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The Wandering Girl and the Policemen. (Again?)

February 29, 2012

A different county, two different policemen, same girl, still wandering! What is going on?

My first adviser escaped from me to his home country for his family and his own good. It sucked, of course.

On the other hand, I was really not into the two-loop calculations thing we were doing (sorry, that was some jargon, just imagining me writing a long program and have to match a five significant digit number to his, and was humiliated by the fact his program ran five times faster).

Bonus: I got to go to Germany twice to visit him to continue our calculation, whatever, the point was I got to go to Germany, for free!

It was a very beautiful country, of course, but that would be a different story. Before I got the chance to see its beauty, I needed to work hard and cash out my check to feed myself first. So I was holding a map, (mm… that sounds familiar), and trying to find this bank. (I was also warned that the cashier would not know English…).

I needed to walk across a road outside campus which was easy to find, since it was on my way home,  and then walk along it after crossing it until first turn on the right, then blah, blah, except, I did not find a right turn.

I was walking, walking, and walking, gradually, I felt the houses become fewer, and there were no more people around me any more(well… it was not in China, so there were not that many people before, so I did not catch on it), and the cars began to rush pass me, I felt the place I was walking on began to look strange even to as an inexperienced walker as me…

Dang dang dang… ( It is a sound effect in Chinese meaning important character will show up)

A police car stopped by me(What a surprise!) They soon realized I did not know any German,

and asked in English,”Why are you walking on the freeway?”

Ah, now all these confusion I had before all made sense, I immediately pulled out of my victim costume “Uh, I am looking for this bank, I was supposed to turn right at some point, but I still can not find a right turn, and I kept walking, and now I am here… ”

I have to say that German policemen are much nicer, instead of just pointing out my stupidity, they actually drove me to the bank I was looking for. First time in a police car, feeling really cool.

Afterwards I told my adviser about this, and he shared with his friends, and when the time for me to go back to the States came,

my adviser asked, “Are you sure you are able to find the airport?”

before I could answer, he answered himself, “No worries, just drag your luggage to the freeway, I am sure the policeman will take you there. It is cheaper also. “

  1. I love that last bit of advice 🙂

  2. Life is sometimes complicated… Luckily you were in Germany …. I can imagine in the same situation in Nigeria …. 🙂

  3. hum.. what would happen in Nigeria? Would you blog about it?

  4. pharphelonus permalink

    Funny stuff!

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