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The Name Paradox

February 7, 2012

It all starts out with one time we went to some museum of history. As we all knew, the westerners somehow harvested a lot of Chinese antiques during the war days. So not surprisingly, any random museum would have a lot of bronze work dated back some thousand years ago from some Chinese dynasty. I was bored since they all looked similar and I have already seen them from dozens of museums before. And for me, who could not appreciate the modern art that consists only several horizontal colorful lines or something like that, also was not very good at judging antiques. If any of these priceless thing someday came to my hand, I probably still would use it to hold pistachio shells, at best, holding some Arbor gold wine. Suddenly, my husband began to be super excited and jumped at me and dragged me in front of one of these bronze bowls and pots, and said (or yelled rather, I was afraid we would be educated by people on duty there), “look, look, “, the excitement seemed to take his breath away, and I stared confusedly at the big and small, intact or just pieces of the bronze thingy in front of me. His finger was clearly shaking on some explanation of one of those green things, then I read the pinyin, which is my last time, and the English translation: a covered food vessel, and I gasped. He realized I was reading, and could not hold back his laughs, eventually he accused me, “how come you never told me that your name meant a covered food vessel?”, I shrugged, I really did not know one of the many words that shared the same sound with my last name would be a food vessel. but then I realized something he would really enjoy, “On the other hand, actually my first name meant a food vessel, but without a cover.”. “Hahaha, so are you a covered food vessel, or an uncovered? I guess your parents did not decide that when they named you”, “I dont know, I think I am a walking paradox.”

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