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Chapter Eight: Soul Container, the Bridge in the Moonlight Night (2)

March 22, 2012

It is the first time Tang San was in a carriage, although bumpy, he was still interested by the new experience. He lifted up the curtain and peaked outside. Looking at the crowds of people, and all kinds of stores, he was looking forward to the world outside. This life, it was clearly not as simple as last one. He did not know what would happen when he entered the society.

“Xiao San, here is a gift for you”. Da Master’s calm voice took Tang San back from his thoughts, when he looked to Da Master, a belt appeared in his hand, a very beautiful belt.

The belt was black throughout, very dark stripes, not very noticeable. Twenty four jade stones evenly distributed on the belt. Each jade was only the size of the thumb of an adult, round, looked high quality.

“Thanks,” Tang San accepted without refusing. It was kind of common for elder people to give the youth gift, especially their students. He saw in Tang Clan that the elder gave their new student gift, so Da Master must be doing the same thing.

Da Master said, “I have had this belt for a long time, the treasure had been buried for long. Hopefully it would shine in your hands. ”

With the belt in hand, Tang San felt the difference, there seemed to be current flowing along the belt, they were stored in the jade, and connected through the belt.

“I dont know the name when I got it thirty years ago, but from my research, it should be top quality soul container, you can store things in it, as long as you supply the soul force, each jade can store a cubic meter of space. ”

Soul container, a new term, not knowing its meaning yet, but Da Master’s explanation already shocked him.

Twenty four jades, that is twenty four cubic meters of space, twenty four type of assassin weapons. His eyes shone, and eager to  improve his Qi more than ever before. He would want to already obtain all the Qi he could and studied all kinds of assassin weapon, with this belt, storing was not a problem any more.

Without asked, Da Master explained, “Soul container, is a type of tool related to martial soul, it was antique, nobody knew how to make them, most of them can not be weapon, soul master do not need weapon anyway. I got it with friends in one adventure, I do not have much use of it, hopefully it will be useful for you. Now it is yours, you can give it a name”

Looking at the belt, the last life’s memory came back, a poem, “twenty four bridges in the moonlight night.”, he said.

“Good name, although a bit long.”

Tang San signed, that was a little bit memory from his last life.

Da Master said, “It is very easy to use, supply your soul force in, then you can feel the space, if you react fast enough, the things in it seemed coming out of nowhere, but to understand its property, you need practice”

Tang San of course knew the importance to master how to get things out of the belt in the night.

At first Tang San was confused how could they take so much stuff to hunt for soul monster, but now with this belt, it was not a problem, on the way, he started to practice with it, using all the daikons they bought.

Four hundred miles, not so long, not so short, the next day at noon, they arrived at their destiny, Soul Hunt Forest.

When he walked down the carriage, Tang San found it was very different from what he thought.

Forest, in Tang San’s memory, should be full of nature, with clear air, and not many people.

But Soul Hunt Forest, was more like a fair, at least from the outside of the forest.

Outside the forest, lots of stores surrounding, people yelling to sell their goods, man made roads connecting everything together. It was so crowded that Tang San frowned.

“Looking for teammate, to hunt strength type soul monster”

“Swift type soul monster hunting team, ten gold coin”

Everywhere was like this, most of the stores were selling armor and food.

“Do you know why we bought everything in the city? ” Da Master asked.

Tang San shook his head.

Da Master pointed to the stores”Because after we came here, everything’s price goes up by at least a factor of two. You must be curious, how can a forest outside be so crowded. Simple, soul monsters mean profit. Especially this kind of forest kept by the kingdom. Soul masters are rich, there are too many people who want to earn money from them.”

“What do those people mean by teaming?” Tang San asked.


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