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Chapter Six: My Name is Little Dancer (2)

March 2, 2012

What was happening now was very strange, Little Dancer’s two legs were entangling Tang San’s neck, as Tang San was leaning forward, she bent back, with two palms on the ground, soft legs, like springs, trying to toss Tang San out.

She was wearing pants, or else..

Tang San has never fought with a girl,  he could have some reaction when Little Dancer’s first leg touched his neck, but with her leg lifted, her pants were up a bit, so her leg were in the air, the slippery feeling on his neck touched his emotion, so he was slower a bit.

When the Little Dancer supported her hands on the floor and started the force, Tang San found it too late to take it the hard way, anyhow, the neck is the most fragile part of the body, and he was only a kid, if he persisted, he might hurt his head, the only thing he could do is to fly out with Little Dancer.

He found out the way Little Dancer started her force from her legs was similar to the way his father taught him to swing the forge hammer.

He dropped on the ground, facing the sky. Little Dancer did not have much strength, and he had his Qi to protect him, of course he was not hurt.

Throwing Tang San out, Little Dancer was standing there dexterously already, looking at him, maybe laughing, or maybe not.

He climbed up, not like Wang Sheng, he knew he lost, not paying attention was not a good reason. When Little Dancer threw him out, he knew she was already reducing her damage, or else, legs around neck would not be as simple as just to throw somebody out.

It was the first time Tang San encountered this kind of skill. As far as he remembered, in his preworld, there was no such way in the martial art. But it also seemed to be very dangerous to use, if he reacted a bit faster, at that short distance, it did not seem to be hard to attack Little Dancer.

“I lost, can you tell me what skill you just used?” Tang San was a little bit red in the face, he was probably the shortest Seven Room boss.

Little Dancer answered with a big grin, “This is called the soft skill, making use of the soft and elastics of the body”

All the watchers were completely shocked, especially Wang Sheng, he thought it was impossible when he was beaten by Tang San, now that Tang San was defeated with one hit by this little girl. How come this year’s king sponsored kids were all this strong.

Tang San was not very keen to the idea of being the boss anyway, so he told Little Dancer, “According to the rule of the Room, now that you defeated me, you are the boss of Seven Room.”

“Boss, cool”, Little Dancer seemed to be very excited, “It seemed that being a student here was not boring after all.”

Little Dancer chose the bed next to Tang San and put down her traveling stuff and the uniform.

“nuh, you guys, who is going to tell me about our school” She looked around at the silent room.

Everybody was still in the shock, Little Dancer threw Tang San out very quickly, they were still a bit of afraid of her.

So still Wang Sheng stepped up, “Us king sponsored student, actually in charge of cleaning the school up. The teacher in charge of us will arrange that. There are six grades in the school, one class each, you two are the first, everybody else are at least the third, I am going to be the sixth. Everyday in the morning we go to class and in the afternoon is for self-practice. There are two classes in the morning, one to learn normal stuff, the other one to learn martial soul, in the afternoon most of us have some work, to earn food to eat. ”

Wang Sheng introduced everybody a bit. He was the most talented, not only he was born with more soul force, also the martial soul was tiger, the king of the animals, now he already had level nine martial soul, just one more he would be able to kill a soul monster to get a soul ring, and become a soul master.

“How much martial soul do you have? I feel you seem to have a lot of strength.” Little Dancer turned to Tang San.

“Oh, I was born with full soul force. So I am stronger.” There is nothing to hide, and he had the wasted martial soul, the blue silver grass.

“Full soul force?” all the kids yelled.

Wang Sheng felt better about losing now,under the condition that nobody had a soul ring, soul force was deterministic, he was sure he could beat Tang San when he got a soul ring, with his tiger soul, much better than the blue silver grass.

Little Dancer blinked her eyes and murmured something.

At this point, a teacher in her thirties walked in, “Did the king sponsored student come?”

Tang San and Little Dancer stood up from their bed, the teacher had light green hair, and had bedding  in her arms, “who is Tang San?”

Tang San immediately stepped up.

“I am Mo Hen, you can call me Teacher Mo, this is the bedding for you from Da Master.”

He took the bedding in his arms, it smelled fresh and there was a pillow as well. His teacher was very thoughtful for him.

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