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Chapter Seven: Little Dancer, You Still Want More? (3)

March 14, 2012

“Xiao San, look, there are so many stars in the sky. ” Little Dancer hopped and hopped. She was at the age of being restless, and she was lack of none of that.

Being an adult at heart, Tang San asked, “Did you just drag me out to watch stars?”

At this time, there was no student or teacher outside the dorm, afterwards Tang San learned it was tradition for soul master to practice during the night.

Little Dancer laughed, “No, of course not, I want to fight with you again. In the afternoon I attacked first, it was kind of stealth. Winning does not feel good that way. I saw you did not feel you deserve the lost, I will give you another chance.”

Girls who wants to fight like little Dancer are rare, but agree with Tang San’s taste. He is suddenly excited, “Good, come on then.”

Little Dancer scratched her face, “Dont cry if you are beaten down on the ground later. Are you ready?”

Look at her cuteness, Tang San was shocked for once, but back to normal soon, “Ready!”

“Ok, I am coming”, as she was saying, she had a naughty smile on her face and walked to Tang San. She was coming, but not attacking.

Tang San was frowning, “What are you doing? Are we not practicing to fight? “, at this time, Little Dancer was only one meter away from me, although they were still kids, limbs short, but Little Dancer was still walking, and lost the distance to attack with legs.

From the martial soul, Tang San knew, if her martial soul is bunny, then the strongest part of the bunny is the legs. she should be best at her legs, and it can also be seen from the fight in the afternoon. Now she lost the position to kick, what she wanted to do?

Little Dancer nodded, and smiled, “Yes, I am coming to fight with you. ”

Just when Tang San felt confused, Little Dancer swung her head, and her scorpion braid became a shadow and went directly to circle Tang San’s neck.

Can this do? Using hair to attack is first time for Tang San to see. But he was alerted the whole time for Little Dancer’s attack, after seeing her braid coming, he stepped back and lifted his left hand, going after her hair. Once the braided controlled, Little Dancer would lose the fight.

Little Dancer’s hand moved up with her braid. When Tang San lifted his hand, he suddenly realized her hand was lifted as well. Before his hand touched her hair, Little Dancer tossed her head back, the hair escaped from his hand, and her own hand moved forward to touch Tang San’s body.

Little Dancer’s hand soft and shining, it felt like a bunch of cotton when touched, but Tang San did not have the mood to enjoy the good feeling. Because he found with fear that her arm bent very weirdly, not only winded around his hand, also extended and winded around his arm. At the same time, her other hand also lifted, and winded his other hand, and the braid coming down from above, like her third hand, winding his neck.

Little Dancer’s arm looked pink and tender, but really strong, with Tang San’s force, after being winded still can not escape. He kicked with his feet to jump backward, but her body was like two hundred grams of cotton, following him backward. Also Tang San had the way to walk like a ghost, it lost its utility.

In order to escape from her braid, Tang San suddenly tossed his head back, and his waist going backward, using the bridge stance to escape, at the same time, he used his Qi into his arms, he was afraid to hurt her, only used half of his strength.

But who knows, just as Tang San started to use his force, Little Dancer lose her hands, and suddenly, Tang San felt a big force coming from the waist, and he could not control himself anymore, and fell behind.

Putong, Tang San fell on the ground facing the sky. A pair of little hands, with the help of the gravity of falling down, pushed on the joints of his two shoulders, made them numb and he could not use any force. And at this time, Little Dancer was sitting on his waist, and looked him with pride. Tang San’s belly touched and felt Little Daner’s butt’s elasticity.

“What do you think? Do you yield?” Little Dancer looked down at Tang San, happiness shown on the face.

If Tang San did not feel much the first time thrown down on the ground by Little Dancer, this time he fell bad. From the strength, Little Dancer seemed to be week. But her method was so weird. Tang San was not experienced with fighting, and immediately fell in the trap.

“NO, again” Tang San looked at Little Dancer, do not feel deserved to be defeated at all.

Little Dancer laughed, “You still want? But I dont give you the chance, if you are good, you escape this first.”

With shoulder joints controlled, how to escape? The routine of the Qi was blocked.

“What are you doing? Get up, in front of every body, doing this…”, at this point, a voice was heard, not very welcomed.

Little Dancer and Tang San turned to look, a female teacher walked towards them, full of anger.

Indeed, now Tang San and Little Dancer did not look graceful. Tang San lied on the ground, arms extended, Little Dancer riding on his waist, hands on his shoulder and looking at him. Although they are just two kids. but this still…

Little Dancer’s face was red and jumped down from Tang San, and Tang San also got up on his feet.

The teacher walked here already, and yelled, “You two! What is this?”

Tang San thought he was a boy, should stand out and explain, but before he opened his mouth, Little Dancer said, “Teacher, we are practicing to fight.”

  1. Hi,
    I was not expecting that at the end, Little Dancer is very quick off the mark. 🙂

  2. 😛
    There will be a big big surprise about Little Dancer in about some hundreds of chapters.I am so happy you are following the story and commenting on it.
    It will get more and more interesting.

  3. Very interesting reading, and the subject of the most rare, I love it .. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reading and the comment! Chinese fantasy are very different from the ones from other countries, for sure.

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