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Chapter Eight: Soul Container, the Bridge in the Moon Light (4)

March 26, 2012

While talking, Da Master took Tang San to the entrance of the Soul Hunt Forest.

The leader of the soldiers in charge of checking the order showed respect, as soon as he saw the three signs on the order. He ordered the soldiers to make a path and asked Da Master to take Tang San to get in, he did not even ask why such kid like Tang San also needed to enter the forest.

Passing the steel fence to go into the forest, all the noise seemed disappeared, and the air is finally fresh (but is ice free?) as Tang San thought, and made people feel comfortable.

After entering the forest, Da Master was not in a hurry to proceed, but observe the surroundings silently.

Tang San seemed to think of something at a sudden, “Teacher, the six people who are revered by martial soul church and marked on the order, what are their title? Soul saint? Warlock? Titled warlock?”

Da Master looked at Tang San deeply, “They are titled warlock, and they are six strongest ones.”

“Strongest?” A slight excitement shone in Tang San’s eyes.

Da Master sighed, “same level, different soul ring, different martial soul, the strength are completely different. These six are the strongest of the strong without a doubt. Even if there are other soul masters also reaching level ninety and become a titled warlock, they would not change their status. These are too far away for you. Ok, we are ready to go into the forest, from now on, you should not be even one step away from me. ”

“Yes, teacher.”

Da Master’s eyes seemed more energetic than before, two hands in front of his chest and split downward, “Come out, Luo Three Cannon.”

Po, a light purple soul force came out of Da Master’s hands, Tang San felt there was a soul force wave on Da Master’s body. In front of him, there was another creature.

Yes, a creature, it looked like a dog, but its volume was closer to a pig. It was longer than a meter and half, and the waist line was similar.

Light purple hair all over(Wow, what a hairy pig!), two small ears hanging around, with a pair of deep blue eyes blinking, it looked mild. It twisted its fat body, his butt also shook around. Four legs were so short and thick, it was hard to imagine how slow it could be.

It had a bump, round, on its head, unknown object. Once he showed up, he ran towards Da Master, and rubbed his head on Da Master’s leg.

Two rings of light moved up from Da Master’s feet, and moved around his body, both yellow, apparently hundred year soul ring.

“Xiao San, don’t you want what is my martial soul? This is my martial soul, you can call it Luo Three Cannon, or you can just call it Three Cannon”

Luo Three Cannon seemed to be able to understand, and looked towards Tang San with a pair of big eyes, seemed to even try to please.

“Teacher, this is your martial soul?” Tang San was surprised, “But, is not the monster martial soul always appended to master’s body? Why is it…?”

Without trying to figure out what kind of creature Luo Three Cannon was, Da Master’ s martial soul apparently was out of bounds of monster martial souls.

Luo Three Cannon apparently was not happy, oink, oink, towards Tang San.

Da Master looked bitter, “Because my martial soul was mutant, remember I told you about this, Three Cannon was mutant. but it was towards the bad direction, when was awaken, I only had half a level of soul force, or else, why would I be like this, no matter how much effort I put in, I will never past level thirty, so I can only study it in theory.”

When Da Master heard about the rumors about Da Master, he knew Da Master was persistent, like him to the assassin weapons. That was why he never felt regretted about choosing him as teacher. Maybe, this is called pity within the same kind of people.

“I am sorry, teacher, I should not mention things that make you unhappy.”

Da Master shook his head, “No problem, I am used to it. Come, let me introduce Three Cannon, his name was coming from his oinking, and his attack, can only be active for three times, so Three Cannon is his name. ”

“Three Cannon, lead the road.”

“Oink, Oink”

The fat creature ran ahead waddled, although fat, he was still fast, and smiling things while he was running.

Da Master’s soul rings shone and took Tang San following Three Cannon and moving into the inside of the forest.

“Three Cannon was very acute in smelling, so it was able to find the track of the soul monster and how strong it was, although he became weak and small because of the mutation, but he also did not cast much, so I can leave it outside for a long time. This is yours. The last hit of the soul monster has to be done by you. ”

Da Master took a fancy short sword out of his chest and handed to Tang San.

The hilt of the sword was blue and had seven sapphires. A milky jade at the handle of the sword, it was only one feet and two inches, although still in the hilt, still feel cold in the hand.

Not far, Luo Three Cannon stopped, and looked towards one direction, and “Oink, Oink”

An animal that looked like a cat appeared at where his eyesight reached, it was on the tree, looking at Da Master and Tang San alertly.

Da Master smiled, “It is a ten year colorful cat, Three Cannon, stop troubling her, let’s go.”

Da Master never forgot to teach Tang San at any time, while walking forward, he said to him, “The colorful cat belongs to cat type soul monster. It is a very good attacker. But as long as you do not attack it first, it would not attack easily. If the soul master’s martial soul is also cat type, it was not bad to be a first soul ring. Do  not look down upon that small thing, if it was one over a thousand years, not us, us times ten would not be enough for it to kill. “

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