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The Wandering Girl and Policemen

February 27, 2012

As the stereotype pointed out, the Asian women are among the worst drivers, it was not rare for me to be stopped by policemen and get nice reminders, including turning on light in the night, or renew my annual inspection, or scoop more snow off my car, and the list can go on and on.

But even as a pedestrian, my encountered with policemen has been more than normal

Right after moved to America, there was new student welcoming event organized by the graduate school, first time in my life, I went to a bar(there were not many bars in china, and going there was considered not good for a girl) and stayed past midnight, (other people were still thinking about hopping to another bar, but for somebody like me who felt the conversation, signal was completely overwhelmed by the noise, was not really enjoying it. Most of my communication was conducted through pen and paper, (yes, we were a bunch of nerdy scientists that had pen and paper on us in a bar..), or just hands waving and feet kicking. So I left, alone. The gentlemen asked if I could find my home, but  after seeing I pulled out a folded map, they went back drinking. I guess I was in a really small, safe town, that nobody would be worried I would get hurt or something. (In China, first my parents will scold at me if I went out that late, second they will scold at guys if they did not escort me back.) This is one time that I wished women and men were not equal, knights always bring the true highborn lady home, right? Ok, that is enough for background, the policemen were waiting anxiously for their turn to make an appearance.

So I was walking up the hill, staring at the map in my hand, peacefully, nobody in the street, they were either at home or still in the bar, then a police car passed by me and the police officer stopped me

“Are you lost?”

“No, I have a map,” and then I waved the map at him.

“You should walk in a better pose, now you look like a victim that invites criminals.”, then he turned up his window and drove away!

Me, continue wearing my victim costume, and reading my map, walked home.

I am still wondering, why did he think I look like a victim?

There is another story about the wandering girl and policemen in a different country, but I guess I will save it for the next time.

  1. I am happy to see that here are still women around who value their culture. Of course some habits are hard to break. Please do not become too Americanized. It could currupt you. Then again, it’s really none of my business

    • dont worry, it is not that easy to grow out of a culture that easily:P

      • I’m happy to hear that. By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog at, Humerous Interludes. Good luck to you.

  2. You looked like a victim because you walked head down, looking at a map (attacker’s conclusion: lost, alone, no one will help you). Would-be attackers always go for an easy target – a woman striding along, head up, even if she is alone, is less likely to be surprised and more likely to fight back. Not worth their trouble.

    I’m glad you got home okay, but you need to be more careful in future.

  3. Thanks for the explanation and advice.

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