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Chapter Five: Da master? Teacher?(3)

February 27, 2012

“Da master is really unbeatable, but it is only in theory, but his theory has no practical use so far. I still remember he has a theory called whatever ten martial soul competition forces theory right? That is just laughable.”

“Enough, Da Master is our president’s friend. You should not just judge as you wish. Although his theory is not proved to be right, it is not proved wrong either. In the community of martial soul, Da Master is very famous.” Mr. Su stopped him.

“I think you are wrong, mister, he is very famous clown, right? everybody thinks he is a big joke.”

Hearing the conversation, Tang San only stopped for a second and continued to walk, with a smirk on his face, of course not to his new teacher, but to the three stuffs in the office.

See him through that he has double souls only from a certificate and deduce his other martial soul very strong, can someone like this be a joke?

Theoretical unbeatable? The thing he needed was theory. The strength of the teacher can not pass on, only knowledge. It was funny that these guys were also teacher of the school, still did not know these.

There is only one dorm. Teachers and students all live there. As old Jack kept saying, very few people became soul master, especially in the small Notting city on the boundary, one dorm is enough for everybody to live in.

There are only seven dorms for the students. Since students in the beginner’s school are young, so everybody in the same grade lives in the same room, easy to manage. Every grade has about forty students.

The three bottom floor are where the rooms are, every room has a teacher in charge of it. The seventh room is special, and it is the worst. It is for these king sponsored students to live. The school is not charity, the tuition can be exempted, but the condition will be worth than normal students.

The Seventh also has students of all ages, regardless of the grade, all king sponsored students live here.

As soon as he was close to the Seventh, he heard noise inside it, he walked close, and looked inside.

The room is huge, about three hundred square meters, fifty beds, only one has bedding, there are seven or eight kids between eight and twelve, quarreling.

Tang San nodded on the door, the kids turned back and looked at him, a big guy walked towards him.

The kid is two heads taller than Tang San, can be called strong for his age, he looked down on Tang San, asked, “you are the new king sponsored student?”

“I am, from saint soul village”, Tang San smiled nicely and answered.

“I am Wang Sheng, fighting tiger is my martial soul, I will be come a fighting soul master, what is your name? your martial soul? ”

“Tang San, blue silver grass”

“Since when blue silver grass can be trained?” Wang Sheng gave a look with great surprise, all the kids started laughing really hard, everybody looked at as if he was a retard.

“Excuse me.” Tang San was still smiling.

“Xiao San, I am the boss here, you have to listen to me now.”

“My name is Tang San, not Xiao San”. Older people called him that to show kindness, but this guy apparently tried to show his superior position. Tang San was not happy any more.

Wang Sheng lifted his hand and patted on Tang San’s shoulder, “I will call you Xiao San, what can you do about me?”

Tang San laughed, and shook his head, he put his uniform on the bed, and then he disappeared, in front of Wang Sheng.

The rest of kids can see, Tang San took a very quick step, and was behind Wang Sheng, he used his elbow to knocked on his waist, and used his right foot to trap his. Wang Sheng was thrown out of the place, because he was good with his legs, or else his mouth would be biting the floor now.

“You dare to hit me”, Wang Sheng was enraged and jumped to Tang San like a tiger coming from the mountain.

Tang San just wished he would not have too much trouble in the future school life, and knew he had to teach this “boss” a lesson, like killing a chicken in front of the monkeys.

With Wang Sheng leaping towards him, with fist into his chest, Tang San did not escape, instead he stepped up, right in front of Wang Sheng, with his left hand to lead, and right hand to pull, he finished a very simple move.

Wang Sheng felt his fist was sucked by some force, and changed the direction, and again Tang San trapped his foot using his foot, this time, the balance is not that easy to master, with his own force and Tang San’s force as well, he flew out and knocked himself onto a bed.



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