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Chapter Eight: Soul Container, the Bridge in the Moon Night (3)

March 25, 2012

Da Master said, “Soul monsters are not that easy to hunt. Some of the soul monsters are born strong, even if they did not practice for many years, they could still have high attack stats. The so-called teaming to hunt soul monster, is to gather a few people to support each other, each hunt the soul monster he/she needs, to obtain the soul ring. With others’ help, everybody only has to attack the soul monster the last hit. It is the most common and safest way in the world to hunt soul monsters. However, is teaming that easy?”

At this time, Da master looked at the soul masters who were yelling, a hint of contempt in his eyes,

“A really excel soul hunting team, should have at least five parts, food type soul masters in charge of supplying, recover type soul masters in charge of status, soul force recovering, swift type soul masters in charge of investigating, strength type soul masters in charge of tanking, attack type soul masters in charge of killing. Only teams with all five parts can be a whole team. And the cooperation within the team can not be formed in one or two days. It is a several-year process. The most important thing is, the teammates of the same team, must trust each other. Absolute trust. Otherwise, when facing the danger, it is easy to be defeated.  ”

Tang San asked surprised, “Why defeated? Because they are not strong enough?”

Da Master shook his head, “In the future, you might have chance to join such a team. When you choose the team, you can even not consider other teammates’ strength, but there is one thing you should always remember, in the team you join, you can show your back to anybody.”

Tang San still did not know what Da Master meant, but Da Master did not explain more and took him to walk to the deeper part of the fair.

The fair was noisy and chaotic, but after they walked out of the fair, and looked at the forest in front of them, Tang San was shocked.

The height of the trees showed their age, outside of the forest, there was a huge circle of big steel fence, the way towards the forest, had big spikes. The fence was higher than ten meters, and looked very firm.

That was not all, outside the fence, a hundred soldiers were scouting. These soldiers all wore armor that covered the whole body, and held long spear. A hundred soldiers in steel give people a feeling of death.

Da Master whispered, “The soul monsters kept in the Soul Hunt Forest are not for everybody. Only after obtaining the order from the martial soul church can enter the forest to hunt. Although there are always people sneaking in, but they all end up badly. These soldiers are only for the outer part. In the forest, there are judges in the forest, and they will check the order as they wish, and they are not mercy. ”

Tang Sna asked, “Teacher, then does the soul forest belong to the martial soul church or the kingdom?”

Da Master flinched, and shushed Tang San, “Do not ask any questions like that outside the school, about the relationship between martial soul church, I will tell you later. It is not hard to obtain such an order, first you need to be agreed upon that you reached a bottleneck and needed a soul ring to reach the next title, second, you need three nobles to support you.”

Speaking, Da Master had an order in his hand, black, of unknown material, the graphic on it was formed by three things, in the middle was a sword with the pointy end pointing downward, on the left and right of the sword, was a hammer and a monster Tang San had never seen before.

Da Master saw the surprise in Tang San’s eyes and handed the order to his hand, “Remember this sign, this is unique to the martial soul church. In the martial soul church, there are six signs, the orders are very easy to recognize, just by the graphic. The lowest level has only a sword, which represents the martial soul of a first justice in the saint temple. One level higher would add a hammer to the sword, representing the martial soul of a very strong elder. ”

Tang San was smart, “Teacher, these two people must be very important in the martial soul church, but I heard before that monster martial soul is stronger than the tool martial soul. These two must be tool martial souls though.’

Da Master mussed up his hair and smiled, “The people who said tool martial soul not as strong as monster martial soul apparently do not understand martial soul very much. The strong or weak of the martial soul, has two key points, first is how many soul force it is born with, the other one depends on how it is practiced afterwards. Maybe, before level thirty, monster martial soul is stronger because the soul can append to the soul master, but after higher level, there is not that much difference, the strength only depends on individual’s effort. ”

“The order I have, is the level three order. With it I can enter almost all the soul hunt forests in the kingdom, the standard is that no ten thousand soul monsters are found. Also not like the first two kinds of orders that you have to return to the martial soul church, I can have mine for a whole life. The additional one is a blue-electricity T-rex. Among the monster marital souls, it is at the top of the pyramid. Although its owner does not belong to the church, but the family is revered by the church.

For some reason, when Da Master mentioned the blue-electricity T-rex, he looked very lonely.

Tang San said, “So the three higher level orders, would each have one more of these signs. ”

Da Master nodded, “That is exactly right, these six signs represent six strong soul masters, also represent six strong families. Three of them are in our sky fight kingdom, the other three in the kingdom of stars. “

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