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Chairman Mao Or Hairy Pig?

February 20, 2012

Since I am a communist (actually I am not, but my husband insists that I am one, since I likes to wear red….), Chairman Mao becomes a nice topic in our life… I am trying to teach my husband to learn Chinese now and then, most of them are among the category of edible or in general, animal and plants, like octopus(funnily after I taught him to say that, I found my allergic to shellfish, and it became not edible to me), or camel, or mushroom. Anyway, I had the brilliant idea to teach him to say Chairman Mao in Chinese this day, and here is the catch, whatever he blurted out has the following meaning: Wow, what a hairy pig! It is very subtle and a new discovery for me, because the character that means “Wow” only belongs to the ancient Chinese, and was not used at all in daily language! So hear me right, although I am a big fun a discovering pangs and find them funny and telling to other people all the time (like the famous chinsese sentence, ni you mei you mei you, which means if you have or have not mayonnaise). I have never discover this, nor did my Chinese friends. After this, there was a huge discussion between chairman, hairy, or hairless, or piggy in Chinese, and it was very confusing.

To play it back on me, I have to try to pronounce this “Do dull dolls duel?”. Ok, maybe tones in Chinese are difficult, but  how those four words sound different?

An advice: when you are practicing Chinese, make sure your partner is not easily offended, as you can see, a hard core communist would not like to talk to my husband at all. (Although he claimed I am the most hard core Mao supported he ever met, while, that has changed).

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