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Chapter Five: Da Master? Teacher?(1)

February 25, 2012

A soul master’s apology makes old Jack feel really good. He waved his hands, said, “None needed, it was partly our fault as well. Xiao San, follow Da Master in, and be obedient. Da Master, I put this child in your hands. ”

Tang San nodded, but did not say anything.

Before this Da Master showed up, his fingers were already on the trigger of his sleeve arrows. If he did not show up just in time, maybe there would be a sleeve arrow on the throat of the guard.

Rule No. 3 on Tang Clan Treasure book: if identified as enemy, if should kill him, dont leave him alone, or else that will be your own trouble later.

In Tang San’s eyes, this mean guy pushed at an old guy like old Jack, it was already wrong enough to be killed. Besides he was confident he would not be discovered: his arrow was fast, would only leave a line of shadow in the air, there is no way the guard can avoid that. If nobody saw any evidence, who can accuse him of killing?

Da master looked at the guard with cold eyes, “This is the last time, if another time, you dont have to remain here.” His voice is coarse and calm, but sounded irrefusable.

Guard sweated and answered, yes, yes and moved aside.

Da master lowered his head and looked at Tang San and tried to smile, his muscle on the cheek is stiff, the laughing face was not very pretty, He picked up Tang San’s hand “Let us go inside.”

His hand was big, and soft, Tang San felt safe and trust, and walked into the school, finally.

“Thanks, teacher”.

“Teacher? I am not the teacher in the school” Da Master said.

“But you said you represented the school?”

“You dont have to be teaching here to represent the school “, he smiled, the ugly one, and explained patiently, unusual.

“Oh, then you must be the headmaster or other administrative.”

Da Master laughed, “for a kid of six year old, you are pretty smart, but you are wrong again.”

“So, you are?”

“I am just a guest here eating and living with no cost, you can call me like other people, Da Master, it has been so long, I forgot my real name, you are Tang San, right? it is on the certificate. Remember, Da Master is very different from teacher, unless”

He paused here, and his eyes shined, “unless you really want me to be your teacher.”

“You want to teach me how to train my martial soul?” Tang San asked.

Da Master stopped and turned to him, “Do you want to or not?”

Tang San also stopped, and stared up at Da Master, his mouth is big, his lips are thick. But Tang San just stared at him, did not say, he agreed or he disagreed.

Da Master looked at the staring eyes of Tang San, “You are really a clever kid”.

Not answering has two meanings, he did not want to offend Da Master, on the other hand, it was also a question, why do I want you as my teacher?

Da Master mussed up his hair like old Jack always did, “Gifted, and so clever, I guess I need to be persistent this time. Say, you are the third one that has double martial souls in this three hundred years”.

Tang San was shocked, he looked at Da Master, without realizing, he lifted up his left hand, and suspect, surprise, all shown in his eyes.

Da Master laughed”You must want to ask me how could I know. It is from the certification from the martial soul church. Other people might not be able to tell, but if I cat tell either, how could I be Da Master?”

“I have researched six hundred and forty-seven people with blue silver grass as martial soul. Only sixteen of them have soul force at all, that is less than 3%, none of these have soul force higher than level one, and you are with full soul force, level ten. According Rule no.1 in theory of competition of martial soul, the soul force born with is directly proportional to the quality of the martial soul. Blue silver grass does not qualify, so I conclude, you must have another martial soul, a very strong one.

“Everything has exception, how cant I be one?”Tang San was calmed down and said casually.

“You are right, there is exception for everything. But you are not one of them, because your martial soul is blue silver grass. There have only been two are gifted with double martial souls, but there have been nineteen who born with full soul force in these two kingdoms. All of them have very strong martial souls. The youngest is also a da soul master already. Fourteen of them are from very famous big families. There are five exceptions.  ”



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