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February 25, 2012

Sansa is a beautiful singing little bird, although stupid. Her deeds led to nothing good so far. She bent her knees to the powerful and handed good people to them.

But I cant hold her guilty or blame her. Because, sometimes I feel I am like her.

She listens to whatever the septa would ask her to do, I spent all my years before college preparing that one exam that would determine everything.

She was young, so she could not tell the people who appears to be nice to her from the devil behind them. When I was at her age, one of my “friends” stole money from our kitchen table.

She was passionate with her lover, who is not? It is a child’s love, he is handsome, he is gentle, with so many fairy tales told, why would not she fall for him, trust him, and then hurt herself. More importantly, she was supposed to, she was betrothed to him, by her own parents.

She was afraid to be hurt, or to die, who is not? She was hurt badly, and was always living under the threaten of death.

Yes, she lied and blamed her sister, but her role model, the septa who kept her a true high born lady praised her and blamed on her sister all the time. And she did it for her love, in the real world, people sometimes robbed friend’s lovers, once in love, girls are mad, especially the first time.

Yes, she was the one who led to her own and other people’s sufferings, but what did she do, being ten, wanted to be with her lover, her future husband, she went to people who smiled as sweet as chocolate to her, who promised her nothing bad would happen and she would be married and be happily living ever after.

She did what she was asked to do: be cute,  smile to other people, say sweet things, love her betrothed, be loyal. I could not think of anything a ten year old girl can do to avoid her destiny.

Maybe she was not brave, did not revenge, did not take control of her own life, but that was not supposed to be her life. She was supposed to be just cute, and being a lady.

She should be loved and protected.

If there is an innocent Sansa around you, be sure to love her, and maybe let her know that the world is darker than she thinks.



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