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Chapter Eight: Soul Container, the Bridge in the Moonlight Night (1)

March 21, 2012

“Teacher, the longer the soul monster that has been practicing, the soul ring will be stronger, but in which aspect it is stronger?” Tang San asked.

Da Master’s still face showed his characteristic ugly smile, “This is a very good question. Different level soul monsters’ soul rings are different from each other in how much it will amplify the soul master’s attributes and what kind of soul skill it will give the soul master. For example, to quantify this, since you are going for the control type, if you absorb a ten year soul ring, the ability of your control of your blue silver grass will be ten times of your original, and a hundred soul ring, will make it a hundred. So if possible, all soul master will go for the stronger soul ring, thus the stronger martial soul.”

Tang San was confused, “Then would not that the more powerful people would have more powerful soul rings and thus become more powerful? The people who are from big house can use their fighters in the house to get better soul rings for themselves.”

Da Master looked pleased, “It proved you think hard asking this question. But the reality is more complicated. The condition to absorb a soul ring is strict. ”

“First, the monster needs to be killed by the person who wants its soul ring, and it would only exist for an hour, that is the time limit to absorb it.”

“Second, soul monsters are very proud, they would not choose to be taken as captive. If they are badly hurt, they will choose to explode their soul force to die. So the way you proposed to hire other people to hunt soul monster for you would not work. Since if the monster was not killed by the person, the person would not get the soul ring”

“Of course, this is not absolute. The best way to hunt a soul monster is to form a team to go to hunt, and the person only needs to do the last blow. That is, like you said, people who have big houses behind them do have advantage to get better soul rings.”

“But these people who can get soul rings easily might not become strong soul masters after all. The level of the soul monster is of course important, but also it needs to go with the martial soul of the person. If the property of the soul ring contradicts to the person’s martial soul, it might even hurt the soul master. The most important thing, is that there is a limit what soul rings a soul master can absorb.”

“For example, now you are a ten level soul apprentice, for the soul force you have, you can at most absorb the soul ring of a hundred year soul monster. If you dare to try to absorb a thousand year soul ring, the only result is that you will be destroyed by the force of the soul ring and die. When you absorb a soul ring, there is no one and nothing to help you. You can only depend on yourself. Think about it, the people who need help to kill the soul monsters they need, will not have enough strength, they might be killed by the soul ring even if they are supposed to be able to absorb. Tang San, you need to remember, the world is fair, if you want to get something, you need to pay the price, only stupid people will try to win something without effort. The marital soul theory I am researching is only to help the procedure of paying effort a bit easy, so you can be stronger when you have the same amount of soul force, do you understand?”

Tang San nodded very carefully.

He was not somebody who liked to win things without effort, he believed it was the most steady if he walked towards his goal one step at a time.

Da Master taking Tang San not walking out of the city but actually walking in.

“Teacher, I thought we were leaving?”

Da Master said, “we cant go without anything if we are going to hunt for soul monsters, besides, we are not going to walk there, although four hundred miles is not much, it is good to save some time anyway. ”

As the sun rising from the east, there are most pedestrians on the road. This is one of the very few days Tang San did not use the purple light at sunrise to practice his purple monster eyes.

Da Master’s preparation was not complicated at all, he bought two really big water skins, each water carries five liters of water. and bought some ham, some bread and som fruit.

If theses were things Tang San could understand, there was something he did not. And that was what Da Master bought the most, twenty pounds of white daikon. Tang San’s current job was to hold them. It was nothing for his strength, but not for walking four hundred miles. It was lucky that Da Master immediately found a carriage and paid the rider five silver coins. On the lands of warlock, one gold coin equal ten silver coins, and that is a hundred copper coins. One gold coin is enough for a family of three to live for several months, and it is also how much Tang San is going to earn in three years at the school.

Soul master is known as the most noble career on the land of warlocks, of course can be seen from the salary. Even a soul master freshly promoted from soul apprentice will get one gold coin per month from the martial soul church, that would be enough for a common person to live, not luxuriously.

As the title goes up, the salary will increase a lot as well. Once a soul respect, if registered at the church, the kingdom will give a noble title for such soul masters, like a duke, the higher level the soul master is, the higher title he will receive, and of course more income.

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