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Chapter Four: The First Assassin Weapon For Tang San in the Other World (3)

January 23, 2012

Only one meter, the leaf only flew a distance of one meter, and could not keep the turning state, because it is not hard, after leaving Tang San’s fingers, the effect of Qi also disappears.

“My Qi is still too weak”, he shook his head. Tang San stood up, it is time to leave, today, it is for him to leave the village, next time to come back to this mountain, who knows when.

Kicking the land with the tip of his feet, and starting the force from calf, Tang San used his ghost way of walking, walked down the mountain.

Familiar porridge smell, last time to cook for his father, Tang San would not be lazy. Take a look at the fire under the stove, and adding more water in the porridge, then when father woke up, he could eat hot porridge.

Old Jack already came, maybe because they are going to City Notting. Today Old Jack wore a set of new clothes, looks great.

“Xiao San, let us go, your hoo hoo father is not going to wake up”, Old Jack greeted Tang San.

Tang San shied Jack, “GrandPa, lower down your voice, my father does not like noises when sleeping”, then he put out a almost burnt out wood and wrote several lines on the floor and turned and took a look at his father’s room and then put on the package to leave with Jack.

For the characters in this world, Tang San did not know much, just peaking (duck) when the school in the village teaching other children. With what he had from the pre life, he learned a bit of the language.

Curtain lifted, big body walked out from inside, Tang Hao did not look sleepy at all. when he walked to the door, he could still see old Jack and his slim son.

Tang Hao did not move, until both the figures disappear completely for a while, he was still standing there.

Then he seemed to remembered something, he turned back to walk in the blacksmith’s room and looked at the floor what Tang San left him.

Simple two lines,”Father, Old Jack and I left, you should take care of yourself and drink less. Porridge is in the pot, don’t forget to drink.”

He turned to his pot from the words on the ground, Tang Hao rushed over and moved the lid and lifted the iron pot up.

Tang San just added water, the porridge is not boiled again, but Tang Hao did not care and drank from the pot, and swallowed, in his eyes, there was a bit wet.

On the road, Tang San walked next to Old Jack silently, and turned to look at the village direction.

“Xiao San, do you miss the village or your drunk father”, Jack touched his head and asked.

“Both, a bit” Tang San answered with a low voice.

Jack smiled, “Compared with my grandsons who did not achieve much, you are more obedient. If you were my grandson, that would be so great. Tang Hao, that drunk dude is so lucky. Don’t think so much, the outside is vast. When you get to the school, you will know a lot friends, and learn a lot of knowledge. when you are a soul master, the kingdom will give you allowance, then your family’s life will be better as well.”

Tang San has been through two lives, listening to Jack, he became normal, and lust for the outside, “GrandPa Jack, can you tell me about the school, what is that place like?”

Jack smiled, “School is of course to learn, although I have never been, but I knew about it. Our village has a quota every year, but we have not send any public student there. There is advantage to be a public student, no tuition and accommodation is free as well, just pay for food. You can get some money by doing simple things in the school, like cleaning the classroom. In all, the public student in the school is like free. If you have to pay to learn, it is not affordable for us poor people.”

Tang San said, “Father said, when I get to the school to become an apprentice in a blacksmith’s shop.”

“You? Work in a blacksmith’s shop? Is it joke? I think your father is crazy.” Jack said with anger, “How old you are, shorter than the forging hammer, no blacksmith’s shop will accept you as an apprentice. Moreover, blacksmith has little fame, you would not earn much by doing that either, you should just learn well in the school.”

“On the other hand, if you learn well, you should ask your drunk father to save some money, the middle level school does not have public students. That needs a lot money to go to study, the money you get as a soul master is not enough”.

As Tang San has full soul force to born with, Old Jack already treat him as a soul master.

Tang San looked at Jack with question,”Is there middle school as well? how is it different from beginner’s school? both schools, still teach knowledge of soul master, right?”

Old Jack explains with patient. “Of course not the same, beginner’s school teaches the basic, and some literature to learn. They only took kids with martial soul just awakened, it is six years, until twelve year old. If without development, you will be a common soul master. But if with potential, most of people will choose to go to the middle school to learn more, until eighteen year old. Middle school teaches something

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