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My Affliction

February 17, 2012

I was filling out some application form to apply for a summer school.

They were all alike: name, address, adviser, reason for applying…blah blah blah

I was bored, typing all these things that I typed many times every year.

Until, I was shocked by this request: Affliction, and it is starred, means I cant skip it!

I did not really know what affliction meant. But I watched my husband playing world of warcraft, and there was a spell called affliction for the warlock, one of the evilest classes, like the Imp. What it does is causing damage to the enemy over time, like a disease.

It looks like one of those evil interview questions, asking “what is your greatest weakness?” or with a evil spin “why should not we hire you?”.

I agreed that I was completely out of idea, and for some reason, all the graduate students around me that are native speakers are all gone (there are not that many, in my area). So I did the next best thing, I sprinted into my adviser’s office, and asked “what is my affliction?”.

“Story telling!” He answered immediately, “why do you ask that?”

“I need to enter that in my application form to the summer school…”

“Are you sure it is not affiliation?”

Me “…”, sprinted out….

  1. poetprodigy7 permalink

    Oh dear, that sounds like the sort of thing I’d do.

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel permalink

    funnee. i have lots of aflickshuns especially when it comes to speling. i allso liek to tel stories.

  3. haha, write a blog about it, I will surely read đŸ˜›

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