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Chapter Seven: Little Dancer, You Still Want More? (4)

March 16, 2012

‘Practice to fight? How to fight on the ground? Look at you guys. How your parents teach you. You are probably the first years right? This young already imitate others to talk about love. what would you become when you grow up? ”

The teacher’s scolds are like exploding beans. Tang San sneakily look at Little Dancer, Little Dancer sneakily looked at Tang San as well, and stuck her tongue out.

When the teacher mentioned the parents, Tang San also said, “We were really practicing the soul skill.” He just learned the world from Wang Sheng, and used it immediately.

The teacher looked at them with contempt, “You just came here, where did you get this soul skill. Lying did not even find an easier one, come with me to the office.”

“NO!” Tang San and Little Dancer spoke together at the same time.

Tang San said, “Teacher, we are really practicing the soul skill, we can show you right now.”

Little Dancer pat on her chest, said, “Let me, teacher, if you dont believe us, I can practice with you as well.”

Without that teacher reacted, Little Dancer already jumped, really lived up to her bunny martial soul, this jump was like one meter high, and Little Dancer tried reach the teacher’s neck.

Little Dancer’s jump surprised the teacher as well, she reached out to block her arms.

Tang San smiled, she did not know Little Dancer, she was going to suffer.

How good Little Dancer is Tang San did not know, but he knew about himself, although his Qi was at bottle neck and could not level up any more, but with full level one Qi and his own strength, without considering the effect of the martial soul, with all his skills from the Tang Clan, he believed he can defeat enemy with higher soul force.

Little Dancer was someone just defeated him, her soul skills were too crazy, anybody would suffer the first time fighting with her.

Of course, the teacher’s arms were immediately entangled with Little Dancer’s, and her braid was reaching for her neck.

This was only the beginner’s school, the average teacher was only around level twenty-five soul force da soul master. On average, before reaching level thirty, people might not have their own soul skill yet, she was facing two first graders, she was not going to use her martial soul, and she was tool martial soul, main purpose is to help. So immediately she was at a disadvantage.

Little Dancer’s scorpion braid tied up the teacher’s neck, and two arms with her hands, two legs lifted up and kicked her belly, when she finished everything at the same time, her upper body pulled back, also her braid and arms, it seemed there was white light around her body.

The teacher lost her balance with a shriek, at the same time, Little Dancer loose her arms and braid, and with two legs kicked and sent, the teacher flew out.

Little Dancer was not as gentle to the teacher as she was to Tang San, this kick sent the teacher three meters away, fell on the ground heavily. Although the teacher had her soul force to protect her, she was still hurt a lot, could not even find directions.

Little Dancer walked up to the teacher, and blinked her huge eyes, said innocently, “Teacher, are you ok?”

The teacher used her soul force and managed to sit up, looked at Little Dancer and showed an expression of surprise and suspect.

Soul skill, it had to be soul skill, or else, even if she was not fight soul master, with Little Dancer’s age, she would not be able to throw her out, especially when she tried to entangle her arms, her arms became suddenly much softer and stronger, it was the effect of using soul skill. who was she?

The teacher might not pay attention to Little Dancer, she believed if she used her martial soul, she could definitely control Little Dancer, but she had to think about what was behind her. Normally, the strong soul master always came from big family, and inherited the martial soul from the family. This young with soul skill, it can be told how strong her martial soul is. The teacher began to be afraid, she was only a da soul master, was not close to be enough to go against a whole clan of soul master. That is not where a mundane soul master like her to look for trouble.

“You, you, should not practice in the playground, and next time should have teacher around to protect you”. she gave some advice and left quickly, and thought, tomorrow I needed to figure out where this girl was from.

Looking at the teacher leaving, Tang San whispered to Little Dancer, “what did you just use, that seemed to be really nice.”

Little Dancer looked really proud, “It is called Bunny Kick Eagle, it was my best skill.” and suddenly she looked alarmed, “Why did you ask so carefully, trying to think about how to go against it?”

Tang San shook his head, “You were using the bad man’s heart to measure a good guy’s belly.”

Little Dancer was angry, “You say I am bad, ok, let us practice more!”

Tang San did not know what to say, this girl seemed to be addicted to beat him up. But how could he be afraid of fighting, so he waved his finger, “fight? come on”

Little Dancer was just standing next to him, and patted on him after he said that.

With the previous experience, Tang San could not let Little Dancer become so close to him so fast any more. He knew the way to fight an opponent like her who seemed to have infinite number of ways to fight near, was to be far away. He escaped from the pat ,and stepped back quickly, in a instant, he was already several steps away.

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