to prepare, he just put away his clothes which were fixed again and again, and that is all.

But he did not listen to Tang Hao and only put away things, he still forge in his room. To make more assassin weapons, Tang San knew, everything depended on himself now. He needed to practice a lot what his father taught him. When he did not reach the peak of his assassin method. The quality of the weapon itself determined everything. Especially like the top level super assassin weapon like lotus that angers the Budda, is of course so precise that there cant be any mistake.

This day is particularly long. And it is the first time he felt uneasy after he came to this world. For the outside world, he has expectation, but also a bit afraid. Either in Tang Clan, or Saint Soul village, he has no outside experience. At this point, he was no different from a kid. He always thought, what excitement could the outside world bring him?

After dinner, Tang Hao went out to drink again, seem to be no different from before. he told Tang San not to bother him when he leave the next morning.

Dawn. Tang San sat on a big stone on top of the mountain. He had a leaf in his hand, purple in his eyes. It might because he is stronger than before recently, he improves a lot with his purple monster eyes. He can see even the smallest lines in the leaf, clearly. He knew, his purple monster eyes now into the state of micro.

It is different the Qi that has nine levels. The purple monster eyes have only four levels. Look, Micro, Mustard, Vast. The requirement of the insiders in Tang Clan is to get into micro, which is enough to use the assassin weapon. Since Tang San practiced really early, and made use of the born Qi immediately after born which did not disperse yet. Only six, he already felt micro. But he also knew everybody in Tang Clan inside is at the state of micro. But including the head of the Clan Tang Da, nobody get into the next state.

After reaching micro, the purple monster eyes become very slow to practice. Absorbing the purple air from the east non stompingly every day, is not as easy as persistence. So, normal people after entering micro state did not practice it any more. In legend, Tang Clan has an Elder whose purple monster eyes reach the state of Mustard, but he did not achieve anything special, just saw even clearer than the micro state, and that Elder practiced it over thirty years.

Tang San input the Qi into the leaf, the soft leaf become straight and hard after the impact of the Qi. Tang San’s right index finger and middle finger moved slightly, the leaf learned and flew as if it can cut through the air.

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