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Who moved my Glasses?

February 22, 2012

It was the first time we went into the swimming pool in the backyard of my husband’s parents’ house.(I have been there for so many summers and was shocked I have never been there earlier). I was very excited, and so excited that after I changed into my swimming suit I decide to wear my glasses to get into the pool. That did not work out, I have to suffer blurry vision in the water, I should have known that, especially after I lost a pair of glasses in the Pacific Ocean when I was trying to harvest the sea weed from the ocean, (the ocean harvested my glasses, in return, with a little wave just high enough to cover my face for a blink, then it was gone. I was at a summer school, still one week to go, I had to borrow my friend’s spare glasses and used half of it, since only one of her eyes matched mine. It was tear bringing.) So I put my glasses on the rim of the pool and figured I could always pick it up later. We swam back and forth, chatting and laughing, me trying to splash water on my husband’s face, having a lot of fun. Then we got out of the pool. I took a shower, and tried to check my email, and only by then realized I did not have my glasses. I was so confident that I put the glasses on the rim of the pool, so I ran out and walked around the pool and realized it was not there. So it might be somebody who kicked it in the pool, I looked into the pool as hard as I can, there did not seem to be a pair of glasses in, I asked my husband who was not near sighted for help. He did not see anything either. Everybody was like, your memory must lie to you, you might never bring it out here, it could be in your bedroom or bathroom. I swore I remembered taking them off and putting them just by my side, but I still went back and flipped all the rooms upside down, nothing showed up. Eventually I have to admit that I lost another pair of glasses due to water activity, (I also lost a pair when I was doing water tubing..) and forgot about it.

Two weeks later, we were about to eat dinner in the backyard, I was taking the food and water out.  I put the dishes down and looked absented-minded ahead, and was about to go back in to get the salt and pepper, napkin and silverware, then something caught my eyes. There was a BLACK branch lying in the middle of the green grass, why, it shaped like the frame of a pair of glasses. I was like, you must be kidding me and walked towards it. Of course, here are my glasses, lying on the grass. I picked them up, the sides were  chewed up, teeth mark all over the place. I suddenly realized what happened. It was zinzin, a puppy of one year old, whose favorite diet includes napkin or anything plastic, or just anything that is not edible… When we were in the pool, she spotted my glasses, but be super quiet, when none of us was paying attention to her, she sneaked away with my glasses, hiding it in the middle of the grass, so she could eat it whenever we were sleep or not paying attention. I almost yelled at top of my voice, “ZINZIN”, but held up. She immediately learned that I discovered her secret, and looked afraid of me,  innocent and cute. What can I do with a puppy with half volume of hair that looks like a white cotton ball? Except, the next time I lost my glasses, I knew who would be my suspect.

Be aware, sometimes, an innocently looking puppy could be as cruel as Hound, when she saw her favorite “food”.

  1. You have to love puppies! I have a big boxer puppy, I am lucky he is not very quiet, and very hard to miss!

    • She is not quiet at all! She likes squeaky toys and barks when excited. But she is just very cunning when she wants to chew on my glasses…

  2. hehe!!! awww what a pesky puppy! xx

  3. Funny Stuff! You know, puppies and the need to see and all 🙂 Thanks for visiting my site!

  4. Do they make prescription goggles, I wonder? I could use some, too.

  5. I have seen prescription goggles, and you should pick prescription goggles a smaller correction compare with your normal glasses. I used to have a pair, and then I lost it (maybe some puppy chew it), now I am just too lazy to wear one. I was just goofing around in the water, but if I am swimming in loops, goggles would be much better. btw: have you heard of google goggles? I heard about them today, they were hilarious.

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