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Chapter Six: My Name is Little Dancer(4)

March 5, 2012

“Aren’t those the poor guys with Wang Sheng?” As soon as they entered the dining hall, an annoying voice came from somebody.

Tang San turned towards the sound, and found a group of higher grades students standing on the floor between first floor and second floor, looking down upon them.

The one who was talking was a guy about eleven or twelve year old, handsome, shaking his finger towards Wang Sheng, “poor guy is poor guy, probably never be able to eat upstairs.”

On the way to the dining hall, Wang Sheng already told Little Dancer that as the boss, she had to protect the king sponsored students. Now that somebody is looking for trouble, she felt angry, and yelled, “Who do you think you are? Is eating on second floor so great?”

Another kid whispered in Little Dancer’s ears, “second floor is where you can order for dishes, we indeed can not afford that.”

Little Dancer was short, before was behind other students, now that she walked out, seen by everybody, the guy who was talking felt his eyes shining, “What a beauty, such a pity to be in the king sponsored group, Wang Sheng , i am going to eat now, it is your lucky day today.”

After that, the group went upstairs.

Little Dancer was about to catch up, but Tang San dragged her sleeves, “It is ok, we are coming to eat. ”

Little Dancer looked at Tang San with disgust in her eyes, “What are you so afraid of?”

Tang San did not explain and walked to the end of the queue to get food.

Tang Clan’s rule: do not go for trouble actively, but if others offends, should be beaten hard, like the lightening.

From the adult’s eyes, these students are just kids, for a guy like Tang San who traveled through spacetime here, he did not have to mood to fight with kids.

But Wang Sheng liked Little Dancer’s character better.

Just then, Tang San saw somebody he knew and walked up immediately, “Teacher, you came to eat dinner as well.”

It was of course Da Master, who nodded to him, “Did you put everything away?”

Tang San said respectfully, “Thank you for your bedding. ”

Da Master patted his shoulder, “Come and eat with me, then you can come to my house to visit. ”

Tang San shook his head, “No, thanks, teacher, I will just eat with my roommates. ” He was never somebody who wanted to be special.

Da Master did not insist, “That is also good, you are right, go to eat and wait for me outside the dining hall’s door after you are done” and then he walked upstairs.

Not knowing why, Tang San felt Da Master and his father were similar, although his father did not talk, but Da Master talked a lot, but they shared same property. Even if when Da Master was silent, he still gave an impression of being serious.

Wang Sheng walked to Tang San, “You know Da Master?”

“Yes, he is my teacher.”

Wang Sheng looked weird and said, “It is unbelievable, you chose Da Master as your teacher? He is not very strong. He is just a guest here, and it is because he is the president’s friend. In bad words, he is just eating here for free. He is already fifty and still has not passed the barrier to becomes a Da Soul Master, only level twenty-nine soul force, and it is said he will never be able to pass that. ”

Tang San looked up and looked at Wang Sheng seriously, “If you do not want to practice again with me, this will be your last time to talk about my teacher. this is your first time, and i hope it will be last as well. I think, i do not need you to treat me this dinner any more.” After that, he turned and walked out of the dining hall.

Wang Sheng did not know that was how he would react, and just stood there, the other kids also did not know what happened.

One day teacher, all life father. Tang San did not just say that, once he chose Da Master as his teacher, he respected him from the heart. If it was not Wang Sheng who gave him a good impression, he would probably already beat him up.

Wang Sheng was kind of angry, “He probably had something wrong with him.”

Little Dancer saw Tang San leaving, and found his thin body looked stronger just now.

Tang San went back to eat his buns with water, and came back to the dining hall, but he did not walk in, just stood outside, people coming in and out of the dining hall looked at him strangely, but he just looked down on his toes, did not look at other people at all.

Another hour has passed, Da Master walked out of the dining room, with a middle aged guy with him.

Middle aged guy was wearing a long robe, looked more handsome than Da Master, with a kind smile on his face.

“Let us go, Xiao San”, Da Master greeted Tang San.

“This is your new student?”The middle aged guy smiled.

Da Master nodded.

The guy patted on Da Master’s shoulder, “I hope you succeed.” and then looked at Tang San for a while and then left.

Da Master’s room was on top of the dorm, it was only thirty square meters, and was neat, not special at all. But the books on the bookshelves on both sides of the walls really attracted Tang San’s eyes.





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