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Chapter Five: Da Master? Teacher?(4)

February 29, 2012

Maybe the first time it was a coincidence, but twice in a role Wang Sheng was thrown out, it might not be. The other children looked at Tang San differently from before.

A “roar” that did not match his age at all came out of Wang Sheng’s throat, he jumped out of the bed, his body had a shimmering yellow light around it, he jumped onto Tang San again, both speed and strength much more impressive than the previous time.

He used his strength from his martial soul, Tang San thought, but that would not matter.

Looking at the two hands of Wang Sheng coming at his shoulder, Tang San lifted his hands, met with the other boys.  Two feet pointing inwardly, and two knees bent, he chose a standard squat for this situation.

If the previous was trick, this was match up between strength and strength. Two pairs of hands of quite different size held against each other.

Wang Sheng was apparently enraged by Tang San, he used his martial soul, the fighting tiger’s strength, also that would not hurt Tang San, but at least he could put Xiao Tang San down on the ground to get back some face he just lost.

Tiger claws strength, out. Wang Sheng believe, as he was top five in the class, it should be a piece of cake to get this little kid down.


Tang San is small, and thin, but waving the forging hammer thousands of times per day, how could he be weak in strength?

As Wang Sheng started his strength, he felt the small hands in his hands like steel, within a blink, he was lost. Tang San used his thumbs to push up and Wang Sheng felt numb in his hands.

Tang San leaped backward, Wang Sheng with him.

Wang Sheng jumped from above, and going with Tang San made him lost his balance, he knew it was bad and he saw Tang San’s knee towards his nose.

The knee was going for his nose, not even counting Tang San’s strength, just the way he was falling towards it, he would not get to keep his nose. At that instant, he began to regret.

Before hurting his foe too much, Tang San loosed his hands,  and he opened up his leg, changed to kick in the chest.

It was a bouncing kick, although Tang San was more or less trying to send him away, it was still a big force.

All the kids in the room watched together Wang Sheng did a very challenged backflip without control and landed with four limbs on the ground.

Tang Clan was famous for the assassin weapon, but it was not bad in catching their opponents, it was just that the shining circle from the assassin weapon was too bright that it hid the way they defeated people in the light.

This time, Wang Sheng was really hurt when knocking into the ground, he struggled for some time before he stood up, and looked at Tang San with surprise and fear. He was only twelve, facing opponent much stronger than him, fear is enough to control his temper.

Tang San picked up his uniform, “now, can you excuse me”

Seeing Tang San walking towards him, unconsciously, Wang Sheng stepped aside. Tang San stepped aside to find a bed next to the door and put his uniform on it.

“Xiao, no, Tang San, did you just use your soul skill?” Wang Sheng asked.

“Soul skill? What is soul skill?”

Wang Sheng scratched his head, “It is the skill used with your martial soul. But, your martial soul is really blue silver grass?”

Lifting his right hand up, tiny blue light coming out of his palm, Tang San showed the whole room that he was not a liar.

Heard the word soul skill, although the kids were afraid, they all surrounded him now, “is it really soul skill? It must be a really good one, You won Wang Sheng with it.”

Tang Sang shook his head, “It was not soul skill, just a way to fight. Are there no bedding here?”

A kid not much older than him looked sad upon hearing that, “we are all king sponsored kids, we dont even pay tuition, where do we get bedding? I have one from home, you can use it if you want. ”

“No, thanks, I will find some other way.” Tang San waved his hand.

“Why did you switch your mind at last?” Wang Sheng asked, Tang San kicked him instead of using his knee to knock his nose was trying to save him from harsher injury. Wang Sheng knew that at least from five years of learning in the school.

Tang San said it plainly, “We are classmates, not rivals.”

Wang Sheng showed a complicated expression, “I am sorry about what just happened, every king sponsored student had to face this, we were already looked down upon by the other students, we just wanted everybody new here would cooperate with us. ”

“That is why you need to scare me at first?” Tang San smiled.

Wang Sheng also smiled,”it is you who scared me, by the way, you are really strong, you are only six, right?”

Tang San nodded.





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