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Chapter Seven: Little Dancer, You Still Want More?(5)

March 17, 2012

Little Dancer laughed, “compete for speed now? Am I afraid of that?”, she hopped and flew to Tang San.

Tang San smiled, this time he was well prepared, if still easily thrown out by Little Dancer, he really wasted all his time practicing.

His eyes looked purple for an instant, purple monster eyes were used unconsciously, with the effect of his eyes, Little Dancer’s movement looked slow in his eyes, he slipped two meters horizontally, just enough to escape from Little Dancer’s attack, even her legs and her braid can not reach that far.

Little Dancer was shocked, she was good at being swift, Tang San did not seem to be fast, but enough to dodge from her. For her, the soft skill can only be used when she touched the opponent ‘s body, but Tang San did not give her the chance.

Little Dancer of course would not give up that easily, a flip in the air, she increased her speed and leaped to him again.

Tang San took a deep breath, his Qi going downward, began to walk with the ghost steps, and circled around the playground with Little Dancer.

The ghost steps are very delicate, although it is not fast, but no matter where the attack comes from, he is always able to take a step in the best direction to dodge it and not giving Little Dancer chance to touch his body.

This is the real martial art in Tang Clan. If not necessary, warrior in Tang Clan would not fight with the enemy from the front, they are good at the assassin weapon. Using assassin weapon with light step skills, is the killing method of Tang Clan.

One person ran, one person chasing, not for long, they have ran the whole playground. Little Dancer began to breathe hard, but she could not catch Tang San.

“Hey, you are cheating.” Cant catch him, Little Dancer decided to stop, standing there with anger, hands on the waist, staring at Tang San, “We are fighting, not hide and seek, what is this you hiding around, if you are good, come and attack me!”

Tang San smiled, “Ok, you be careful”, with that, he took some stones into his hands from the playground, “Hit your left shoulder”, one stone flew out.

Little Dancer “heng”, and dodged right.

“Hit your right shoulder, left calf, right calf”, three stones flew out of Tang San’s hand at the same time.

The first stone was indeed towards her left shoulder, now she saw three stones coming towards her in the same direction, and thought, he must lie to me, instead of stepping backward, she moved forward, and leaped to Tang San, with two hands in front of her chest, just stones, hit them down would be fine.

However, something surprised Little Dancer happened, it seemed that the stones were in front and could be put down by hand, the three stones separated and flew to three different directions.

With such a short distance, it was too late to react.

“Ah, Ah,” the places the three stones reached, was exactly at Little Dancer’s right shoulder, left calf and right calf.

Tang San did not apply his Qi into the stones, but got hit directly, Little Dancer still felt hurt.

“You, you dare to hit me with stones”
Little Dancer did not know, this is the first time Tang San used assassin weapon in this world. What he used was the method of sparrow separation. It looked easy, but the skill was very delicate. The methods in his book, because his Qi was at bottle neck, Tang San could only use two or three, the sparrow separation was his most familiar one.

“So you are allowed to throw me on the ground, I am not allowed to use stones? this time you lose.”

“Does not count, does not count, again, “Little Dancer believed, as long as she was prepared, she would not get hit again.

“Little Dancer, you still want more! Ok, come on.”

The practice continued, for a long time. The result, was the next day when Tang San had to leave the Notting Beginner’s school with Da Master, he was still murmuring, it felt much nicer to hit the moving target.

That night, although they slept on the same bed, nothing happened, after all, they were really tired from fighting.

Dawn, when most of the teacher and students were still asleep. One tall, one short already walked out of the gate.

“Teacher, where are we going to look for soul monster?”

These two who walked out of the school, was of course Tang San and Da Master.

“We are going to the hunt soul forest four hundred miles away from Notting City to the northeast. That was where the empire kept their soul monster, we definitely would find something suitable for you.” Da Master wore something tight today, looked more handsome, but his solid face still gave the feeling of disagreement with the rest of him.

“Kept? You can keep soul monster? Teacher, please tell me something about soul monster. ”

Da master nodded, said, “High level soul monster was of course not keep-able, but low level ones can. Soul monster is just monsters with soul force. The longer it exists, the stronger it is. On average, we put soul monster into five different levels according to how old they are. Ten year, hundred year, thousand year, ten thousand year, hundred thousand year soul monster. The meaning is straight forward, it depends how long they practice soul force. The soul rings are distinguished the same way. It is very easy to tell the soul rings of different years apart, just from the color. Ten year ones are white, hundred years are yellow, thousand years are purple, ten thousand years are black, and hundred thousand years are red. The soul monsters that are kept by the kingdom for the soul masters to kill, are mostly ten year and hundred year ones, it is rare to find a thousand year soul monster there.”


  1. Excellent!!!

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoy your writings, well done.

  3. Thanks so much. Actually I did not write it. I am translating this from the Chinese fantasy I loved the most. I explained that in the I am a buffalo buffalo page. It is so hard sometimes to map the Chinese words to English. Thanks for the encouragement! It will be better and better, I promise.

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