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Chapter Six: My Name is Little Dancer(3)

March 3, 2012

Mo Hen said, “Tang San, you and little Dancer are the first year king sponsored students, you will be in charge of cleaning up the garden in the south in the playground, every day you will be paid ten bronze coins, remember to clean it every day, especially you need to take care of the litter, please work hard on this, if the school caught you not doing things right, we can expel you, understand?”

“Tomorrow is the welcoming ceremony. The next day the classes started. The first grade have classes on the first floor. Go to classes punctually, and you start working the day after tomorrow as well, I will check every once a while, Wang Sheng, you are the oldest, tell them the rules. ”

Tang San held the bedding in his arms and felt so warm thinking of his teacher.

“Bedding? This seems to be a problem.” Little Dancer stared at Tang San’s bedding, look embarrassed.

The king sponsored students are all from poor family, also know things better than the rich kids. some of the kids immediately said, “boss,you can use my quilt, I can use sheet for both purpose”, some others said, “boss, you can use my sheets, I will use my quilt for both purpose. ”

Little Dancer took a look at the offered beddings, they were not that dirty, but all broken somewhat, “stop calling me boss all the time, I felt old already”

“That is the rule though” Wang Sheng said.

“I am the boss, of course my words are rules, you can just call me Big Sister Little Dancer ” as saying that, she was staring at Tang San’s beddings,”Tang San, we need to talk”

Tang San was shocked but immediately understood, she must want the beddings, he was not a meaner, but the beddings are given by his teacher, and Little Dancer is a girl.

“What are we going to talk about?”

“Look, your beddings are huge, we can move our beds together, then we both get to use it.”

“Ah?” Tang San looked at Little Dancer, he was thirty in his prelife, although they were only six, but sleeping together was…”Girls and guys should not touch each other, this is not good”

“Ah? what is not good? I am a girl I am not afraid, what are you afraid of, me raping you?”

“Uh” Although girls grew up earlier than boys, but this one was only six.

Everybody was just watching, somebody envied, somebody smirking, but nobody said anything.

Tang San could not say anything and also just stood there.

“Why are you still not moving? Don’t you have a lot of strength, come over and push the bed.”

Tang San pushed his bed to Little Dancer’s. The bedding is for adults, although cant cover two beds, but seventy percent at least.

Little Dancer put her bag in the middle of the bed, “put yours here as well, now this is the separation line, if you crossed over, you would be beaten.”

Then Tang San seemed to relaxed and put his bag in the middle as well. A simple double bed is made, with separation line.

Wang Sheng said, “Time for lunch, Big Sister Little Dancer, Tang San, let’s go”

“Food? Where? Are there anything tasty?” Little Dancer was excited.

“Tasty? not for us, we just bought something random from the dining hall.” Wang Sheng said.

Tang San shook his head, “You go ahead, I will stay here.” All the money was spent by his father on alcohol, he made some buns and took them here, they should be enough for today, then he could make money cleaning.

Looking at Tang San’s multi-repaired clothes, Wang Sheng understood something and turned to Little Dancer.

“Do we have to use money for food? That coin thing she mentioned?”

Wang Sheng almost wanted to swear if not because she was really a good fighter. Of course food needs money to buy, there is no free lunch anywhere, but now he knew that their new boss probably did not have money either.

Wang Sheng said it generously, “Ok, let’s go together, we would be living together for a long time, I will treat you these two days, and when you had money, just treat me back. ”

With a little bit hesitation, Tang San went with them, Wang Sheng’s temper made him feel like friends. Little Dancer was excited of course, and smiled at Wang Sheng for a long time, but Wang Sheng hid away from her. When she threw Tang San out, she was also smiling, who knew if she would be so excited and took him down as well.

Including the two new people, eleven kids walked to the dining hall together, on the other side of the playground.

The dining hall was big, and could hold all the three hundred people to eat. There was line already in front of the food. Just first floor there were three hundred seats.




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