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Chapter Seven: Little Dancer, You Still Want More? (1)

March 10, 2012

“That is, when you obtain your next soul ring , you should choose similar type, not necessary the same, but the direction should be consistent, so there is no conflict between your different soul ring such that will reduce your strength instead. ”

After saying that, Da master gave  a cold smile, “everybody says blue silver grass is wasted soul, but in my opinion, it has a lot of good properties. It is a pity it always comes with very little soul force, or else it could become fight martial soul even. ”

Tang San nodded, “Since you are the Da Master researching on blue silver grass, please teach me what I should do. ”

Da Master did not try to be modest, after all, Tang San was nothing but a kid in his eyes, asking him was just a gesture. Talking about martial soul apparently made him excited, he continued his theory, “According to my research, I suggested you to go for the control type. Control typed soul master, can be said to be fight soul master, or can be said to be help master, it is between the two kinds.”

“Control type? what do they do?”

Da Master said, “The control typed soul master, uses his/her ability to limit the enemy, and help the teammates to attack or attack him/herself, for example, take your blue silver grass, although it is weak and small, but not without advantages at all.”

“What advantage does blue silver grass have?” Tang San asked with surprise. He did some observation of this grass, but besides it lives everywhere, he found nothing else interesting.

Da master lifted a finger: “First, the blue silver grass does not cost much soul force to use, even less than the food typed martial soul, which means you can use it a lot with massive soul force. ”

Tang San nodded, Da Master was right, the amount of soul force it cost to release the martial soul is negligibly small, only growing it to ten meters will make Tang San feel something.

Da Master lifted a second finger, “Second, the blue silver grass is very illusive compared to other martial soul. Common soul monster would not even notice if you release it right in front of them. ”

A third finger, “Third, since blue silver grass is so low level, it can develop into lots of directions, because it is weak, it would not refuse any soul ring?”

Tang San was confused, “Soul ring will be refused by the martial soul?”

“Of course, if the martial soul and the soul ring’s property is against each other, and when you force the property onto the soul ring, the martial soul will refuse. For example, the monster soul seldom has property of poison. Because the monster is a type of living things, before it can be poisonous and poison other people, it gets poisoned first, it is very rare that the monster soul could observe the poison and did not pass it on to the person who used them. But blue silver grass is different, it is a plant, it can absorb poison.  ”

“Fourth, for you, you have an additional advantage, being born with the full soul force, on our land of warlock there has not been a strong blue silver grass soul master yet, it is because the blue silver grass is always born with so little soul force. The speed of your practice afterwards is proportional to how much soul force you are born with. The blue silver grass soul masters grow so slow that it is hard for them to defeat the soul monsters to get soul ring, but you do not have this problem. No matter where your soul force comes from, the grass or the hammer, you can still use it on your grass. Practice your blue silver grass, it is not a disadvantage to you  at all. ”

Tang San admired his teacher in his heart. The very common blue silver grass still has so much use in his view, it can be seen how much he has achieved in the research of martial soul. The people who thought he was just a theoretical freak were really funny. They know nothing.

Da Master became very excited, “According to my research, it is best for blue silver grass to go the control direction. Grass is soft, and can change into different status, for example, it can be a rope, to tie up the enemy”

“But blue silver grass is crispy and weak, with some struggles it will break, how can it tie up an enemy?”

Da Master said, “That is where the direction comes in. If you go for the control type, the soul rings you choose, will first be elastic and firm, second will be poisonous. As your soul force becomes bigger, when you put soul force into the blue silver grass, of course it will be stronger than the ones in the nature, with adding some soul rings, it wont be hard to stuck the enemy, with poison, it can attack as well.”

Tang San now understood. Limit the enemy with poison, if the blue silver grass really can make it, then his assassin weapon would not be hitting the moving target, but would be hitting the fixed ones.

Of course, he had to first figure out the relationship between soul force, soul ring and his Qi. After all, his born with full force is from his practice of Qi, it did not come from awakening the martial soul.

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