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Chapter Six: My name is Little Dancer (5)

March 8, 2012

Da Master reached in his chest and took a paper bag out, and gave to Tang San. “Eat this, you are at the time to develop your body, it will not do if you do not have enough nutrition.”

Tang San opened the bag and found two chicken legs and a bun in it, they are still warm.


“Ok, Hurry up and eat it, I have something to talk to you after you are done, do not waste the time when you are young. ” Da Master looked bland and calm.

Whatever he took from home was not that much and he had a big stomach, so he finished the food very fast.

Da master gave him a glass of water, and sat behind the desk.

“Your name is Tang San, now six year old, born with double martial soul, full soul force, so what is your other martial soul? show it to me. ”

Da Master already knew he had double soul, so there was nothing to hide anymore. He opened his left hand, black light coming out of his hand, forming the not so big hammer.

Because he practiced a lot before he came to school, he improved a lot in strength, now he can barely hold the hammer and do not feel burdened any more.

Da Master stood up from the chair once he saw the hammer. He stared at it without blinking,  very excitedly, “Tang San, Tang San, your family name is Tang, Good, Good..Ok, you can put away your martial soul, and do not show it to other people any more without my permission, besides, do not add soul ring to it, ever”

Tang San looked at his teacher surprised, “My father also said so, why cant  I add soul ring to this martial soul? ”

Da Master became calm again, “What does your father do?”

“He is the blacksmith in the village” Tang San answered.

“Blacksmith?”Da Master sighed with a very weird look, and then shook his head. “Hammer, blacksmith, that is a match. “”It is not time to tell you, but just remember do not add soul ring to this martial soul, it is for your future good. ”

Father said so, now teacher also said so, Tang San trusted Da Master even more now, “I will remember.”

Da Master said, “Tomorrow there is a ceremony, and the day after the school starts, but that is a waste of time for you. The most important thing is to make your martial soul practicable. I thought about it for a while after taking you as a student. Tomorrow you should skip the school, I will take you to the wilds to get a soul ring for your martial soul, so you will become a soul master, what do you think?”

Tang San was very happy after hearing this. Only after getting soul ring would he know whether his Qi not advancing has anything to do with the soul ring. Da Master’s plan agreed with his heart so well. He immediately said, “Yes.”

Da Master said, “I will explain to the school for you, do not worry about that. On the way back, I will teach you about martial soul. So what do you think of your other martial soul, the blue silver grass?”

Tang San answered, “Everybody said it was a wasted soul, but I believe everything exists for a reason, it should have its own property, even the most common blue silver grass should be so as well.  ”

Da Master nodded with satisfaction, “Every martial soul would have its specialty, you are right. Out of all the martial souls I studied, low level one are a big portion of them. I always hold the opinion that there is no wasted soul, only wasted person. Tomorrow I am taking you to find a soul ring, now it is your time to decide which direction is your martial soul going to develop into.”

“Direction? What does that mean?”

Da master said, “I have to start with the category of the martial soul. There are only two kinds, monster martial soul or tool martial soul, the plants are also a kind of tool. The biggest difference is how the martial soul would appear.”

“When used, if it is monster martial soul, then the strength of the monster will be appended to the soul master. Depending on the combination of the person and the monster, and attack as if they were one. But tool martial soul is very different, all tools are used leaving the body, so the supporting function is more important. For example if your martial soul is wheat, then other people can eat it, and because it is formed from soul force, it has better effect. ”

Tang San was surprised, “Can martial soul be eated?’

Da Master said affirmatively, “Of course, all food type martial soul is edible, high level food type soul master is always highly needed in the army, a food type soul master over level thirty can support one hundred soldiers per day. save the cost of the army”

“I still do not understand.”

Da master explained again, “It is simple. All food for some living thing is a type of energy supply. Soul force is also a type of energy. When soul force transforms into a type of energy that people can absorb, then it is not different from the normal food we eat every day: they are both energy that we can use. ”

“So all tool martial soul would be of some help?”

“Not absolutely, for example, if your martial soul is a sword, then you can also become an attacker, the so called god-tool, is actually the person who trained their tool martial soul to the summit level, then it can be called the god-tool. Although there is a difference between monster soul and tool soul, there are still many different directions the training of martial soul can go, like food type, scout type, fighting type, heating type, control type. It is very important to decide which direction your training is going. The most important part is that you should go in the same direction all the time in the future. ”



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