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Chapter Five: Da Master? Teacher? (2)

February 26, 2012

“These people are not from noble family, but still have the full soul force, that is related to mutant martial soul, but based on all my research on the mutant martial soul, none of these happened with the blue silver grass. Yours is also the most common blue silver grass. So I am sure that my judgement is right.”

“Mutant martial soul, what is that?” Tang San asked.

Da Master explained with patience, “First, we need to talk about how the martial soul is inherited. A person’s martial soul, majorly inherited from one of his parents, that is inherited by family. Some exceptions, so called mutant martial soul, is because the parent martial soul has a bit mutant component in it, and when inherited, become mutated, most of the mutated martial soul will be come very weak, but there would be few that becomes exceptionally strong, and comes with full soul force. It is like the result of marrying relatives, most of the children will be retards, but occasionally a witted one will occur.”

Tang San nodded, and then stepped back suddenly, and knelt down, knocked his head on the ground for three times.

Now Da Master is shocked, “What are you doing?”

“Teacher, please accept me to be your student. ” Tang San said it very seriously.

Da Master laughed, with satisfactory, “what are you doing, that is the ritual for meeting with emperors and parents, bowing is enough for teachers.”

“One day as teacher, one life as father, you deserve this.” That was different from Tang San’s prelife, but he did not feel he is doing it over.

Tang Clan was very strict with rituals, with that education, Tang San was strict with himself as well.

Da Master nodded, “good, good, one day as teacher, one life as father, I did not pick you wrong”, although these two just met, but details always tell, and he already had a good feeling about this kid.

“Let us go, I will take you to the office to register.” Da Master held Tang San’s hand again, his hand a bit sweat because of the excitement.

Notting School for Beginners is not as big as seen from outside, just few parts, the teaching building, the dining hall and the dorms.

Although for beginners, the school is strict with students, even living right next to the school, the students are required to live in the school to be managed.

The office is on the first floor, a older teacher in his sixties is busy working, with two youth helping him.

Da Master put the certification on the desk, and said, “Mr. Su, this is the king sponsored kid from saint soul village this year, please help him to register.”

Mr Su greeted with full of smile, “Da Master, you are a rare guest, please help yourself and sit down and we can have a good chat”

Da Master shook his head and  turned to Tang San, “You can finish the register here yourself, with their help, I will find you later.”

Tang San nodded, “Goodbye, Teacher”.

Da Master mussed his hair up again and left happily.

“How come you call him Teacher, he is not a teacher in the school”, Mr Su asked.

“He is my teacher.” Tang San answered.

“You chose Da Master to be your teacher?” Mr Su’s face looked funny, it was a expression that he wanted to laugh but tried not to.

Tang San was surprised, “Is there anything wrong? Teacher.”

“No, no, but you are also the student in the school, you still need to obey the rules here.”

The two younger teachers next to Mr Su was not as kind, one of them picked the certificate up, “Tang San, right, as a teacher in the school, I should remind you that, you should not pick your teacher so carelessly, one soul master can only one teacher in his life, regardless he graduates from school or not. You think Da Master is a good match for you? Wow, full soul force, it is pity it is blue silver grass.”

All the people in the room raised their eyes and gasped when heard about the full soul force, but sighed when heard the blue silver grass.

“Why not a good match?” Tang San was surprised.

Mr Su stared at that lad, and said,”His temper is weird, but you have blue silver grass, so it probably does not matter. Da Master’s martial sou, in some sense, is ‘unbeatable’ ok here is your stuff, free given by the school. You are going to live in the seventh floor of the doom. You can go now. Teacher there will let you know what to do as a king sponsored student. ”

The clothes are standard uniform of the school, white and clean. As Tang San walked out of the room, he heard conversation of the young teachers from the room.


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