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Chapter Four: The First Assassin Weapon For Tang San in the Other World(5)

February 21, 2012

Old Jack can do nothing but smiling to the guard, “Bro, this kid is our king sponsored student from our saint soul village this year, what other procedures do you think we should follow?”

The guard frowned and sniffed,”Gold phoenix does not come out straw nests, a child from the village has soul force? We have not had king sponsored student for many years, you are not a fake one, are you?”

Old Jack was angry, but controlled not to explode, and reach in his pocket to grab Su Yuntao’s certificate for Tang San and gave it to the guard.

The guard took the certificate and laughed, “with martial soul blue silver grass? and with full soul force? I have been working here for four years and have not heard about anybody with full soul force, not to mention blue silver grass. In my opinion, this certificate is forged.”

“You…”, although old Jack is good tempered, at this time was too angry to say a thing, “You are just trying to make it difficult, ok, let us go to find the person in charge in the martial soul church. Xiao San, let us go. ” With these words, he dragged Tang San to walk away.

The certificate from the martial soul church of course can not be forged, so knows the guard, but for everybody who brings a new student normally bribes a bit, especially from the mundane people. That is the meaning of king of hell is easy to pass, but small ghosts always make troubles.

Old Jack is from the countryside, even the head of a village, still does not know about these secrets.

The guard began to feel uneasy. He can do bear the trouble if people from martial soul church comes, of course, he did not believe those people will come for these two peasants.

So he said with unsatisfactory, “what saint soul village, in my opinion, beggar’s village is more suitable.”

“What did you say?” Old Jack yelled. That touched the proudest part in his heart, he would not allow anybody’s disrespect. He changed face when talking to Tang Hao, and more angry now since the guard is not even in the same village. He turned around in big strides and stared at the guard.

The guard was scared by angry old Jack, and stepped back, and then realized he was just an old man, cursed at himself in the heart, he yelled back, ” what? you disagree? look at this kid, all his clothes was covered by patches. I suggest you to beg somewhere else, our school is not for charity. Go away, go away.”

Saying that, he raised his left hand to push old Jack’s chest trying to push them away.

When old Jack was shocked with anger, a small figure stepped between them, he also raised his left hand, the young hand only reached the guard’s hand, and pushed right, and the guard’s hand was pushed away, then he took a step forward, such that his right foot is behind the guard’s right foot, he raised his right hand, and together he used two hands to pull the guard’s hand down.

This stance was originally aiming for the elbow, so that the target could not control his force any more., but the person who was using it was too small, so changed to target’s wrist. He was swift, his body coming ahead, while pushing the guard’s hand away, he pushed out his two hands, right on the small belly of the guard.

The guard felt an additional foot behind his foot, although it was small, but was enough to trip him and then got a hit on the small belly, he could not help but sitting on the ground.

“Xiao San , you…” Old Jack was surprised to see the person who protected him in front.

Of course it was Tang San. The stance he used is not something treasurable, just some very common stance in his old world, called push the window to see the moon. It was changed because of his size, it should be aimed at the elbow, but it changed to wrist, also the push on the chest became the belly, but he got the effect he wanted.

Tang San is not big, but full of strength. He waved the hammer for so long and it was not for nothing, so he got the guard down in one hit.

“Bastard, you are looking to death.” The guard was angry, losing face being beaten down by a small kid.

“Ok, Stop!” A course voice stopped the guard.

The guard was stunned for an instant, but immediately smiled to his best to the person coming here, “Da master, you are back. ”

Tang San turned around, and found a middle sized guy behind him, a bit thin, he seemed to be in his forty or fifties, not looking special, but feels special. There was a bit laziness in his eyes.

“Sir old, can I see the certification from the martial soul church?” “Da master” did nto care for the guard and turned to old Jack and reached a hand out.

Old Jack, although from village, still learned how to judge people’s face, he immediately realize this middle aged person sit high in the school by the guard’s reaction, besides he was referred as “Da master”. He handed over the certificate with respect.

Da master took a look at the certificate and took a look at the kid. For no reason, Tang San felt he was seen through with those looks.

“That is clearly right. The kid belongs to the school. I, representing the school, ¬†apologize to you both. Now the kid can come with me. ”




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