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Oh, Mama!

February 24, 2012

After I was married off to a “little western one” (that is how my parents refer to my husband.), my mom decided to start to learn English. She was hoping I could just translate everything between them, but that did not work out. After merely an hour, my head began to ache and I began to talk to her in English, and talk to my husband in Chinese, which yield, not surprisingly, two confused faces. We were going back to China that year, so I sent her emails, talked on the phone,  to urge to learn English nine months ahead of time every week. But the study environment in China is not the best. (Actually, it kind of sucks, I learned twelve years of British English before I came to North America, and after merely a year, I found that the hardest movies to understand is of the Harry Potter type.) So when we went back, she was still very reluctant to talk in English. To avoid a headache, I always pretended I cant understand Chinese either,  so she had to use English to communicate. (She also liked the practice opportunity). By then she had about two hundred words that she can use, and all the gestures are at her disposal. So a typical conversation was always very amusing.

Here is my favorite one.

Mama: “Do you like Beijing or here(my hometown)?”

Hubby: Here, of course.

Mama: Is it because….(long time pause)….. the ICE is FREE?

what? I did not know Beijing began to charge money for ice. (At least you can get free ones from McDonalds and KFC, also as a bonus, the bathroom there is cleaner). We were very lost. Until, my mom began to breathe very hard as if she is sniffing something, and then pretend to cough.

Hubby:…. (thinking)…. do you actually want to say the AIR is FRESH? (very carefully)

The rest of the day, we just  laughed out loud really hard.

  1. Have fun blogging. Thanks for stopping in to see me. 🙂

  2. You’ve been successful in making me laugh! I stopped by to thank you for reading, and providing a recommendation! Also you’re the first blog I’ve shared on my facebook page! Thought you might be interested in checking it out! :
    ] http://

    • Thanks so much! That makes me feel so happy. That is my goal. To make people laugh! I will check your page out.

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