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Chapter Four: The First Assassin Weapon For Tang San in the Other World(4)

February 19, 2012

“If there are beginner and intermediate, so there would be higher level schools as well?” Tang San asked.

Old Jack nodded, his eyes shining with longing,”You dont have to think about the higher leveled martial soul schools. That is not a place for everybody. In our empire, there are only two of such schools. Every year they only take fewer than a hundred students, that is really the cradle of a promising career.  Once graduated from there, both the empire and the martial soul church will fight for them, some of them are immediately recognized as nobles. ”

“Wow, that is really good conditions.” Tang San is surprised.

“Of course, Soul masters are a noble career, especially the higher leveled ones. Those are all talents. For us mundane people, the best way to reach the sky in one step is to become a high leveled soul master. But us peasants, few of us will born with a good soul, even for the few who are lucky enough, without being supported by a big family, how many can graduate from a higher soul master school?” Old Jack sighed.

“Graduate from the school, pass the exams should be the student’s affairs alone, why would a big family’s support is needed?” Tang San asked.

Old Jack sighed again, “That is the difference, the difference between the poor and the rich, the common people and the noble. Graduating from the beginner’s school is simple, as long as you can reach ten levels of soul force and obtain a soul ring with the leading of one of the teachers in the school, almost everybody who awakes with some soul force can make it. It is also said the first ten levels of the soul force needed from the apprentice to the soul master is the easiest.”

“But once in the intermediate school, the thing is different. You need to level another ten up to become the da soul master and obtain the second soul ring to graduate from the school. A lot of people will never reach level twenty in their whole life. Besides, You have to hunt for the soul monsters yourself. If you are from a big family, then the knights can accompany you to hunt, that would be much easier. For us people in the bottom class, all depends on yourself. ”

“To graduate from the higher leveled school is even harder: You have to reach level thirty and obtain the third soul ring, to be named soul revered. It is said that level thirty is a bottle neck, once passed, you are a strong soul master, and become a real noble. If not passed, that would be difficult. And it is said there is a constraint on the third soul ring obtaining. You will learn it from the school, but it is known that every year, fewer than a third would graduate from the higher level school.  ”

After Old Jack’s explanation, Tang San began to have a basic understanding of the soul master and the schools.

“Granpa Jack, did not you say that there are ten titles for the soul masters? If you are only soul revered after graduate from the higher leveled school, how do you obtain the rest of the titles?”

“How would I know, after soul revered, those are all VIPs, like the soul saint came out of our village, who was supported by the whole kingdom. I heard it becomes hard and hard along the road of being trained as a soul master. Who can tell how many will reach the titled warlock? I cant even tell if there exists any between two of our kingdoms.”

Old Jack only knew soul masters very little. Tang San knew that he would have to figure it out when he got to the school, especially about the soul ring and soul monsters.

Saint soul village is not far away from city Notting, after half a day of walking, with something in the belly, by the afternoon, they can already see the walls.

Although it was not a big city at all, but since it was on the boarder, the wall was thick, after being checked by soldiers, Tang San and Old Jack went inside the city.

“Xiao San, after I took you to the school, I should go back, you should listen to the teacher’s words when you are there, and never shall you leave the school, after the semester is ended, I will pick you up to go back, then it will be the time to celebrate the new year. ”

It is Tang San’s first time leaving home, he felt nervous, and asked “you are leaving already.”

Old Jack sighed, “The hotels are not for poor people like us. You need to work hard, then next time I see you, you will become a soul master already, then the whole village will be proud of you.”

The school is on the west, after asking for the way several times, they arrived.

From afar, they can already saw the big arch, it was twenty meters wide and ten meters tall, formed with hard stones, and the fence is made from high quality iron.

Through the gate, one road went inside, with tall trees around.

In the middle of the arch, there are big characters, “School of Notting”

Judging from the gate, it can be told how important this school is, and this is only the beginner’s school.

Old Jack brought Tang San to the gate, and was stopped by the guard: “What are you doing here? This is not a place for you peasants. ”

Old Jack was wearing nice in the village standards, but looked peasants in the city people’s eyes. The guard looking at them with careless eyesights.





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