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Chapter Seven: Little Dancer, You Still Want More? (2)

March 12, 2012

In fact, the thing Tang San does not know is that his hammer soul should give him some soul force, but because of the blue silver grass, there might be some conflict between two of them, plus the fact that there is a merging process between his Qi and his martial soul, so it did not show.

It would not show anyway, since he already has full soul force, without a soul ring, his soul force would not improve anymore.

Da Master took a sip of the water, “Temporarily that would be our decision, I will find you in your dorm tomorrow. Now you can go back. ”


After leaving Da Master’s room, Tang San could not be calm for a long time, Da Master gave the best explanation about martial soul ever. Now he finally had some understanding of the career of being a soul master.

Soul masters are in two big categories: fight soul masters and tool soul masters, each of them has small types, like food, control, fight, heal etc. The strength of the soul master is related to the soul ring and soul force. They support each other and develop together.

This is all Tang San knew for now, if he wanted to learn more, he had to follow Da Master for a longer time. The happiest thing was that Da Master would take him to find the soul ring so soon. After getting the first soul ring, he would finally figure out what was the relationship between his Qi and the martial soul in this world.

After he returned to the dorm, nobody was there. Tang San ate two lunches, although it was getting late. He was not hungry at all.

He lied down on the bed to go over the things Da Master taught him to get a better impression.

He was tired from rushing here in the morning, so without noticing, he fell asleep.

“Hey!” After some unknown amount of time passed, Tang San was waken up by a sound. Although he was not a master yet, he was very alerted. Opening eyes unconsciously, he found a cute face above him.

Little Dancer looked at Tang San,”it is not night yet, do you plan to sleep or not tonight?”

Tang San felt embarrassed and got up, Little Dancer lying on her tummy on the separation line in the middle of the double bed, looking at him with a smile.

Tang San found all the other kids were back as well. He pointed to the line said, “you crossed the border.”

Little Dancer giggled, “So what, I am a girl, you are supposed to let me do things, but of course, you can never cross the border, right?”

Looking at her pink face, Tang San really wanted to squeeze it, but he did not at last.

“Whatever. Little Dancer, tomorrow I may go out, I do not know how long I will be back, so I tell you now. ”

“Go out, where?” Little Dancer asked curiously.

Tang San did not hide, “My teacher said my foul force was full, and should get the first soul ring, so I can continue practicing, he planned to take me to find something suitable.”

Little Dancer was the leader in the Seven Room, he did not know how long he would go, so he thought necessary to tell her. Of course, it was related to the conflict between Wang Sheng and him at noon, but he did not have the mood to pay attention to him yet.

Hearing Tang San is going to get soul ring, everybody except Little Dancer all looked him with jealousy. For soul masters, nothing was more important than getting the next title. Ten level soul apprentice and eleven level soul master is only different by one level in soul force, but they are very different in both strength and status. And this situation is more apparent when getting to the higher level.

Little Dancer frowned, “The school has not started, you are already leaving, is soul ring so important?”
Tang San did not answer, Little Dancer found the environment different. All the other students all looked at her as if she was a monster, soul ring is important? Is that a question, for soul masters, there is nothing more important than soul rings.

“You can go ahead, but what about our labor? After you leave, I have to do all the work myself” Little Dancer looked at Tang San with anger, like a puffer fish.

Tang San said, “How about this, these days you took the trouble to work harder, once I came back, all the rest of work is mine, and the pay is still half half.” For his strength, cleaning up the garden was nothing, Little Dancer’s soft skill surprised him, he wanted to find chance to practice with her again. He was not a person who tried to mooch other people off either.
Little Dancer now smiled, “Ok, it is decided now”.

Tang San’s dinner was still the buns he brought from home. After it was dark, all the students sat on their beds to medicate to practice their soul force.
They are different from the normal students, these kids coming from peasant’s family are very diligent. They might not be talented, but practicing their martial soul was their only road to success in the future.
Through observation, Tang San found that the way they practice their martial soul was the similar to when he practiced his Qi, there was light soul force wave on their body.

Little Dancer was not someone that can keep still. she did not practice either, as soon as Tang San finished eating, she dragged him out to walk around.
For another time, Tang San would want to practice his Qi as well, but he was at the bottle neck long ago, and his purple monster eyes can only be practiced at dawn. With Little Dancer pushing him, he walked out the dorm with her.
The weather for this season was the most comfortable. Air was cool but not bringing coldness. Now it was dark. The sky was clear, with lots of stars.

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