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“Going” to Sail

March 24, 2012

Who can resist living on the lake, every morning when you wake up, you will see blue lake outside the window, sun shines through, green trees surrounding, boats floating around? Not me, so after my insistence, my husband finally agrees that is where we are going live(btw: my adviser thought the house was our summer resort, haha), with one condition, we need to buy a sailboat.

So we bought a sailboat almost as old as us, and launched it together and happily waiting for the first windy day to come.

With a twenty-two footer, we were very ambitious, and felt at least we should take six friends out. So when we felt the summer breeze that afternoon, we started calling and collecting people to our house. Everybody was very excited, after all, owing a sailboat was not something common among graduate students. Then we found we forgot one fact, the sailboat was parked around thirty meters away from our tiny dock, and we had nothing but a dingy to ship people to and fro. We normally just swam across but we did not tell our guests to prepare for that. And let me mention this: the dingy can fit only two people, and it is RECTANGULAR shaped.

Let us do some simple calculation: two people go on the boat, one person has to come back, and another two can go on, including ourselves, that is a grand total of seven trips, oh, yes, six returns as well.

So, let the transportation begin!

I was not too unhappy, since I liked to paddle around, even in a dingy, so I became the person who shipped people around, and my husband, who was more familiar with how sailboat functioned, was leading the people on the boat to start preparing the sail and whatever other things need to be done. (To be frankly, I am not that big fun of sailing, but sitting in a boat moving around the lake is kind of cool. I prefer to decorate our boat with pirate flags and mead and saying ‘Arrr”). Then I found I underestimated the difficulty to move in the water in a rectangular container. At first, I tried to keep myself heading the same direction, i.e. directly going to the boat or the shore, where people eagerly waiting, then I found there was no hope. Actually, I should just keep paddling, and the dingy would sort of rotate and drift, which turned out to be faster than me constantly changing paddling to direct it.

Some two hours later, with some friends taking my spots for a couple turns as well, we were finally all boarded! The boat was ready long time ago. We were all smiling, and hooraying, and untied the boat from the mooring.


Things happened so fast that I did not know how to describe this, but a strong wind started on the lake, towards the shore, with the full sail up,  in one minute, our sailboat was blown to the dock, the rain began to pour….

We ran back home, a little disappointed, but then started laughing uncontrollably.

  1. Hi,
    Wow, what a day you had, but at least you could laugh about it all in the end, and no doubt be still laughing about it in years to come. 😀
    Hopefully your next trip out will be a lot better for you and your friends.

    • Thanks for your good wishes, we do have some nice experience, but then it is harder to take a spin and make it a funny story to tell 😛

  2. landlubbers … 🙂

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