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Chapter Six: My Name is Little Dancer (1)

March 1, 2012

Wang Sheng dragged one student behind, not shy at all, sit in front of Tang San, “Now you won me, you will become the boss of the Seven Room.”

Tang San only shook his hands, “I am coming to study. ”

Wang Sheng looked very serious, “This is the rule here, you think being the boss is easy job? I am not being modest, look at here, “, he pulled up his sleeves.

Tang San was surprised to find seven, or maybe eight bruises on his arms.

Wang Shang smiled very bitterly, “It is what I got yesterday, in this school, we are from the peasants’ family, the rich people are always mean to us, as a boss, I have to stand up for the bros we have here. I am happy to give the responsibility to you.”

All the kids nodded, and looked at Tang San with hope.

Justice is required for being a knight, to protect the weak, as educated so well in Tang Clan, Tang San would not refuse any more after hearing this, “Ok, I will not sit and watch our Seven Room’s buddies suffer.”

Just at this time, a crispy voice came from outside the door, “Is this Room Seven?”

Everybody turned and looked outside, and then they could not move their eyes away any more.

There was a very beautiful little girl outside, looks the same age as Tang San, same height, her cute face was pink and soft, like a peach that was just ripe, make people want to take a bite. Although her clothes look plain, but are very neat.

Black hair in a scorpion braid reaches all the way to her butt, big eyes, with curiosity, she also holds a new set of school uniform in her hand.

All the kids in the room had been guys, suddenly such a beautiful girl shows up in the room, everybody was extremely surprised.

Tang San could not help but asked Wang Sheng, “The rooms here had both boys and girls.  ”

Wang Sheng nodded, and whispered, “we are all just kids, all the Rooms here do not distinguish between sex. I heard we would be only separated in the Intermediate School. It is strange: last year there was no king sponsored student at all, this year there are two, now you are the both, go to be bully to her.”

“Uh, I dont think it is necessary, ” Tang San did not know that there was already difficulty the instant he became the boss of Seven Room, ask him to be mean to a girl, he is not good at that.

The girl at the door blinked her big eyes and realized nobody talked to her, and looked at the label on the door with Room Seven on it, smiled sweetly, “Hi, everybody, my name is Little Dancer.”

Wang Sheng was poking Tang San’s back, “you cant break the rule here.”

Frustrated, Tang San stood up and walked to the girl, “Hello, I am Tang San, I am …”, he could not say the word “boss”, and then he thought of something, “I am the leader of this Room, You can just call my name, what is your martial soul?”

Little Dancer blinked her eyes again, smiled, “my martial soul is bunny, the white and cute kind. what about you?” When she smiled, her dimples would show, unspeakable stunning.

Tang San said, “oh, your martial soul just own mine, I am your food, blue silver grass. ” never had experience with girls, only focused on his assassin weapons, he was a little nervous.

Little Dancer laughed, “You are funny, you are not letting me in?”

“Uh, there is a rule in this room, all the newcomers have to show their strength, so I want to practice with you.”

Tang San talked to himself, it was just practice, not bullying, I would be careful and not hurt her, and keep the tradition of the Room.

Little Dancer looked at Tang San strangely, “are you sure?”

Tang San nodded, “Yes”

Little Dancer put down her uniform, and looked very excited, “Great, come on, let’s do it!”

Without waiting for Tang San, she already bent her knee and kicked at Tang San’s chin, the strength is not that big, but the speed is really fast, which took Tang San by surprise.

shifted to left, and avoided the feet that was coming, he used his right hand to grasp her right ankle, and he took a step forward, and leaned shoulder to her chest, a stance known as iron mountain leaning. Traditionally, if Little Dancer with single leg supporting got leaned by Tang San, she would definitely fly out.

Of course, Tang San was certain as soon as Little Dancer lost her balance, with his speed, he will be able to pull her back, and he did not put that much strength in it either, as long as he won the practice, that would be good enough.

Everybody is watching Tang San and Little Dancer, Wang Sheng’s eyes shone as he watched Tang San and tried to remember his move. His move was simple, but effective.

But nothing was continuing according to Tang San’s script.

As soon as Tang San’s hand touched Little Dancer’s ankle, it slipped, the one that supposed not to miss. Immediately after that, Little Dancer’s leg, now lose its target, swinging back, landed on Tang San’s shoulder, facing the right shoulder Tang San was knocking towards her, she used both her hands to push it away, and using the foot on Tang San’s shoulder as pivot, she lifted the other leg and landed on Tang San’s other shoulder.

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